Mike Carey says game “unquestionably” will be different with replacement officials

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For the most part, NFL officials are seen and rarely heard.  Don’t be shocked if we hear more and more from them in the coming weeks and months.

Referee Mike Carey, one of the most respected men to wear the striped shirt, recently addressed the lockout of the officials during an interview on XX 1090 in San Diego, via SportsRadioInterviews.com.

Asked whether the game will be different with replacement officials, Carey was an concise and unequivocal as he is when explaining a decision to the fans:  “I think unquestionably.  You just don’t walk out on a field and contend with that speed and size and impact and the complexity of the NFL rules.  It’s a completely different game.”

Carey doesn’t know any of the details of the negotiations, given that he’s no longer a member of the NFL Referees Association’s board of directors.  But he does know how replacement officials would be treated.

“I don’t think they’d be invited to any of our parties,” Carey said.

For now, the replacement officials will be too busy to hang out with the locked-out officials, or anyone else.  Once hired, the replacement officials will be getting up to speed, presumably attending training camp practices and scrimmages and then working preseason games and ultimately working regular-season games.

We continue to believe that the NFL and the officials need to work this mess out.  If the best of the best officials already are employed by the league, whatever we get will be something other than the best of the best.

If the NFL officials aren’t the best of the best, then the NFL should fire them and hire better officials.

46 responses to “Mike Carey says game “unquestionably” will be different with replacement officials

  1. The NFL cannot afford to let the product on the field (not to mention player safety) be adversely impacted by replacement officials. Get this done!

  2. How could they possibly be any worse than most of the decrypted mutts they have now? This notion that some younger, new guys couldn’t do the job is foolish. Go get some of the top DI refs to replace this greedy, lazy fools.

  3. If all the refs were as fit, fair, and professional as Carey I’d support them 100%. Unfortunately, he is one of the very few present officials who can keep up with the game physically and aren’t so full of themselves that they refuse to admit mistakes and correct them.

  4. So the summary is “Man thinks he’s better at his job then people trying to take his job.” Shocking, that.

  5. “If the NFL officials aren’t the best of the best, then the NFL should fire them and hire better officials.”

    Easier said than done when you’re dealing with a union.

  6. While I would think that we should want some of the current refs back. However if we are going to deal with errors, I would prefer to know that it is younger refs that are learning the system than the more experienced refs just not getting it done.

  7. is Carey the dramatic one? Every time there’s a call that could go either way he does this dramatic pause and the pops out his arm and exclaims what side it’s against. good stuff, lol

  8. Miss Carey’s dramatic “personal foul” along with the ultra dramatic arm throw I won’t.

    Same goes for ol’ Ed Hercules, I used to like the guy but ever since his moment in the spotlight and he found out that people often like his explanations for a call he now decided to go in movie sequel mode and give ultra ultra long winded explanations for EVERYTHING

  9. Remember back in teh day when the baseball umps all handed in resignation letters in an attempt to get more money but the MLB simply accepted them and got rid of half the fat, lazy umps in the process? Let’s hope the NFL Referee’s Association tries a similar tactic. About 60% of the current refs need to be replaced.

  10. I’m completely fine with replacements officials looking to prove themselves. I’m sure they can do just as crappy of a job that the regular ones do!!

  11. The game is played by the players, and therefore it won’t change. The product on TV may suffer due to the replacement officials’ inexperience. But the fact is that the NFL will continue on without the regular officials. Mike Carey is one of the best officials, so I respect where he’s coming from. Unfortunately not all the “professional” officials are as good as he is.

  12. games will eithe not be determined before kick off or the new officials will make it noticably fixed.

  13. Sounds like great news to me!… So does this actually mean the end of terrible calls deciding the end results of games? Can’t wait!!!!

  14. “Different” does not necessarily mean worse off. Then again it, may.

    What I do know is that some refs need to be replaced, due to being consistently inconsistent in their penalty calling.

    Jerome Boger
    Pete Morelli
    Jeff Triplette
    Ron Winters

    …..all come to mind.

  15. sorry i meant to clarify, isn’t this the “eli was in the grasp but i forgot to blow the whistle” referee? he has zero credibility.

