Reggie Bush: Ryan Tannehill “has the upper hand”

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We’re still a couple months (and a few episodes of Hard Knocks) away from knowing who the Dolphins’ starting quarterback will be. But the starter at running back in Miami, Reggie Bush, is talking like a man who thinks he’ll be sharing the huddle with a rookie signal caller.

Bush sounded in an interview on NFL Total Access like he thinks first-round draft pick Ryan Tannehill is the favorite in the three-way quarterback race with incumbent starter Matt Moore and free agent signing David Garrard.

“Ryan Tannehill, he’s a really good quarterback, he’s very smart,” Bush said. “Obviously he has the upper hand coming into an offensive system that he already knows basically. Now he really just gets to work on his skill set as a quarterback, improving and he has that advantage on his side.”

Bush wasn’t actually endorsing Tannehill, but he sounded high on the rookie’s chances.

“It’s not my decision,” Bush said. “May the best man win. I always feel like competition is healthy on a team at every position. When your back is against a wall, when someone is breathing down your neck that’s going to bring out the best in you. I feel like Ryan being here around David Garrard and Matt Moore – some veterans who have been in the game for awhile – it’s only going to help him. It looks like they’re all getting along well together and he’s doing a good job so far. He’s a smart kid.”

Bush said he believes a rookie quarterback could lead the Dolphins to the playoffs.

“When you think about a rookie quarterback, obviously there is that disadvantage of just not having the wisdom and knowledge of being in the NFL,” Bush said. “It’s been done before, and I think [Tannehill] can do it. Like I said, with the amount of veteran leadership that we have on this team, he’s already coming into an offense that he knows, Mike Sherman is a great coach and offensive coordinator who is really working with him day in and day out, I think he’ll be fine. Obviously we’re going to do some things to protect him as a young guy, but at the same time I feel like he can get the job done if he is called on. We look forward to having him out there.”

The Dolphins drafted Tannehill eighth overall with the idea that he’d be their franchise quarterback some day. Bush sounds like he thinks that day will be the first day of the season.

37 responses to “Reggie Bush: Ryan Tannehill “has the upper hand”

  1. “David Garrard” can never compete with Matt Moore. So essentially the competition is between Moore and Tannehill.

  2. Hey my first Post: Of course you should get your fans excited for the Tannehill show but looking good in training camp is totally different experience than a life football game. I wanna see him succeed but best case scenario will probably 7-9 with some bright spots.

  3. Hey PFT, slow down on the Dolphons stories. Plenty Orville for that later. Right now we have other issues at hand, like going 4-3 or better over the next 2 weeks.

    After that, there’ll be plenty of time to set up the Folphinsvto be mocked on the comment section. Pace yourselves.

  4. The Dolphins are not close to playoffs. Why rush the kid, he is not ready.

    Too many teams rushing young QBs into the fire, give them a chance to watch, learn and practice.

  5. I guess that’s good news. Can’t wait till pre-season hopefully he gets some snaps.

    At this point I am numb to our irrelevancy.

  6. I think they should sit Tannehill for the year. No use throwing him to the wolves on a team with weak supporting talent and having him probably fail like we’ve seen done with David Carr, Alex Smith and Blaine Gabbert. He has potential to be a good QB, but I don’t think Miami’s WR’s and OL would be enough to keep him from taking hits and losing his confidance. Moore is more than capable IMO so let him take the reins, see where he takes you (possible trade bait) and give the keys to Tannehill next year, like the Titans are doing with Locker. Miami has a new coaching staff so they can afford a “down” year while they prepare for the future.

  7. “Bush said he believes a rookie quarterback could lead the Dolphins to the playoffs.”

    This year? HAHAHA, yeah right!


  8. To credit Vince Lombardi: “What the hell’s going on here?”

    Reggie Bush is making a lot of sense.

  9. That was pretty obvious when Sherman (whose iis the head coach there) drafted him in the first round. Good luck with that. 3-13 maybe.

