Coach calls Vincent Jackson a great influence on young Bucs


In seven seasons in San Diego, Vincent Jackson clashed so often with the Chargers that the team sometimes questioned aloud whether his great talent was worth having to put up with his prickly personality. But now that Jackson is with the Buccaneers, all the reports out of Tampa Bay indicate that everyone loves having him on the team.

The latest comments about Jackson’s positive influence in Tampa Bay come from Buccaneers receivers coach P.J. Fleck, who told the Tampa Bay Times that having Jackson around makes his job easier.

“It’s fun to watch him work because he’s such a good influence on the other guys with how professional he is,” Fleck said of Jackson. “He’s the first one in line, he’s the first one in meetings, he takes incredible notes. His notebook is immaculate. And it says a lot about him. If he keeps doing that, I think he’s going to get where he wants to be.”

Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano is known as a taskmaster who’s not going to tolerate a trouble-making player, but Fleck said that’s no problem for Jackson: According to Fleck, Jackson is just the kind of player Schiano likes.

“Coach Schiano always says, ‘If you’re a leader, you lead. You either lead positively or you need negatively. But you’re leading,’” Fleck said. “[Jackson] has definitely steered all those guys in a positive direction and they’re buying into what he’s selling. He’s just made the whole room better and he’ll continue to do that on a daily basis.”

On the field, there have never been any questions about Jackson’s abilities. If Jackson is as great off the field as the Bucs are indicating, he can be worth every sent of his $55 million contract.

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  1. he woulda did the same thing in san diego aj smith wasnt budging though jackson is talented

  2. All Pro WR Vincent Jackson never clashed with the Chargers – only that arse – The Lord of NO RINGS – otherwise called GM AJ Smith.

  3. More specifically – Jackson’s teammates always liked him and he always worked hard. The Lord of NO RINGS – and the owner – Spanos the Younger – aka cheapskate – were the problems.

  4. Like I said before, Vincent Jackson will be a good role model for younger players on how to be all about the money. Vincent Jackson = John Jefferson redux.

  5. So much praise coming out of Tampa these days, the players love the coaches, the coaches love the players.. They can sing Kumbaya as loud and often as they want to, but it’s probably not going to amount to too many more wins.

  6. Vince Jackson is an upgrade. Schiano is so much more disciplined than Morris. He is bringing in his kind of players. This is going to be an interesting year.

  7. Compared to what other star receivers have done – two DUI’s – the last of which is over 3 years ago – are almost role model behavior. 🙂

    Vince was always a hard worker – not a prima donna like so many star WR’s.

  8. Is this really a “professional” media site? Or should I say “sight”.

    ” he can be worth every sent of his $55 million contract”

    What is a sent of 55 million???

  9. He showing them how to hold out and demand money after 2 DUI’s and being 1 mistake away from a full year suspension??

    Okay Okay just kidding… I may sound bitter because I kinda am. VJ is a beast and is my favorite WR even with his troubles.

    He will be missed big time and I hope he blows it up in Tampa. He deserves it.

  10. Lets see how he does without Philip Rivers throwing him the ball. He would of had the big money sooner if he didnt have 2DUI arrests,one the night before a playoff game. Plus he gets separation after the snap but cant run away from defenders after the catch. Philip Rivers had his best statistical season when he held out for ten games throwing to Seyi Ajirotutu and Patrick Crayton and other scrubs.

  11. Lmao! The Sucs need to just shut up at this point. College coaches don’t have much luck in the NFL but this no-name is gonna change that? Whatever.

  12. LOL. Jackson signed for what he was worth by all measures used in the NFL – not what some former PE teacher – the Lord of NO RINGS – and some trust baby – De-anna Spanos – tried to squeeze him for.

    Truth be told – Spanos and the construction company was runnning in the red – or close – and I for one think they were out of cash and decided to try and lowball two All-Pros – WR Jackson and LT Marcus McNeill.

  13. Egads: More “faithful” Charger fans commenting who really don’t know football.

    Jackson can run before and after the catch – and also – over people. And those two fill ins had good half seasons becaue the Bolts played lousy teams the first half and they were doubling/sometimes tripling Gates, before they realized he can’t run anymore.

  14. Gotta love some of the guppyt Charger fans. Quoting stats – when the team is losing to lowly opponents. Geesh – the only thing that matters is a Super Bowl – repeat: A SUPER BOWL.

    The Bolts can’t even win their division – much less go deep in the playoffs.

  15. The past is the past & I’m sure Jackson learned from his mistakes but I still think there is too much hype about him he didn’t do all that well last season & however many games he played in 2010 I could be wrong but I think this guy got overpaid & could be good but won’t be great.

  16. Just rechecked the Bucs schedule and sorry to say we play no Texas teams so , alonestartexan, I can’t rub your nose in it when we beat you this season. We do however play the Chargers in Tampa Week 1o. Should be interesting . We should know by then if Jackson is worth the 55 mil. GO BUCS

  17. Lifelong charger fan with season passed for 30 years. Here is the truth Vincent Jackson is a good player who played in great system for him with a really good QB. The Chargers are running the same offense from the Cowboys in the 90’s. They too had a good receiver name Alvin Harper who signed in Tampa and was never heard of again. Bottom line you have given great money to a good player. He is fast but not quick you better have him run the correct routes or he will be unproductive and he quits on routes and plays.

