Dolphins confirm they worked out Chad Ochocinco

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Shortly after free agent receiver Chad Ochocinco said he had drawn genuine interest from Miami, the Dolphins confirmed that Ochocinco has worked out for the team.

Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin told reporters today that the team did, in fact, work Ochocinco out. Philbin didn’t offer many details, however, such as whether the team remains interested after getting an up-close look at Ochocinco.

We’re doing our homework,” Philbin said, via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

Ochocinco would add depth at a position where the Dolphins need some: Miami could use another wide receiver. Signing Ochocinco would also fit with the philosophy of owner Stephen Ross, who hasn’t hid the fact that he wants to make a splash this offseason.

The question is whether Ochocinco has anything left after a rough 2011 season in New England. If the Dolphins don’t sign Ochocinco quickly after working him out, that would indicate either that his performance was underwhelming, or that their interest in him was never all that genuine in the first place.

40 responses to “Dolphins confirm they worked out Chad Ochocinco

  1. Philbin said they were doing their homework. But reliable sources report that they were playing video games, snacking, and watching T.V. well into the night. No wonder he looks so tired all the time.

  2. Who cares where he goes as long as they make the playbook as SIMPLE as possible. I think he still has something left he just can’t get his brain involved.

  3. Get T.O. in there as well & you’ll have a whole show to go, minus of course T.O. buying $200,000 Diamonds for his ears (more like $20 ones now).

  4. Ochocinco would add depth at a position where the Dolphins need some: Miami could use another wide receiver.
    Let me fix that sentence:

    Ochocinco would add depth at a position where the Dolphins need some: Miami could use “a” wide receiver.

  5. Theyre not signing in him..

    Philbin explained what theyre doing..they were doing their homework…

    nice cheap way to bring him in and see what the patriots have been up to

  6. kane337 says: Anyone on the Dolphins currently wearing #85?

    Rishard Matthews, 7th round draft pick from Nevada.

  7. Hey, maybe Chad could give the Fish some insight on the Pats playbook!

    Wait. Maybe not.

  8. My prediction is that the move was designed to show the current WR corp that the coaches have confidence in them.

    They bring in a big name former star, work him out, and say “Nah, you’re not better than our guys.” Hartline, Bess, and Edwards feel better about themselves.

    I don’t see Ocho being an improvement on any of those guys, who all still have potential.

  9. Yeah the Dolphins worked him out….trying to “work out of him” the inner workings of the Patriots offense. That’s all they wanted. But they got the wrong guy for that! Idiot couldn’t make heads or tails of a playbook he had a year and a half to learn!!

  10. I’m a true Miami Dolphins FAN!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!! Now with that said; the Dolphins for many years now and it looks like many more to come, has been chasing the ghosts of Dan Marino, Mark Durper, and Mark Clayton! Since these great players have gone on to retire or to bigger and better things, there has not never been anyone to come along and replace them. Players like Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and yes I dare say it, Peyton Manning; were once good in there prime, but now their old and washed out! Miami lately has had the nack of picking up other teams washed up super stars trying to make a come back. When will they finally do something other then spinning their wheels and wasting money.

  11. This could be the worst option for Miami. This self absorbed player is only it in for his off field career! All he’s about is reality tv, social media etc, what better place for him to continue this circus than Miami.

    Hard Knocks is the perfect forum for him to keep his name in the headlines rather than worry about his real profession. TO2.0!

    I remember Hard Knocks in CIN, Chad Johnson was complaining to M. Lewis that he want’s to be greater than Jerry Rice. Since then, all he’s accomplished is being sent packing, a horrible tv show, a gf that’s in it for the $$ (or what’s left) and a handle full of catches w/the Pats.

    With a new rookie QB and a rebuilding period, the brass, for everything they’ve been criticized for in the off season need to stay far away from him. Needs to change his name to “Kissofdeath!”

  12. Just pick him up it cant hurt the team. He isn’t going to be anymore of a distraction than the 100 HBO cameras all over the place. This comes down to the game of football in the end. If Philbin sees that he is running routes just as good or even better than the current group of receivers he will be a Dolphin. We need the depth and thats something that cant be hidden. Plus you cant tell the thought of Ochocinco on Hard Knocks isn’t entertaining. Go Phins!

  13. “Hartline, Bess, and Edwards feel better about themselves.”
    Who the heck is Edwards?

  14. I hope they do sign him so i can watch the bengals beat there ass with the ticket package i just bought. im so glad the patriots lost the super bowl not only because i hate the patriots but i really didnt want “chad Ochocinco” to get a ring and he didnt even do anything. he didnt even know the playbook!!! THATS YOUR JOB RERE!!!

  15. Come on phins you don’t need this side show clown. Not a miami fan but always kinda pulled for them. He just doesn’t seem to play hard anymore.

  16. “Thanks for trying out Ocho Cinco, be sure to grab your souvenir brazilian bikini on the way out”.

  17. Hey Chad, here’s the play: run as fast as you can towards that orange marker at the corner of the end zone when the QB says “hike”!

    “Where the heck is he running??? He’s running to the sideline!!!

    Chad, why did you run there?

    “Uh, you told me to coach”

    Thanks for coming Chad.


  18. “Let me fix that sentence:
    Ochocinco would add depth at a position where the Dolphins need some: Miami could use “a” wide receiver.”

    You can’t fix it if you haven’t a clue what your talking aboot. Just putting your ignorance on display, really. Well done, I love that. Davone Bess is one of the best slot WRs in the game,he’d easily replace welker in NE without them skipping a beat. Also, Brian Hartline is a solid starting flanker that could easily break out for 1000 +. They need someone to draw coverage from them. Let’s not forget that they have 2 backs and 3 tight ends that will all split wide.

  19. Signing him seems like a stupid idea, so I guess we can assume this is a done deal.

    They traded away Brandon Marshall for ten cents on the dollar because he was too much of a “ME-ME” guy and now they’re going to sign someone who changed his name to something completely nonsensical in order to draw more attention to himself. Not to mention his well documented history of diva behavior. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?

    No big mystery why the Dolphins logo has morphed in to a septic tank over the past dozen or so years………

  20. xpensivewinos – “No big mystery why the Dolphins logo has morphed in to a septic tank over the past dozen or so years.”

    That’s not a septic tank… it’s the Buffalo, NY skyline! 🙂

  21. Between the Jags and the Dolphins I count two decent WR. And one hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL yet. I hope the Bucs have a good offense or points will be few and far between in Florida.

  22. He can join the team as a backup kicker, it’s something he can do and he doesn’t need to learn a playbook to do it.

  23. One word! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This team is the CHICAGO CUBS OF THE NFL! This proves it! I am predicting they won’t win it all again in my lifetime, and every other team will win it at least once before Miami wins again; 15 have done it so far, Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, 49ers, Redskins, Bears, Giants, Packers, Broncos, Rams, Ravens, Patriots, Bucs, Colts, and Saints! Who will number 16 be?

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