Brian Banks has plenty of interest, but no job yet


He doesn’t have a job, but he has plenty of prospects.

Linebacker Brian Banks, exonerated last month after five years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, will participate in the final two days of the Seahawks’ minicamp on a tryout basis.  Before heading back to Seattle (where he had a workout last week), he worked out for the Chiefs, after the first day of the team’s mandatory camp.

Coach Romeo Crennel confirmed after the team’s Tuesday practice that Banks is in town and would show the coaching staff what he can do.

At least one other team continues to pursue Banks.  Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said Tuesday that Banks could be coming to town.

“I know in talking to [G.M.] Rick [Spielman] and the scouting staff, that’s something we’ve talked about and there’s a good chance that he may be coming in,” Frazier said, via Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Other teams reportedly interested include the 49ers and Redskins.  The Chargers worked him out, but didn’t give him a contract.  The Dolphins explored the possibility of giving Banks a tryout, but decided against it.

In the end, every franchise in the NFL can be interested, but until at least one team offers him a contract, it won’t matter. Recruited by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll when Carroll was the coach at USC, Banks has a natural tie to Seattle.  And it’s hard not to think that, if no one else offers Banks a job, Carroll will give him the 90th spot on the roster, and a fair chance to make the long climb from 90 to 53.

Given the adversity he already has overcome in his life, that should be a breeze.

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  1. You gotta be pulling for this guy. I just wish he’d have decided to attend all 3 days of Seattle mini-camp. THEN he could go try out for anyone he’d like.

  2. I’m a lot less impressed with Pete Carroll. That last article made it sound as if the Seahawks were the only team giving him a chance. Clearly that’s not the case. Hope he catches on somewhere.

  3. I was a huge Pete Carroll guy when he was at USC. I didn’t think he’d transition very well into the NFL, he’s done an average job up to this point imo. With that said, I already respected Pete Carroll as a coach, and now I respect him so much more as a human being. Regardless of the fact that other teams are offering him tryouts, Pete Carroll was the first to put his neck out there for this kid. He deserves a lot of credit for that.

  4. C’mon eagles!!! Give this kid a try out, we need backers so badly and someone like this would be perfect, he’s been to prison and knows how it feels to lose everything even worse he didn’t commit the crime, this guy will ball I Guarantee you that, from nothing to a chance of having it all, he wont let that opportunity slip away!! No matter where he lands I wish this guy best of luck !!

  5. This would be like drafting a guy straight out of High School that hasn’t played in 10 years.. He never even seen a college football field.. As great as a story as this would be.. I don’t think it’s very realistic to believe he has the talent to play at the NFL level right now..

  6. So this may be an unpopular question, but does this guy have any college eligibility left? A jump from the clink to the NFL is a huge one and a year or two at the college level might help him get back to form.

  7. Really hope Banks makes it onto a roster. He’s been working hard at his physical conditioning, so his challenge will be learning the complicated NFL defenses. It’s a long shot, but he has a lot of drive and has already overcome tremendous odds to get this far.

  8. “A jump from the clink to the NFL is a huge one…”

    The Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field, AKA “The Clink.”
    It’s a natural fit 🙂

  9. If you listen to Pete Carroll’s press conference, he’s not saying that Brian can currently make an NFL roster. What he said was that the kid has talent, but has not had the benefit of formal training in an elite program and is not yet able to compete at that level. But because the Seahawks were moved by his story and attitude, they feel he should be given a chance to get to that level. Not as a just to be nice thing, and they know it’s a long shot, but more of a hey, we know what this kid has been through, let’s see what’s there and what we can develop to let him have a legitimate shot at his dreams. Pretty neat.

    Brian said in press conference he played 1 year of junior college in 2007, then a state law changed in 2008 where he would have to wear the ankle gps and it was no longer feasible to continue playing. And that he thought playing college football in 2007 started his 5 year eligibility clock which would have expired by now, so he thought just go for this in the pros.

  10. What a great story this would make if he signs on and at least gets on a practice squad. After all they took the Michael Oher story and made a movie out of it. I would almost think it would be worse to get a contract and then be cut during training camp.

    Sadly, a team, any team, that signs him has to think about the PR bonanza or nightmare they could bring to themselves.

    Run my man, I’m rooting for ya.

  11. Wow, this young man has a great attitude considering all he has been through. Hopefully the young lady will be held accountable for falsely accusing him. Not that that will change anything, hopefully it will help prevent things like this from happening in the future. I wish you luck with your future Mr. Banks.

  12. This is truly one of those “i hope he makes it stories” but the truth is with his limited play in the last 10 or so years, the NFL game is simply way to fast for him. His best bet would be to sign with a Canadian football team until he gets up to speed on the games quickness. I along with alot of people hope this kid makes it somewhere just for all that he has been through.

  13. Unfortunately, cold harsh reality will be showing up in the not-too-distant future. I hope he can land on a practice squad, but it’s a longshot.

  14. The Vikings should definitely take a chance on this guy!! He could pan out! And if he does linebacker is sealed up! Banks and greenway has a good ring to it! Still got Erin and diempirio TAKE THE CHANCE! What’s the worst that can happen? Have another 3-13 year

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