Aaron Berry hopes shoulder surgery helps him avoid embarrassment


Detroit cornerback Aaron Berry got rid of his Twitter account this offseason, which can’t hurt.

Getting his shoulder fixed should help more.

As embarrassing as an easy dropped interception in the playoff loss to the Saints was Berry’s reaction to it, when he took to social media and told some fans “Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable.”

I’m off Twitter,” Berry told the Detroit Free Press. “I don’t think it’s for me. There’s too much nowadays. I’ve got more stuff to focus on than Twitter.”

For the moment, that’s recovering from shoulder surgery, which he said limited him last year.

“It wore on me, but I don’t make excuses” Berry said. “Nobody knows what I was going through then. I was out there barely moving my arm. I don’t make excuses, I just go out there. Things happen, bounce back.”

Of course, saying you’re not making an excuse and then immediately making an excuse seems confusing, but Berry has plenty of other concerns. Though he’s been working with the starters this offseason, the Lions drafted three corners and signed veteran Jacob Lacey in an effort to fix the weak link of an improving defense. They were also among the first teams linked to trade specualtion regarding Dallas corner Michael Jenkins, though that’s subsided.

If those guys beat him out, that might leave Berry himself “Broke & Miserable.”

16 responses to “Aaron Berry hopes shoulder surgery helps him avoid embarrassment

  1. “I don’t make excuses. I just call out the fans who support the team, help pay my salary, and expect me to catch INTs that are in my hands. No excuses here!”

  2. I see, so qualification number one for the new reporter here was to be a Lion hater too???

  3. Why do you all, even the new guy, insist on dragging up every last negative thing that you can find about the Lions? I mean really, is this REALLY newsworthy? You report on a minor shoulder injury that happened last year just so you can throw another jab at the Lions???

  4. Where are all these trivial meaningless HATE posts about the rest of the teams in the NFL? You post 10 Lions posts to every 1-2 packer/vikings/bears posts and 9 out of those ten are nothing but Lion bashing. Please do explain that to your readers here. Thank you.

  5. “Of course, saying you’re not making an excuse and then immediately making an excuse seems confusing…”

    To be fair, this is the first we’ve heard of how much the injury was affecting him last year. Waiting six-seven months after the fact to make an “excuse” certainly lessens it.

  6. P.S. As a Lions fan I’m loving all the coverage lately. I’m used to the perpetual PFT Lions jab by this point, and I’m just happy to see this much national coverage. It almost feels like the site should be called “Pro Football aka Lions & Jets Talk.”

  7. randallflagg52 says: Jun 12, 2012 10:27 AM

    Who is Aaron Berry? I’m serious here, never heard of the guy.
    lol…hang around here a bit and you will soon know something negative about everyone of the 90 Lions players currently at camp.

  8. Also if your player wasn’t completely contradicting himself with every statement he makes, then he wouldn’t have shots taken at him.

  9. It doesn’t sound like Berry is making excuses or contradicting himself, If you saw him play after he got hurt, you could see that he was hurting.

  10. Glad he got his shoulder fixed although he should have caught that INT even if he had only one arm. (Does not get easier than that)

    Even better that he got rid of the Twitter account. Obviously too distracting for him.

    Hoping he can win the starting job. His teammates are always praising him…I hope we get to see what they see.

  11. I’m amused how some of these players completely get off twitter just so they can hold themselves back from their own (dumb) tweet urges.

    You’re a professional ball player. Show some restraint. And never insult the fans when they dont deserve it. Quitting twitter doesn’t make you player look better after a dumb tweet, it makes you look worse.

  12. All will be forgiven mr berry as long as you turn out to be the solid number 2 corner we need,time will tell.

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