Source: Ochocinco indeed signs one-year deal with the Dolphins

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On Hard Knocks, HBO won’t be getting Rex Ryan circa 2010 — it will instead be getting Chad Ochocinco circa 2009.

The flamboyant wideout, the star of the Bengals’ stint on the popular training camp show three years ago, has signed a one-year deal with the Dolphins, who’ll open their doors in 2012 to the cameras and the microphones.

Ochocinco broke the news via his “Ochocinco News Network,” an operation that largely was mothballed during Chad’s time with the buttoned-up Patriots.

Terms of the deal are not yet known.  Under the so-called “minimum salary benefit,” the Dolphins could pay him a base salary of $925,000 and up to $50,000 in additional compensation at a cap cost to the Dolphins of only $540,000.  If so, that would be only $25,000 less than the salary he was due to earn this season in New England, which will carry $2 million in dead money this year and $2 million in dead money next year under Ochocinco’s name.

Of course, unless the Dolphins have guaranteed all or part of the pay, Chad will have to make the cut from 90 to 53 in order to get the money.  Even if he doesn’t, he’ll help HBO and NFL Films make plenty of it in the coming weeks.

And the Dolphins now have someone who’ll soak up some of the attention that otherwise would have gone to other players and coaches who may have been uncomfortable with it.

UPDATE 9:08 p.m. ET:  The Dolphins apparently opted not to use the minimum salary benefit.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Ochocinco’s deal has a “multi-million-dollar incentive package.”

80 responses to “Source: Ochocinco indeed signs one-year deal with the Dolphins

  1. He also said he was going to change his name back to Chad Johnson this year.

  2. Ive heard Jake Long is currently winning the quarterback competition even though he only accidently threw a ball while the coaches were looking and that was enough to give him the edge.

  3. Is today pril Fools Day?

    If its true Im putting the over/under on total catches at 16. A liitle better than last season. Dolphins must really be hard up.

  4. this is the team he played week 1 last year and was in awe, ted called him out, 1 year later he may burn ted & pats

  5. Is he going home to retire? I hope the loudmouth comes back and lights up the league.

  6. This should put them over the top. LOL

  7. Only because of hbo ocho gets another job playimg in the nfl…

  8. Always been a “just above average” receiver, that happened to be entertaining. Now that the antics have died down, this is what your left with. Just above average. Maybe not even that anymore.

  9. Ocho is just as a big of a clown as TO but with less skills, yet he is getting another chance. Dolphins obviously aren’t getting more than 4-7 wins and he’s taking a roster spot away from somebody who might be on the team in the long run. Other than for drama for Hard Knox, I don’t understand it…

  10. This is why I love the Dolphins.

    You can always count on them to do the things that you would expect the Dolphins to do.

    Never change guys.

  11. CO should really help the kids over the summer, and will push the QBs. Whether he makes it to September may have more to do with Hartline’s healthy than anything.

  12. As far as making plenty of money for HBO and NFL Films I don’t think Ochocinco throws the same heat that he used to.

    Falling off the face of the earth for a season will do that to you. Just ask T.O.

    And T.O. could at least learn a playbook.

  13. Well, I can’t say this instantly makes the Dolphins a much better football team, but it sure makes Hard Knocks more entertaining.

  14. Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) 2012 season:

    65 catches
    785 yards
    8 TD’s


  15. This is equivalent to them signing chloe kardashian to play linebacker. They got there diva for the ratings.

  16. So he goes from Tom Brady not throwing him the ball… To someone?? trying to throw him the ball??
    That sucks.. I was actually worried that the Fins may find a way to be competitive this season now that sent Sporano to Barnum and Baileys.
    You trade Marshall?? And sign Ocho??
    Someone needs to get the singers and the tennis players out of the board room

  17. I wonder who is going to read the playbook for him?

    And I can just hear Liev Schreiber’s voice over work right now ” Final cuts for the Dolphins. Coach Philbin has to choose between the more experienced Chad Ochocinco and undrafted, and cheaper rookie Jeff Fuller, who outplayed him throughout the pre-season.”

  18. The Dolphins have less of a commitment to winning than any other team in the league. And that’s coming from someone who thinks this is a good signing.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  19. I’m sure this has nothing to do with Hard Knocks. Genius.

    At least we don’t need to worry about Chad divulging all the secret Patriots plays and strategy he never bothered to learn.

  20. Chad could resurrect his career and still be a viable option at WR for a couple more years. If he does, it will most definitely help out the rookie QB

  21. Uh, yeah. How many receptions did he have up in New England, with one of the best QB’s and coaches in the modern era? Five or six, ALL season?

    He can change his name to whatever-the-hell he wants. He’s still done.

  22. I hope he can grasp our offense..

    HAHAHAHAHAHA what offense! He should fit right in.

  23. Buyer beware: “Chad Uh-oh Spaghettios” was never known for having hops. You need hops in order to do the back shoulder fade.

