“Packer for life” Driver’s guaranteed money could buy him a roster spot

Green Bay wide receiver Donald Driver wants to be a “Packer for life,” and his recent contract restructuring should take care of that for at least 2012.

According to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Driver’s recent paycut includes a guaranteed $1.2 million roster bonus of this season, which should be enough to buy him one of the six roster spots the Packers think they’ll use on wideouts.

Driver will also make a $1.1 million base salary, and the $2.3 million total is still less than half the $5 million he was due before the Packers did the salary cap quick-step.

Looking a depth chart with plentiful options, his future was far from certain. But this move should at least give him the opportunity to play this year, without the fear of being replaced by a younger (i.e. cheaper) option in training camp.

13 responses to ““Packer for life” Driver’s guaranteed money could buy him a roster spot

  1. Congrats to Donald Driver for–from all appearances–working out a deal to stay with the Packers for at least one more season. But he should charge extra for the dance lessons.

  2. At that price I am happy. Maybe even next year too. Never hurts to have a first class guy like DD in the locker room/on the roster.

  3. Life plus a day, Donald. I think that’s so they can bury you. But with all that frozen tundra it might end up being life plus six months or so, depending on the time of year.

  4. Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, Gurley, Driver, Jones. That’s a pretty good line up. Even though Finley is technically a TE, he plays more like a slot receiver. Scary……………

  5. I have the solution to the WR, you can keep all 7 WR, and cut the good for nothing Peprah. Hell the kid can’t tackle worth a damn, cost us a playoff game. It all works out .

  6. Certainly would seem to make sense to keep him around at least up to the final cut. Never know if someone will get hurt. Hope the Packers can swing trades for the WRs they decide not to keep, because they’ve got about 9 wideouts who could make most NFL rosters.

  7. OK. Assuming he makes the roster this year. What happens next year? Do they have an understanding that he has one more year in a Packer uniform..that’s it? If not, the PR problem will sure as hell be in their faces next year. I love DD. I hope they get a SB win and then he hangs it up. He could go out in style and the utmost in admiration and respect. I hope he doesn’t think more highly of himself than the guys that make those decisions for a living.

  8. Buy himself a roster spot? C’mon Darin, you’re a better writer than that. If DD makes the roster, he will have earned the spot.

    Darin, you should really read Bob McGinn in depth and detail and check out CheeseheadTV.com to see what real writers do.

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