  10. I just wish the phins and jets would get serious so its not k ly the bills trying to take ne down. I’m tired of them always having such an easy schedule due to these idiot teams. That alone is probabily why they are so healthy and well rested when the post season comes

  11. If a rookie has the upper hand, it speaks volumes as to the QB situation in Miami…

  12. Reggie Bush just needs to shut up. He sucks. He was one of the worst, overdrafted players in NFL history from a team other than the NY Jets (who have cornered that market with players like Vernon Gholston, Kyle Brady & Blair Thomas, just to name a few). Reggie Bush isn’t even going to be the featured back in Miami; that is going to be Daniel Thomas because breaking in Tannehill is going to require a lot of between the tackles running to set up play action. Bush doesn’t have what it takes to be an every down, between the tackles runner. Nevertheless, Reggie Bush’s career has already been better than Blair Thomas’ ever was. Both were #2 overall picks & both were huge disappointments, but Thomas was a much larger disappointment. With that being said, Jets fans need to be smacked & continually reminded of Blair Thomas if they ever say anything bad about Bush as a Dolphin.

  13. “Bush wasn’t actually endorsing Tannehill, but he sounded high on the rookie’s chances” – yet you make the headline REGGIE BUSH: “RYAN TANEHILL HAS THE UPPER HAND”. C’mon MDS make some sense. Thats piss poor fraudulant journalism. You are the reason why half these guys give vanilla answers to reporters. What a joke.

  14. Hey Dolphins fan, come, join us in the basement of your division. It’s cool and dark down here and the beer stays cold longer.
    Browns fan

  15. Sounds more like Reggie is just doing is job and touting the company line to me. Not giving away any hint as to who he thinks the starter will be. Miami is obviously invested in Tannehill to be the starter at SOME point. Reggie has just made it clear that he likes the guy and is ready for when this takeover occurs. Be it tomorrow or two years from now.

    Everything Reggie said is what Miami fans have been saying since the day Tannehill was drafted. Nothing more. Non-story.

  16. Why put him behind a line that gave up 52 sacks last year ? He can ride the pine for a year chances are he may see some action.

  17. I feel sorry for the rookie quarterback having Ochocinco as a WR. Hope Tannehill is looking forward to having a veteran WR whine about not getting the ball enough.

  18. Oh boy, diva WR and QB controversy. Sounds like the Jets.
    IMHO its all BS. Every team has some sort of controversy according to the media who fan the flames to make their jobs seem important.
    Unless you have the only working crystal ball in the world, no one knows how half this crap will play out. Tell me who looks good in practice and who’s hurt and leave the falsely creating controversy where there is none to the National Enquirer.

  19. I feel sorry for the rookie quarterback having Ochocinco as a WR. Hope Tannehill is looking forward to having a veteran WR whine about not getting the ball enough.

    One would hope that Chad has been humbled…

    Especially after seeing his freinds career (TO) come to an abrupt end. Not sure who is going to lead that huddle though, a lot of new faces and young guys. Maybe Jake?

    As a phin fan I can only pray that Tannehill is our guy..

    Go Fins!

  20. I could see Garrard being ok under that system. He’s accurate on short passes. But I’m rolling with Tannehill! I think the kid is gonna be good.

  21. According to Reggie the sky’s the limit for Tannehill. I guess the only question remains is how long before Tannehill starts bangin one of the Kardassion sisters?

  22. No everything is not going good. I’m very uncomfortable. I have no power. I mean, why should she have the upper hand? Once in my life I would like the upper hand. I have no hand– no hand at all. She has the hand; I have no hand…How do I get the hand?

    We all want the hand. Hand is tough to get. You gotta get the hand right from the opening.

  23. Reggie is talking smart. There is no need to delay the inevitable. He is your Investment and the future. 6-10 last yr, 7-9 and 7-0 the 2 yrs prior to that. Only 3 Playoff appearances since Dan ‘The Man’ Marino Retired in 1999. What’s the risk?

  24. I have been a Dolfan since Ken Stabler stuck a knife in my heart in 1974. I want Tannyhill to start. If all we are going to be is “mediocre” this year, we have nothing to lose. He needs the experience this year to make a run next year.

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