Eagles hope their “ferocious” pass rush helps Vick get better

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The Eagles haven’t made any secret of their top offensive priority this offseason.

They want Michael Vick to make fewer mistakes than he made in 2011. Vick’s 18 turnovers in 13 games were a big reason why the Eagles season ended short of the playoffs and quarterback coach Doug Pederson wants him to work staying within the system instead of trying to do too much when plays break down. They may have the right defense to help put this plan in motion.

With Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Brandon Graham, Cullen Jenkins, Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry, the Eagles’ defensive line is stocked with players who can get after the quarterback. While they won’t be hitting Vick during practices, they should be forcing him to work on his ability to make plays under duress.

“They’re ferocious,” Vick said, via Ed Kracz of PhillyBurbs.com. “They were a little bit timid in the beginning of camp and OTAs, but they’re moving around really well and know what they’re supposed to do and what their responsibilities are. They look like they have been working hard.”

Vick said that he’s been working on slowing down his feet and remaining calm in the pocket so far this offseason. With the Eagles offensive line looking questionable in spots, it’s a skill he’s going to need to learn. Kracz points out a few moments where that hasn’t worked out during OTAs, but it bodes well for the Eagles offense if Vick figures out how to remain calm against his own pass rush.

22 responses to “Eagles hope their “ferocious” pass rush helps Vick get better

  1. Retirement will vastly improve Vick’s game and the Eagles’ prospects of a successful season! 💡

  2. Blah, blah, blah. Eagles will be an 8-10 win, 1st round exit team at best. Vick will get hurt at some point and miss 2-5 games. Nothing new here.

  3. Ya, all of a sudden he’s going to get better.

    He is what he is, a gimmick, an old gimmick.


  5. Why is it everybody still talks of vick like he’s a rookie, or second yr player?

    What noone remembers is, 2 things.
    1. he’s changing the way he plays the game. granted, he excelled as the running quarterback, like Cunningham and McNabb. Regardless if you like him or not, he is changing his mechanics. Ask Manning or Brady to change the way they play, and i’m sure they’ll make a ton of mistakes as well.

    2. last season had 2 weeks of Offseason. the eagles signed on 12 free agents last season. not to mention the rookies. not to mention coaches as well. I don’t know of ANYONE that can be spectacular after 2 weeks on the job with that many pieces changing.

    Haters and internet tough guys (trolls) are gonna hate no matter what anyone writes.

    lets see how long it takes to descend into the name calling and personal attacks..

  6. (que the haters)

    the most feared team with an empty trophy case.
    if they can find some unity and put this squad together, the eagles could get nasty.

    (commence hating)

  7. Wouldn’t say their run defense was great, but wouldn’t say #16 in the league is crappy either. More like average or mediocre. Look what having the # 1 run defense gets you; a seat on the TV watching the Super Bowl unlike the #19 ranked rush defense that actually won the superbowl.

  8. mediocre rush defense, ferocious pass rush. Oh by the way 10 in yards allowed and points, top 10 defense that only gets better this year.

    We gave up big plays in the run game and it better be a 49er fan that says this cause they did stop the run, so respect there… We will see them in the NFC championship and I am sure the folks will begin to tell me why we wont but they really have no answer to the one team that benefits the most from training camp. So have at it

  9. I am sure the folks will begin to tell me why we wont
    One word: Vick.

  10. Both times Vick got hurt last year he was in the pocket. Say what u want but this offseason with two of the best QB coaches in the game will do wonders

  11. I am sure the folks will begin to tell me why we wont
    One word: Vick.


    LOL wow I am trying to figure out when Vick hasnt become a better QB, I beleive he did so 2 years ago and proved that and Last year the Eagles new line was gelling as The season went on and that showed in its own right because the pressure he was receiving began to die down and almost became non existent which led to most of his turnovers. One of the best offenses in the league led by a QB that most if not all Defenses fear cause of his ability to oh just play the QB position much better than he did in ATL.. its amusing how a guy like Vick changes his style of play while continuing to be dangerous with his feet and you sir have and issue with him. Yes turnovers led to the teams downfall and that Defense learning on the fly too but he hardly was near the worst QBs in the league and neither was the defense. Its ok, I know I am talking to a wall cause your stuck on your beleifs but its 2012, a new season and I said this before. 49ers, Saints, Packers, Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Giants to name a few know and knew their systems, so their transition was easy, The Eagles didnt and still crushed the NFC East wiht a 5-1 record and only lost games by a margin of 3 cause of turnovers. Training camp for the Eagles was and is a must, get ready for some football….

  12. Plenty of reasons to feel optimistic, but a lot of things have to go right for this team to go anywhere. Scratch that – for any team to go anywhere.

    I’m already excited for the season to start. Those lousy Phillies are only making me more impatient…

  13. So the Eagles are hoping their defensive attack will make their offense play better. No wonder they’ve never won a title!

  14. bigkeev124 I’m glad to see someone with common sense that adds comments on here. There is a fire and sense of urgency in Philadelphia. The head coach and starting quarterback could very well be fighting for there jobs this year. Andy is in the last year of his contract, if he goes Vick will most likely go being it was Andy that went out and signed him. The offense is stacked with talent from top to bottom. Top notch QB, top 3 RB, very good receivers and a very good o line. Defense is stacked with talent also. D line is deep and proved last year what they can do and now added Fletcher Cox. Traded for Ryans to sure up LB spot and not to mention having 2 pro bowl corners. I would like anyone to explain why the Eagles will not benefit from a full off season. All the pieces are together now on this team and are definitely a team that will be a contender not only in the NFC but for the Super Bowl!!!!

  15. I expect that Vick will have one of his best seasons in the N.F.L. My Eagles have all the elements in place… the most important element where Mike is concerned, is the fact that his O Line will begin the season mostly in tact, even without JP in the lineup Continuity year two with Howard Mudd scheme will translate to Mike being more effective. The new additions to the D on a team that led the N.F.L in sacks last year…the DeMico Ryans addition and Juan now able to use a more aggressive attacking style now that Asante is in Atlanta. Well… Mike game will improve especially with the anticipated improvement in Defensive play… This is the season it all comes together Mike will prove why he is one of the most feared players in the N.F.L this season.

  16. I like Mike Vick but I cant wait till the Giants and the most ferocious pass rush in the NFL gets a hold on him and beat him up. I wanna see him complainin to the refs about getting hammered. I wanna see him running for his dear life, I want to see his uniform dirty, I want to see him yelling at his recievers, I want his shoulders sulking on the sidelines, as he’ll have no answers for Tuck, JPP, Osi, Kiwanuka, Boley, and Canty. I cant wait to beat up Mccoy, and Celek, I cant wait. But like I said I like Vick, I dnt like the Eagles tho.

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