  18. Biggest fantasy football tease ever…. 10 catches for 178 and 2 TD or zilch. Guy has had a recurring ab strain since 2009 that only acts up the week before and after he looks like a top 10 WR.

  19. Harper was NOT 6’5″ and 235 lbs and fast – and I don’t think he had 18 yards per catch with well over 1,000 yards for several seasons.

    And we are now addressing talent by fantasy standards? Whoo Hooo.

  20. This article isn’t really about VJ’s stats, so no need to get into that discussion. The article is about his attitude and influence on younger players. My next comment is not meant to put him in the same category as TO, but just to make a point. Everyone in Dallas and Philly were all smiles with TO in training camp of his first year. Players are always happy and have a great attitudes after signing a contract with a new team. But how is their attitude after losing games or when they feel they have outperformed their contract?

  21. My god do we have to create a false narrative that Jackson wasn’t mostly a good teammate (not including legal trouble which was only pretty bad like the playoff day crap though that potential 3rd DUI could be BAD and make the Bucs look bad if he’s gone for a year) in San Diego? Was it because his GM was AJ Smith who really tries to keep a small distance to be able to make fair decisions (making players not think badly of him that actually know him) at all instead of asking if family members sold their body? Or was it Norv Turner who many important players said deserved to stay including the franchise QB who has worked with him endless hours and likely believed the team would regress even more replacing the whole offensive style and what he’s worked with for years and has explained how he’s helped many of the Chargers especially the most important one in Rivers?

    Actually it was neither because he was a damn good teammate. Now that he’s gone I’m not going to hold the holdout stuff against him since he was given bad information and obviously didn’t study history of other high-profile Chargers holdouts that AJ didn’t cave in to at all (actually AJ doesn’t negotiate—the cap guy
    Ed McGuire who is respected does), AJ just has final say on most football decisions besides game-day rosters and coaching staff/offensive system as well as playcalling which Norv handles—though uninformed people (often convinced by sensationalist/juicy clips repeatedly used to further narratives) often act like he just sits down and hopes his players play well, I’ve seen him yell and he follows the Pats tradition to not say too much though not denying access for articles as much he’s really learned a lot over all his years. I’m not saying he’s an amazing coach but he fits our team perfectly and I’d rather him than starting all over again with the sexy candidate at the time Fisher.

    That doesn’t change my views concerning VJ that it was constantly reported how much of the day he would work and how hard he would practice, the great relationships with the players almost making him a real leader here and so on.

    The truth is VJ (especially with that new contract) just didn’t and couldn’t fit with the Chargers because receptions are spread very widely here (especially to backs and hopefully Gates/Mathews can make some damn good plays being in pretty good shape right now). I will say sometimes he along with the other WRs had trouble getting into the endzone last year/other times but it’s not all on him at all because the defense and other teammates on O affect the whole outcome of a TD attempt like that. People make mistakes when he swore he didn’t know the ball was coming one time he didn’t even attempt to get that would’ve scored I believe (though I still didn’t like that because it hurt the results potentially).

    The fact is that even though he may not deserve ALL that money, Tampa had it to give to him and I’m happy he finally got paid so he has security especially being hurt before. I also think there’s a very slim chance TB’s passing game goes in the opposite direction it did last year though several things can affect that. I’m a Chargers fan and I love (most) of what VJ did for the team here, he’s very talented, very tall, very hard-working and a damn good teammate. I personally hope he succeeds greatly just like I did Brees who I’m happy won a title but don’t like as much recently due to some classless behavior he’s exhibited.

    I just want to say that always as a Charger he was a VERY hard worker and extremely talented though he happened to have his agent and NFLPA give poor advice that didn’t turn out well (though I can’t blame him for needing to be secure financially), in fact and lastly to prove how hard he worked although people think he got hurt either on purpose or faked it just when returning when he had to for the final games of the season the injuries didn’t really begin from that game at all. While working very hard in practice he strained or had some different diagnosis giving him a relatively mild injury on one of his legs. Did he sit out of practice? No, he “manned up” and tried to be a good teammate but by overcompensating for the injury I believe he hurt his other leg. I wish him a lot of luck in Tampa, though I do like the Panthers more with the ex-Chargers there.

  22. bucforever says:
    Jun 11, 2012 7:04 PM
    Just rechecked the Bucs schedule and sorry to say we play no Texas teams so , alonestartexan, I can’t rub your nose in it when we beat you this season. We do however play the Chargers in Tampa Week 1o. Should be interesting . We should know by then if Jackson is worth the 55 mil. GO BUCS

    Did the cowboys relocate outta state?

  23. Couldn’t finish reading the novel – but if you don’t think the Lorf Of NO RINGS calls the shots – with De-anna Spanos’ blessings – you are sadly mistaken. McQuire is just a puppet.

  24. The Chargers also got rid of Drew Brees and Eli Manning. Since then they have both won a Super Bowl (Eli won 2). The Chargers also got rid of Darren Sproles last year who went on to set an NFL record for most All-Purpose Yards. The Chargers are very dysfunctional. As a franchise they have played in one Super Bowl and lost it to Steve Young and the 40-whiners. Ha ha. Geaux Saints!

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