Ochocinco News Network reports: Dolphins sign Chad Ochocinco


Chad Ochocinco is a Miami Dolphin, according to the news source that bears his name.

The Ochocinco News Network — a website Ochocinco started as part of his efforts to report news directly from NFL players to the fans — reports that Ochocinco is the newest member of the Dolphins.

We just got confirmation from Chad Ochocinco that he has just signed with the Miami Dolphins,” the report says. “The 6 time Pro Bowler will now get a chance to finish his career in his home state. More details as they arrive.”

Ochocinco worked out for the Dolphins today, and he apparently looked good enough that the Dolphins believed he still has something left, despite a 2011 season in New England in which he was a forgotten man in the Patriots’ offense.

If Ochocinco can shake off last year’s poor performance and look something like the player who shined in Cincinnati, he could become the leader of a receiving corps that’s currently led by Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and Legedu Naanee.

32 responses to “Ochocinco News Network reports: Dolphins sign Chad Ochocinco

  1. This just in from ESPN 8 (“The OCHO”):

    Pick up the white courtesy phone Chad. It’s your career. Something important. Hope you had a pre-nup. It looks like the party’s over…

    Seriously…whatever dignity remained in the Dolphins (and that’s LOOSELY used…this is the same Dolphins franchise that went 1-15 a few years ago, and have been as relevant as LA Gear shoes and Pop Rocks in the past 20 years) is flying right out the window.

    Well, at least last place will be warm for them when they settle in for the winter.

  2. DUMB MOVE! This is typical of a team that has earned the nickname of the CHICAGO CUBS OF THE NFL!

    What happened to TEAM FIRST! This guy is T.O. LIGHT! He will bring DISHARMONY to this team!

    I’m telling you all. Fifteen other teams have won the Super Bowl since Miami won it last, and the other 16 will do it BEFORE Miami wins again, which won’t be in my lifetime!

  3. Best of luck to him. I hope he has great games against new England. A also sure a bunch of idiots that never accomplished anything in their life will comment how bad he is. To that I say “kiss the baby”

  4. So Miami dished off Brandon Marshall, who can still play at a high-level even though he’s a basket case, and bring in this clown who’s way past his prime. I don’t get it.

  5. This was the move that Dolphin fans all over have waited for…finally a move to put them back where they belong…3rd/4th.

    Somehow, you wonder if network suplemented this for ratings for Hard Knocks…Ross, Ocho , Fergie & Marc Anthony.

  6. youarewrongandthisiswhy says:
    Jun 11, 2012 8:42 PM
    This guy puts them over the top. He knows the entire NE playbook!


    He does? Isn’t that why the let him go? In a year he couldn’t grasp it. I wouldn’t trust his “insight” on their playbook.

  7. “This guy puts them over the top. He knows the entire NE playbook”

    Uh. Not knowjng the playbook was exactoy the reason why he got axed…

  8. Nice addition the to WR corp; a position of need for this team. He can still stretch the field and create some space for Bush and Bess underneath.

  9. Attention T.O. This is what happen when your a good teammate and don’t destroy teams. Chad had some issues in Cincy cause mainly the team around him sucked. A team like Miami will take a chance on you and let you teach young player what it’s like to be a pro. Mad props to chad last year despite sucking but not making about the team and allowing everyone else to shine

  10. I am sure he will have more than 15 receptions this season since he has more time to study the playbook before the season starts.

  11. Chad is a good guy and the team is trying to win over more fans. He has always interacted well with the fans so it is a good move from a PR standpoint–especially considering “Hard Knocks”. From a football perspective, he has good skills in a sandlot type setting. He can go 1-on-1 and still beat some guys but he has never shown the ability to grasp shifting responsibilities in reaction to audibles, defensive shifts, etc. If his responsibility won’t change after they break the huddle, he could be OK. If they are expecting him to mesh into a complicated offense where his route or responsibility can change pre-snap, it might be a long year for him. (or more appropriately, short year due to being cut)

  12. So the Dolphins think they can do something with 85 that Belichick couldn’t?

    this is why this franchise is the joke that it is.

  13. Well, the Fins signed Larry Johnson and dropped his ass after 2 games!!!

    Ochocinco to Ocho … Cero???

  14. LMAO @ all the Dolphins fans praising this signing. Did you guys not see this guy last season? He finished with 15 catches and 1 touchdown in 16 games! You guys are fooling yourselves if you think he is going to do anything for your team. If Tom Brady can’t make him look good, some rookie quarterback sure as hell wont.

    Good luck to the fish… they’re gonna need it.

  15. Football … not that important to him.

    Time spent on Twitter (morning, noon and night)
    Time spent in playbook… meh.

  16. I love all you “knowalls” . You have no clue what Chad can do. Worry about your own teams because a lot of them suck. Good luck to the rest of you too!!

  17. Sorry, but if you aren’t Welker or a TE you aren’t part of the game plan in NE.

    Ocho won’t be great this year but since the Dolphins don’t have many other options. He’s probably in line for 60, 900, 5TD this season. Nothing spectacular but far better than in NE.

  18. pftcensorssuck says:
    Jun 11, 2012 10:25 PM
    So the Dolphins think they can do something with 85 that Belichick couldn’t?

    this is why this franchise is the joke that it is.
    I’m a Pats fan, and I don’t think that’s fair to Chad. Granted he didn’t do much in NE, but he was a good teammate and he tried to do what was required from what I understand.

    Sometimes it’s just not a good fit for a team scheme wise and a player, no matter how much they want to make it work. I think Chad still has a couple productive years in him and it wouldn’t surprise me if he puts up decent #s in another offense.

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