Rex Ryan says there’s no quarterback controversy in New York

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Maybe, in hindsight, Rex Ryan was talking about the Giants.

That’s the only rational explanation for Ryan’s comments during his Monday That’s My Boy media blitz, doing four radio spots in support of his acting debut, making him the first Jets coach since, well, the last Jets coach to show up on screen wearing something other than a headset.

Rex insisted that, despite the presence of Tim Tebow and the widespread belief that a quarterback controversy already exists (team leader Darelle Revis has said so), Mark Sanchez is still the guy.

There’s no quarterback controversy here,” Ryan told WFAN, via Rich Cimini of  “Mark is our starting quarterback.”

There’s that word again:  starting.  The use of Tebow in a Wildcat package provides the Jets with the ultimate cover to remove Sanchez without benching him, and to allow him to continue to “start” (i.e., “take the first snap of”) every game — no matter how often Tebow enters the game and Sanchez takes a seat.

Of course there’s a quarterback controversy in New York.  Though the Jets may never acknowledge it or officially “bench” Sanchez, the question of whether Tebow can do a better job than Sanchez will continue to percolate.

Once the regular season starts it will boil.

58 responses to “Rex Ryan says there’s no quarterback controversy in New York

  1. Not a controversy because we all know what will happen. Sanchez is going to stink it up for the first couple of weeks and Tebow will come as the starter sometime around week 3-8, and probably do what he did in Denver.

  2. Sanchez’ number one, overall problem is that he suffers from dry labia. The chaffing causes him a painful rash. It’s hard to concentrate and hold on to the football in the NFL when your vagina is on fire.

  3. Can’t Rexy just put a sock in it, hopefully a footless stinkin’, smelly, designer RG3 sock of the post practice varity!

  4. Yes there is…. the controversy is you have 2 QB’s that’s not worth to 2 flys, mashed………and everyday you try and pawn them off as good, or even decent QB’s….unbelievable……

  5. There is no QB controversy in NY. The controversy is in NJ & it doesn’t involve the defending Super Bowl Champions, the one, the only, the great New York Football Giants.

  6. Where is this guy’s off switch?

    Nobody wants any more updates on the circus he’s created.

  7. The fact of the matter is Sanchez is making about 10x as much as Tebow in 2012. Around 15 mil versus 1.5 mil. If their salaries were comparable economics- wise the QB position would be an open competition. Sanchez will be making Tebow’s annual salary in one regular season game. Rex is not going to come out and say our highest paid player is gonna be riding the bench.

  8. The great thing is its all in Sanchez’s hands. If he plays well there is no controversy. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes!

    Where it could get interesting is if Sanchez gets hurt and Tebow comes in and wins..but as a Jet fan isn’t that what we want?

  9. kappy32 says:Jun 11, 2012 11:43 PM

    There is no QB controversy in NY. The controversy is in NJ & it doesn’t involve the defending Super Bowl Champions, the one, the only, the great New York Football Giants.


    Cool story bro…

  10. You forgot about Mangini’s cameo in the Sopranos. Eastsideballa- great Family Guy reference. Better one would have been ‘and it’s a great way to stay in shape’.

  11. Thumbs down my comment all you want. 1,000,000 thumbs down won’t ever change the fact that the Giants have won two Super Bowls in four years & the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets have failed back to back years after promises & guarantees of the next football dynasty. Oh wait, I forgot, just like every other non-Jets fan has, they made it to back to back AFC Championship Games, but LOST. How could I forget? I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE know the teams that LOST their conference championship game. How silly & forgetful of me.

  12. Sanchez is the better QB.. Everyone who is saying Tebow will do what he did in Denver is crazy. This is not the AFC West!! It’s the AFC East!! .500 gets you third place.
    Rex just doesn’t know he has a controversy.. Get ready YETS fans. You’ll have a new head coach by week 11.. And the Dolphins plan to send the disease Tony Sporano will come to fruition. Best move the Dolphins front office has made in years!!

  13. Jeez, and I thought the 24/7 Tebow coverage was bad last year! If the Jets REALLY believed Mark Sanchez is their franchise QB, they wouldn’t have signed Tebow. Because now it’s more of a 3 ring circus than ever before. Fans will be chanting for Tebow by halftime of week one’s game. Then there’s their WR diva pitching a fit because he didn’t want to practice and their greedy, me-first CB who wants to ignore the contract he signed 2 years ago.
    Good luck with all this, Rex!

  14. Rexy is looking pretty good. I wish I knew who did his jowl reduction surgery. I could use one of those, myself. The GD snacks are killing my rex appeal.

  15. Fat or skinny, Rex just wind.

    I’m calling my shot: this year, Rex Ryan will coach his last game for the New York Jet’s! Jet’s! Jet’s!
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much talk…and the window has closed.

  16. Benching Sanchez makes no sense; you’d lose any advantage you gained by having Tebow as a change of pace guy.

    The so-called QB controversy is a media myth perpetuated by Tebow fans. Jets fans who don’t like Sanchez are largely not enamoured with the prospect of Tebow starting either.

  17. Not until Sanchez has a few bad games that is. This team has the potential this year to have a greater collapse than it had last year.

    Also, check out my blog!

  18. When the head coach acknowledges that there is no QB controversy, that is an acknowledgement of the reality that there is a QB controversy.

  19. If anyone knows controversy, it is Rex Ryan.

    However, this is the offseason, when fans and media are quiet. They will determine whether or not a controversy exists, not Rex.

  20. If they start 1-3 it will be Tebows team by Columbus day. Not a Sanchez hater or fan, but the Jets went about this the wrong way. Could have traded for a Colt McCoy type or signed a veteran to motivate, but not overtly threaten Sanchez. Instead they trade for a guy who was the best college football player in 30 years with character (built in fan base) that took over a team from a veteran last year and won a playoff game.

    I predict Sanchez crumbles under this added pressure and regresses. Just horrible decision making by this team.

  21. Evidently there is no controversy if you ask NFL players. Tebow is ranked 95th on the top 100 chart, Sanchez will not be seen.

  22. shut up rex!!!! tebows holds sledgehammers……..tebow has a strong arm…. tebow has nice feet ..,just stop talking about tebow and these stupid stories will stop.

  23. just trade sanchez to san fran….they need a qb and at least he’d be an improvment there…

  24. Sure gonna miss him when he’s gone.

    Rex has been a unyielding source of entertainment for the entire country-outside of NYC..
    Hope he makes the playoff’s this year – so he can stick around a little longer…

  25. NY fans are too smart to chant for Tebow.
    They know Sanchez is the better QB and gives them the best chance to win.
    The thin air in Denver tends to befuddle the mind

  26. Rex and his brother are two prime examples of the Peter Principle: raising up the ladder to a level of incompetance.

    The second the Jet’s signed Tebow there was controversy and trouble brewing. Remember, Tebow was the guy who took Denver 95 yards against the Jets last year to win in the last minute and good ol Rex knows that.

    Rex also know that his guy Sanchez didn’t take the team down field for any big victories when they needed them so quietly he is ready to replace Sanchez at first opportunity.

    If Mark doesn’t get that then he needs to be replaced for being stupid.

  27. People on here make it sound like Sanchez is the worst NFL QB. Haven’t you people heard of developing talent? Eli was worse than Sanchez in his first 3 years. Give it time. Tebow is the perfect motivation to light a fire under Sanchez’ behind.

  28. For once Rex tells almost the truth
    There is only one starting QB at Metlife and his name is Eli

    I would take David Carr over the two in green

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