Welcome aboard, Darin Gantt

As we take this operation to the next level, we do it with a guy who brings some real credibility to the table.

That won’t last very long once he starts working with me.

Regardless, I’m happy and proud and plenty of other positive emotions to announce that Darin Gantt has joined the PFT family.

Darin covered the Panthers for 14 years with the Rock Hill Herald.  He has accepted an offer from us likely notwithstanding the pointed advice of his wife and two children.

Then again, this won’t be the first time Darin has associated with shady characters.  That’s Darin on the left in the photo accompanying this item, covering the Rae Carruth case.  (Or maybe that’s Steve Buscemi’s good-looking brother.  Then again, any brother of Steve Buscemi would be his good-looking brother.)

Anyway, Darin got his training at Appalachian State University, which means that one of my first orders of business will be to ensure that Darin follows a slightly more accomplished NCAA football program.

“This is exciting for me,” Gantt said. “The fact Florio roots for that college team I refer to as ‘The Other Mountaineers,’ diminishes that excitement only marginally.  Hopefully he doesn’t set fire to my furniture.”
Obviously, it’s going to take some work.
With the help of our partners at NBC, Darin emerged from a pool of hundreds (OK, dozens . . . OK, five) to climb into the boat and grab an oar.

Actually, I’m exaggerating.  We’ve been inundated with applications and inquiries by folks who either are in or want to get into the business.  We appreciate the high level of interest, and we could be looking again soon.  (That’s “soon” . . . not “now” . . . so, please, no more emails.)

For now, it was a no-brainer to bring Darin aboard.  We’ve cited his work regularly here, his writing is more engaging that a bowl of unflavored gelatin (sorry to set the bar so high, Darin), and he has a vote on the Hall of Fame selection committee.

That’s right, folks.  Darin Gantt brings to PFT a vote on the Hall of Fame.

I know what you’re thinking.  Does the fact that one or our writers has a Hall of Fame vote mean that I will stop complaining about the selection process?  Check back with me after the next time they select a new class of inductees.

Hopefully Darin won’t be setting fire to any of my furniture.

Until then, give Darin a welcome in the comments, and follow him on Twitter.

43 responses to “Welcome aboard, Darin Gantt

  1. That is a huge pickup for you guys at PFT. As a life long panthers fan, and avid twitter user, I have enjoyed Gatt’s insight into all things Panthers. I look forward into gaining insight into his opinions on the NFL as a whole. Good luck Darin.

  2. Welcome to PFT Darin! You know, if you set fire to Florio’s furniture maybe NBC will spring for a better set for himto do PFT live from……..best of luck with the new gig!

  3. Great addition, DG has always been a favorite among Panthers fans. Even when he was off the beat, he still provided better insights than the writers that actually had access to the team. Happy for him.

  4. Congrats Darin! As a longtime Panther fan, things haven’t been the same since you left their beat. Now that you have made it to the pinnacle of journalism, hopefully you will continue to do some local radio work here in Charlotte.

  5. xA huge welcome from the dirty city of Detroit!!
    Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, could you smack Michael David Smith with that new oar of yours for being such a blatant Lions homer, please? He lovez them so much that reading his stuff is awfully difficult sometimes

  6. Congrats Darin – been reading your stuff for a long time. Always liked your panthers articles. Your attitude fits right in here at PFT. Good to see a local guy do good. Does this meant that you have officially left the Herald? I knew when they moved you to the Winthrop beat that you wouldn’t stay for long. Congrats again sir and I look forward to seeing your writing more.

  7. Please tell all those arrogant old drunks that the game isn’t about them, or whether they like someone. It is about who played the game and played it very well.

    Cris Carter, or close the Hall down as a joke.

  8. That’s great news and congrats to Darin. I’m thrilled that my favorite writer is now on the site that I read daily. He is a class act and PFT has made a great addition to its team.

  9. Good introduction article to get him prepared for relentless critisim here in the comments…

  10. Congrats Darin! I have missed your ramblings covering the Panthers. I look forward to reading your articles on PFT.

  11. Happy for Darin, was the best writer the Panthers ever had, he is missed. Glad he’s getting to do something he enjoys.
    Congrats Darin!!!

  12. Fantastic news. Gantt is a great writer and has a little saltiness to him. He’ll be fantastic here.

  13. Loved Gantt’s coverage of the Panthers for all those years and listening to him on the sorely missed Pac-Man show.

    I look forward to his coverage of the entire NFL here!

  14. Welcome to PFT Darin. I think they’ll put you on Farvewatch for the rest of the summer … never know when he’s coming out of retirement again.

  15. Mr. Ganttttt also said while Jeff Davidson was offensive coordinator of the Panthers, that Jeff would be a head coach within 2 years. So take that “Hall of Fame” vote with a grain of salt.

  16. Wow, what a surprise!! I’ve been reading Gantt’s columns for years. He can troll with the best of them that’s for sure, but in Charlotte and surrounding areas, he was hands down the best panthers beat writer. He has a knack for pulling out information that no other here could even come close to. The players seem to know him as well. It’s great to see someone you’ve followed for years get an opportunity like this.. Even if he sometimes trolls a little too much. Either way, his style and access makes him a perfect fit here at PFT

  17. Allow me to mark this occasion with my favorite Gantt line covering the Panthers: He was doing a “tale of the tape”-style comparison to the 1-5 49ers and the 0-5 Panthers leading up to their 2010 matchup in Charlotte. He wrote:

    State of the franchise:
    49ers: A mess.
    Panthers: A hot mess.

    Looking forward to more pithy contributions from Darin Gantt on PFT.

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