Antonio Bryant to get tryout with the Seahawks

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When it comes to receivers, Pete Carroll apparently has attached a revised version of the Statue of Liberty plaque outside the Seahawks’ facility.

Two years after reclaiming Mike Williams, one of the various top-10 wideout busts of the Millen era (at least they were able to grift the Cowboys in a trade for Roy Williams), Carroll and company are now giving a shot to a receiver who has been out of the game for two full seasons.

Per multiple reports, Antontio Bryant will join the team’s mandatory minicamp this week on a tryout basis.

Bryant, who played for the Cowboys, Browns, 49ers, and Buccaneers before a knee injury kept him from ever suiting up for the Bengals after inking a four-year, $28 million contract in 2010, has been out of the game for two seasons.

The decision to give Bryant, 31, a look-see after two seasons of inactivity is another backhanded slap to the prospects of Terrell Owens, who not only can’t get a job on a 90-man roster but also can’t get so much as a tire-kicking.  (Actually, it was Bryant’s balky knee that opened the door for T.O. in Cincinnati two seasons ago.  Otherwise, Owens would be two seasons and counting out of the NFL.)

Then again, Bryant hasn’t been spouting off to anyone and everyone about the external reasons for his current predicament.  Though discretion may not be enough to get Bryant a job, it got him a tryout — and that’s more than Owens can say.

10 responses to “Antonio Bryant to get tryout with the Seahawks

  1. T.O. Doesn’t just burn bridges…he napalms them! He may have been quieter in Buffalo, but when you carry the reputation that he does it is gonna be tough for any coach to wanna take that risk…especially when there are many younger, more pliable options.

    Good luck Antonio Bryant. You’re gonna be Wilson’s favorite target this year!… 😉

  2. Bryant won’t make the team!!!

    If his knee was bone-on-bone in Cincy how is it now???

    Bone-on-bone is one of the worst states that a knee could be in and the last time I checked that means you can’t run that well.

  3. Antonio Bryant gets a damn tryout when he’s closer to done than T.O. and Plax!!!!

    You see people Drew Rosenhaus is overrated!!!!

    Bryant’s agent Peter Schaffer got him a tryout when Rosenhaus couldn’t get T.O. and currently can’t get Plaxico onto a team!!!!

    Peter Schaffer is a good, reputable agent and has been on ‘PFT Live’ before and it’s about time that one of those two sign with him because both don’t deserve to be on the street when Bryant more than likely is physically unable to play!!!

  4. houseofbacon says:Jun 12, 2012 8:36 AM

    As a Bucs fan, allow me to kindly caution Seahawks fans not to get excited about this guy.

    Thanks……and we’re not.

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