Lions sign free agent wide receiver Jarett Dillard

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The good news for the Detroit Lions is that they’ve just acquired a free agent who was a starter last season and the No. 2 wide receiver on his team last season. The bad news is it’s a receiver who came from a Jacksonville Jaguars passing attack that was so weak that the No. 2 wide receiver finished the season with 29 catches for 292 yards and one touchdown.

Those were the 2011 stats in Jacksonville for Jarett Dillard, who has agreed to terms on a one-year contract with the Lions, according to the team’s website.

A 2009 fifth-round pick out of Rice, Dillard caught just six passes as a rookie before a broken ankle ended his season, and he missed all of 2010 with a foot injury. In 2011 he became the Jaguars’ second option at wide receiver, although that said more about the Jaguars’ options at wide receiver than it said about Dillard. He was released in May after the Jaguars drafted Justin Blackmon.

The Lions, who also signed veteran receiver Maurice Stovall last week, have been trying to improve their depth at the receiver position even though Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson and Titus Young all return from last year’s passing attack. Dillard will probably have to show he can be a good contributor on special teams if he’s going to make the roster.

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  1. It’s not “bad news” for the lions and the lions are not “trying to improve their depth”. They are incredibly talented and incredibly deep at the position and are already going to be forced to make some tough cuts at the position by either cutting promising rookies or key special teams players.

    It’s a camp signing, nothing more. Very exciting.

  2. Dillard set NCAA records when he went to Rice.

    I’m wondering if the Lions may have plans for him as a kick return specialist?

  3. regisphilbin says: Jun 11, 2012 1:52 PM

    This guy has string bean legs. He’ll need about 3-4 more sucker punches to occur to see the field.


    lol, ain’t that the truth. why the dislike ppl. a little uptight are we?

  4. “izlez” is spot on. Two, maybe three of the Lions WR cuts will be on season opening rosters of other NFL teams. The Lions WR depth will rival that of the Packers, Saints and Pats. Tough camp decisions on the horizon…a great problem to have.

  5. This is a bottom-of-the-roster, throw-stuff-on-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks signing.

  6. this tells me 3 things:

    1) ryan broyles is not healthy
    2) patrick edwards does not have a pro body
    3) jared karstetter is caucasian

  7. As a Texans fan, I was wondering if there was a #2 wide receiver who put up stats worst than Kevin Walter and I have found the answer to my question. I should have known he played for Jacksonville.
    Now he is at best a #4 for the Lions, my issue is that the Texans still think Kevin Walter is a #2 after catching 39 passes for 474 yards with 3 touchdowns in 16 regular season games with 3 catches for 36 yards with 0 touchdowns in 2 playoff games. C’mon Texans, time to sign Terrell Owens.

  8. This guy can get open in a short route which is exactly what the Lions need to go 4 WRs.

    Ideally Ryan Broyles will be the 4th WR but this guy might be an answer while Broyles gets healthy.

    Good sign!

  9. He’s got 4.4 speed with a 42″ vertical, with massive NCAA production……is there any doubt as to why he’s here for a tryout?

  10. He may not have good numbers playin in jax but cmon..look who was throwin the ball at qb?

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