Chris Clemons an unexcused absence at Seahawks’ minicamp


After back-to-back 11-sack seasons, it’s not surprising that Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons thinks he’s earned a raise. But it is surprising that he has gone about getting that raise by skipping a mandatory minicamp.

At least, it was surprising to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who said he had no idea Clemons wouldn’t be there today.

“This was kind of a late development that he’s not [here],” Carroll said, via the Seattle Times. “So I’m a little bit surprised that he’s not here. We’ve had open communications with the agent, and with Chris, and feel like everything is on the up-and-up and very amicable and all that.”

Clemons is due $4 million in 2012, the final season of his current contract. Carroll says the Seahawks are open to giving the 30-year-old Clemons a contract extension that gives him more money this year.

“It continues to be one of our priorities,” Carroll said. “We’d love to get him back, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to show up for the rest of the camp.”

As a result of Clemons holding out for more money, the Seahawks are planning to pay Clemons less money — Seattle will fine Clemons $63,000 for missing the full three-day minicamp.

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  1. “Carroll says the Seahawks are open to giving the 30-year-old Clemons a contract extension that gives him more money this year.”

    Actually, I don’t think he said that, unless you have another source. From the press conference:

    Reporter: “Does he want a new contract?”
    Carroll: “Um, future… We’re talking about future stuff. He’s got another year on his contract so we’re talking about future potential stuff.”

    I mention it because that could be the sticking point that kept Clemons out of camp.

  2. 30 years old? Team drafted a pass rusher in the first round. He’s in the last year of his contract , let him rot at home he will be there for training camp mark it down!

  3. Just another DE who (according to the idiots in the front office in Philly) wasn’t even good enough to make the Eagle’s 53-man roster. Whattt!? Then he proceeds to head elsewhere only to play probowl-calibur football(i.e. Derrick Burgess, Jason Babin, but at least they got Babin back). I know you can’t keep everyone on your team but it hurts to let someone go only to watch them flourish elsewhere. Whoever’s evaluating the talent for that organization better step their game upward.

  4. Just another greedy bastard…how can $4 million not be enough?

    Honor your contract by showing up to camp Chris…then you just might get another deal. You and your agent are both idiots.

  5. Pete and John have done a great job signing there own(big red and beast mode) there’s no reason why a deal can’t get done, if he’s making 4 give him a deal for this year and next year where’s he’s making 7. Get him sign guys we need Chris for this season.

  6. @sirwalrushholmgren He’s by far our leading pass rusher, with 22 sacks over the last two years. Irvin might be looking good but Clemons is an important piece and he knows it. I doubt he gets more money this year, but hopefully we can get him a decent two-year extension or so and keep the locker room chemistry from souring when he comes back.

  7. It concerns me that our defense has the opportunity be something very special–maybe a top 2 or 3 defense. Then Clemons pulls a stunt in which he dishonors his contract but also says loud and clear that he doesn’t really care if the defense is special. Should the Seahawks pay him more money this year? Possibly. Are they obligated to do so? Not at all. That’s why it’s called a contract, Clemons.

  8. We gave up tapp to Philly and got back clemons and a 4th round pick that 4 round pick pick happen to been kam chancellor, I wonder who got the better end of that deal?:)

  9. LOVE Clemons! Hate to hear that he’s disgruntled enough skip minicamp. Can’t stand when players hold out for more money than the contract they agreed to, but hopefully they can work it out because he’s a huge piece to the Seahawks defense.

  10. So funny to hear people on here bashing the players, had he had a back loaded contract and was due over market value, Seattle or any other team would cut him or any other player in a second. PAY THE MAN!

  11. Carroll/Schneider have definitely shown a willingness to pay the guys who perform, but with the ‘always compete’ mentality, I don’t think this is a good way to leverage for more money. Show up, bust your butt in the offseason, and say ‘hey how about a little more dough? i’ve been real good and worked real hard.’

  12. I get such a kick from reading the never ending supply of burger flippers’ comments about other people’s millions of dollars and how they should manage their contract matters.

    You guys are probably the same people who plan in great detail how you will spend your lottery winnings (that you will never win).

    Funny people in this world. Keep up the excellent humor.

  13. Pete Carroll, of all people, should know that some things don’t go as planned.

    Keep running, Pete.

  14. I agree with akurei77. I’m not a Seahawks fan, but I’d I was I’d want Clemons there to teach irvin. Especially since the hawks REACHED for him!

  15. Can we please stop with the whole honor your contract argument…let’s be real when a player is cut with 3 years left on a contract do we tell the club to honor their contract or when I club asks a player to take a pay cut to stay with the team, there is no talk about honoring contracts then. The NFL is a business and I don’t blame players for trying to get as much as they can in their mostly short career. Ya 4 million dollars is a lot compared to what an average joe like use make but compare that to the billions the NFL makes it really isn’t that much…just my 2 cents

  16. Clemons has leverage right now and will need to make money over the next few years to last him, potentially, for the rest of his life. So he is right to hold out and right to try to get all he can right now. The Seahawks need him this year and he has proven to be worth more than the contract he signed two years ago. There is no loyalty in football so no reason he should honor a contract or attend a camp (and risk getting hurt) just because the word “mandatory” is affixed to the title. Both sides are essentially obligated by the system in place to do all they can to maximize value year-to-year regardless of contracts. To not hold-out now would be irrational…and, further, it would not make sense for the Seahawks to decide on an extension for Clemons until they see what they have in Irvin.

    He will play this year — to not play would potentially end his career. But both sides need to play the game until training camp and will then come to a resolution. The Seahawks are probably going to pay him more…it is just a matter of whether that is a one year deal or a multi-year deal. And that will depend on how the rookies and young players develop over the next few weeks.

  17. @ trubroncfan07 — Those backloaded contracts are agreed to and signed by the players knowing full well they won’t receive that backend money so stop acting like the player somehow is being wronged. Funny how you don’t mention the huge signing bonuses these guys receive at the outset. Give me a break with the sob story. If you really think the players get jobbed, blame the NFLPA. They’ve never required guaranteed contracts as part of any CBA. And if they did the insane signing bonuses would go away. It’s a tradeoff… and one both the players and owners benefit from in different ways.

  18. @chc4 give me a break, just like when teams want players to adjust their contracts if their play is not up to the contracts price and standard, the players should be able to do the same. You sound like someone who has not made much money in your life. Stop being a hater.

  19. he has the leverage right now so I can’t really blame him.I assume he’ll get a little financial boost but I think pete wants to see what irvin can do before locks clemons down for too long…hopefully something gets done quickly to eliminate distractions

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