Concussion lawsuits continue

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Last week’s filing of a 2,000-player “master complaint” hardly represented the beginning of the process — and if definitely wasn’t the end.

Via the folks at, at least three new lawsuits have since been filed.

In Atlanta, a group of former players led by quarterback Billy Kilmer have joined the throng.  The case also includes former return specialist Allen Rossum and Anthony Dorsett, Jr., the son of fellow concussion plaintiff Tony Dorsett.

Two separate suits were filed in Houston on Friday, with former Cowboys quarterback/punter Danny White and former Bills linebacker Darryl Talley (pictured) among 27 plaintiffs.

A press release issued by the firm filing the Houston cases incorrectly identifies one of the plaintiffs as “former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams.”  Williams has neither left the team nor sued; the plaintiff is actually former defensive back Kevin Williams.

The total plaintiffs now exceed 2,400.  At some point, the number of former players who haven’t sued will be smaller than those who have.

7 responses to “Concussion lawsuits continue

  1. I thought with the master lawsuit there weren’t supposed to be any new lawsuits. At some point there has to be a stop to this.

    I mean did little Dorsett Jr. actually play long enough in the bigs to actually have gotten a concussion.

  2. Maybe THAT’s why Dorsett was fast as hell, but couldn’t take a good angle to save his life.

    Still not over 3rd and freaking 17 from the 3 yard line and letting SSharpe get loose for a 97 yard TD.

    He is noting but a painful memory for me. Let’s just not mention Anthony Dorsett anymore.

  3. “Two separate suits were filed in Houston on Friday, with former Cowboys quarterback/punter Danny White”

    Call it what it is-Danny White was the Cowboys QB between HOF’ers Staubach and Aikman. I also did not know that Tony Dorsett (Sr) had joined the lawsuit-biggest name I have seen joining the money grab.

  4. Not for nothing but these lawsuits are BS! Anyone who didn’t understand that football is dangerous is a moron. These guys signed contracts and got paid MILLIONS to play a game. They could have quit ANYTIME but chose to continue playing. I feel bad for some of these guys with brain damage but in the end it was their choice.

    It’s no different than a boxer that keeps fighting for another pay day even though his brains are scrambled. They CHOOSE to risk injury to continue a rich life style instead of using the MILLIONS they made and settling for a middle class life.

  5. @swingondeesenuts – WRONG.

    If Dairy Queen didn’t tell you that brainfreeze could cause long term memory loss, should you not be able to sue Dairy Queen because you chose the risk associated with brainfreeze (which we commonly think of as a temporary brain “injury”?

  6. Way to go former players with concussion lawsuits go get that paper meaning the dollar bills. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has the NFL wrap-up so Roger Goodell you making rules what you need to do is stop trying to hurt the game of football. You should have been doing what you doing now some decades ago just put your wiz of a mind together and come up with away to pay these players that have a lawsuit. Roger Goodell the rope is already around your neck and its getting shorter just a matter of time all them owners going to come together and kick you clean out the door. You have to many lawsuits on your no good butt right now the NFL going to get tried of you and cut your last check.

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