Signs still point to Mike Jenkins attending mandatory minicamp

Getty Images

In the end, Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins had at least 63,000 reasons to show up for a mandatory minicamp.

The Cowboys launch the three-day non-voluntary session on Tuesday, and multiple reports now indicate that Jenkins will be present.

Over the weekend, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that Jenkins will attend.  Monday night, Calvin Watkins of echoed that assessment.

It’s no surprise.  As we explained over the weekend (and as others have since echoed, with or without attribution), the new CBA increases the fine for a missed mandatory minicamp dramatically.

Before the current CBA, skipping a mandatory minicamp cost less then $10,000.  Now, missing all three days exposes a player under contract to a $63,000 fine.

Players like Jenkins and Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew also would potentially lose a portion of their signing bonuses, and any other forfeitable payments under the new labor deal and their own contracts.

So it won’t really be news if an unhappy player shows up for mandatory minicamp.  It will be news only if he doesn’t.