  16. Let’s be realistic – there are only a few calls the officials actually make anymore that they have to stand by. With the review process changed to include plays in the scoring window it takes the official’s ability away from that scenario as well. Replacement officials are going to be working twice as hard to not only prove themselves, but to prove statements like this one from Carey are untrue.

    Personally, as long as Ed Hochuli isn’t on my TV posturing and explaining everything to the Nth degree, I’m perfectly fine.

  17. Whatever it takes to get Bill Leavy out of the game, do it! The fact that Leavy spend 5 minutes under the hood watching the same replays we all saw at home and STILL said Jennings did NOT fumble in the playoff game against the Giants, means he’s either incompetent or crooked. One of the worse officiated playoff games this century. Leavy did it all he could to throw that game. No way you can convince me that a college ref could do worse than that performance.

  18. Man would I like to go to the NFL Referee’s Party! Wow, that would be awesome. What movies would they be watching? Are they sponsored by Coors Lite? Natty Lite?

  19. I must be in the minority here. I want the refs we have. No ref is ever gonna get everything right. But newbies definitely won’t. Crucial calls can be challenged & reviewed by the booth, so a lot of bad calls have a chance to be righted. With new guys that don’t know what they’re doing, good night!!

    For every person on here complaining about the refs they have, wait until the new guys cost your team a game or two. Wait until your team misses the playoffs on a blown newbie call. Not because they didn’t get a good look at the play, but because the rules are too complex for them to remember at NFL game speed.

    And I personally love Ed Hockaloogie. I’m convinced he was a tunnel rat in Vietnam & and a calvary man in the War of 1812.

  20. “I don’t think they’d be invited to any of our parties,”

    Ok mike….I’m sure they’re missing out.

  21. I remember when they had the last lock out and replacement refs and they were WAY BETTER THAN THE REGULAR REFS!!!! They actually LET THEM PLAY WITHOUT TICKY-TAC CALLS!!!!!!! THEY’RE NOT OUT TO MAKE A NAME FOR THEMSELVES LIKE THE REGULAR REFS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Everybody in every sport thinks the games can’t go on without them. News flash: they can! These guys make a lot of walking around money for a part time job. Their wives won’t be happy with less cash to spend not to mention having them around all weekend bitching about the guys that took their jobs. Cut the best deal you can and move on.

  23. “And I personally love Ed Hockaloogie.”
    He actually stinks at his job though!!!

  24. Carey went on to say: “We thought it was bad when only Ed Hochuli wore a tight shirt to display his bulging biceps. Wait till they get this new crop of show boating refs, they’ll be wearing colored thongs that you’ll be able to see through those white pants.”

  25. These negotiations with the officials is the time to get them to accept a replay official in the booth to watch all the TV feeds the viewer is watching so replay decisions can be made quickly and accurately instead of the dog-and-pony show of an on-field official “going under the hood.” It’s just so much more efficient that way.

  26. The league is responsibly for the officials, they get rid of a few every year, so replacement will not be better then the ones they have now, and don’t forget, they will be a cancer on the league, because they are scabs, and scabs will stab you in the back. Bill

  27. I for one and looking forward to scab refs. It would be nice for a change to see a Raider game ref’d by dudes who don’t confuse the 2012 Raiders with the 1970’s Raiders.

  28. So what is the hold up? Do they want free prescription eye care? How about they get the same % increase that the average american got on their salary last year? No, my guess is they want a lot more money or they’ll do their best to ruin the product as we get it. Hire replacement refs and allow another challenge by coaches. I don’t care if the game goes 5 minutes longer, that’s ESPN and Fox who do.

  29. It is time for the league to hire full-time officials. Hire guys at 20 train them for 5 years (cardio, films, mock games) then let them officiate the games for 20 years the retire them. There is no need for 60 year old men being out of position and making the wrong calls!

  30. 4thqtrsaint

    By the name I’m guessing your a saints fan so I can see why you wouldn’t want the refs to change. Pats, steelers(not harrasion fans), packers and saints fans love current refs. Now on to my other point.

    I’m a giants fan. In 2002 or 2003 the current refs did just that to my giants in a game vs the 49ers. In 2001 they did that to the raiders in the playoffs. In 2007 they helped the pats go undefeated. In 2011 they tried doing the same for the packers. Watch the first giants game. In the playoffs they tried to help the packers go to the superbowl. Watch the game unbiased and you will see.

    These new refs can’t be any worse then that

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