    By the way, as a man who is in his mid-30s there might be a clue to show you how he has slown down

  24. Somewhere, Rishard Matthews is holding his #85 jersey, smiling and saying “Cha-CHING!”

  25. Best part of this story. “genius coach” BB is on the hook for $4mill over two years and has lost two picks for 15 lousy catches. The only thing that would top this off is if Ocho has a big season and tops it off with a 15 catch game against the pats.

  26. Wonder if he’ll be able to learn this offense since he had so much trouble learning the last one. I wish good things for the long-suffering Dolphins fans, but this signing doesn’t inspire much confidence.

  27. Why he didn’t say he was taking his talent to south beach,
    I’m dissapointed they should b a new rule for every athlete that signs with any miami team they got to say that.

  28. Signing Chad was actually a very good move. The depth at wide receiver on this team is awful. I don’t care how bad he did on New England. New year and new opportunity. I hope #85 comes in and proves everyone wrong. Go Phins!

  29. Don’t quit your day job, people attempting to be funny, if you have one that is. He may not even make the team. Though, entertainment he will provide in the meantime. If he does make it I assure you he’ll have a better season than last year. An full offseason usually helps when you join a new team. Btw…. You must be joking bout revis jets fan, ask moss, Marshall and Stevie how afraid they are of him. He’s just 1 guy anyway. The jets are awful. Hate on, haters.

  30. psychoraider904 says: Jun 11, 2012 9:07 PM

    Always been a “just above average” receiver, that happened to be entertaining. Now that the antics have died down, this is what your left with. Just above average. Maybe not even that anymore.
    Chad led his conference in receiving a record 4 straight seasons. Even Jerry Rice didn’t do that. Maybe you should re-examine his career. Chad will have a decent season for Miami. He just wasn’t a good fit in NE. He’s not what he was in his prime, but he still has something left.

  31. Chad……Florida……remember the last time these two words were in the news together? IJS……

  32. Good for you Ocho. Too bad things did not work out in NE. I had hoped they would. Very likable guy. Just didn’t have it upstairs.

  33. Chad is just a big child with a big heart who is desparate for attention. He isn’t the answer for the fins but I hope he does well except when he comes to Cincy.

  34. botchedextrapoint says:Jun 11, 2012 10:54 PM

    The only thing that would top this off is if Ocho has a big season and tops it off with a 15 catch game against the pats.
    This sentiment has popped up throughout these comments, and makes one wonder; what exactly did the Patriots do to Chad Johnson to deserve this attitude, other than pay the man millions of dollars that no one else was willing to give him, and give him a full year to do what every player in the NFL is expected to do; learn a playbook?

    Those horrible, horrible Patriots, paying a man millions of dollars and then expecting him to catch more than one pass a game.

  35. Humble pie can be a great motivator. Yes he is getting older but proving he still has game could be a great thing for the fins. Good luck Ocho.

  36. Seeing as the predominant language in Miami is spanish, we he be changing his name to Chad Eighty Five now??

  37. Nowadays Chad is strictly a possession receiver. He was never particularly fast, certainly not Mike Wallace fast, and now with age he’s slowed down even more. He won’t be an impact player with the Fins.

  38. I give Ocho credit for one thing. He sure knows how to look good at tryouts. May be the king of tryouts. He always gets the job.

    The problem is one the ink is dryed, his tryout performance and on field performance tend to differ a lot.

  39. Pretty sure HBO is paying his salary. Once they turn off the cameras he’ll be cut.

  40. guypatsfan says:
    Jun 12, 2012 9:29 AM

    Nowadays Chad is strictly a possession receiver. He was never particularly fast, certainly not Mike Wallace fast, and now with age he’s slowed down even more. He won’t be an impact player with the Fins.

    Never particularly fast? Chad relied on his speed and agility. That is what made him a top receiver for so many years. You are judging him on his one year in NE. Do your homework.

    Chad will have a decent year. With a new coach in Miami, everyone will be learning the playbook at the same time and shouldn’t be as difficult as NE’s playbook. Late round fantasy pick?? I think so!

  41. This guy was a GHOST on the Pats with Brady and Co….what makes all these Miami fans think he will do well with your team? He is at the end of his career and brings nothing but a name to the team

  42. tdk24 says:

    I hope they let Chad be Chad. NE locked him in a cage, it was sad.

    I hear you, but what people who enjoy watching Chad be Chad keep forgetting is that it’s not about Chad. It’s about winning football games. The Bengals let Chad be Chad and how many Lombardis are in their trophy room? Oh, there’s a lot of footage of a guy fake-proposing to cheerleaders, prancing around in fake HoF jackets, mouthing off to and about opponents and his own coaches, throwing fellow NFLPA members under the bus while he kisses Goodell’s backside. But how many titles are there?

    What’s sad is that Ross is more interested in generating publicity than winning games. That’s why he slapped his own players and fans in the face last season with a day celebrating the opposing QB. And that’s why he’s hiring #85. I shudder to think what antics Chad Unleashed will get up to after a year of being forced to act like an actual team member–a year that saw his team win a conference championship without any mouthing off from him.

  43. The Chad homecoming is on.

    MIA @ CIN week 5.

    Not sure what will be the more interesting game @ PBS this season; Chads or Palmers homecoming ?

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