What to expect from the Redskins

Mike Florio catches up with CSN Washington’s Redskins Blogger Rich Tandler to get the latest news the Redskins’ OTA’s, their depth chart and what to expect from the team this season.  This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

8 responses to “What to expect from the Redskins

  1. We already know what to expect since every Skins fan has already told us.

    RGIII will come into the NFC East and immediately take over the division.

    Why don’t we just give him a SB ring now?


  2. as a skins fan I don’t expect to win the division and would be happy with 8-8. The NFL is tough for any rookie and especially the QB. Lets go, HTTR.

  3. Is it really asking so much to let Washington fans be happy that they expect to be competitive again? When you think about it, is there really a fundamental difference between comments between the following two comments, both of which are overwhelmingly common in any discussion of Washington football?
    “RGIII to the superbowl! Watch out NFC East, the Redskins will never lose a game again!”
    “RG Leaf is the worst quarterback ever to touch a football! The Foreskins will stay at the bottom of the barrel in the NFC East for the next forty years! Washington fans are the worst people on the planet and the entire organization should be disbanded!”

  4. I really don’t see any comments of skins fans saying “We’re the best, we’re definitely winning the NFC East.” I just see fans being optimistic, but I do see the RG Leaf comments and the all out hate on the Redskins because we got RGIII. It’s obvious jealousy.

  5. @footballfanman

    Completely agree. You know what else I see? Skins haters who take a few unrealistically optimistic fans and think that every fan feels that way. Are Skins fans optimistic? Yes. Should they be, based on a supposed upgrade in the most important position in all of sports? Yes. But it doesn’t mean they think they’re going to the SB.

  6. I am sure most of us realize that this will not be an overnight rose to the top of the toughest division in football…but I for one am hopeful, and it’s been a long time since I can say that about my home team! HTTR!!!

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