Eric Wright recovering from undisclosed illness

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Of the team’s three big-name free-agent signings, one of them hasn’t been seen much this offseason.

Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright, who joined the team with $15.5 million guaranteed along with receiver Vincent Jackson and offensive lineman Carl Nicks, hadn’t consistently been volunteering to show up for voluntary offseason practices, prompting concerns among fans and the media that the team perhaps had made a mistake.

As it turns out, Wright was dealing with an undisclosed health issue.

I had a few personal issues I had to attend to,” Wright said at a mandatory minicamp practice on Tuesday, via  “That’s typical for the offseason.  I have just been in and out a little bit, but most importantly I am here for the mini-camp and I feel good running around.”

He avoided questions regarding the health issue, which reportedly required medication that diminished his energy.

“I feel pretty good,” Wright said. “I’m out here running around and I’m with the team.”

Wright fully understands the significance of the team’s decision to acquire him early in the free-agency process.  “It’s a big responsibility and they obviously did their due diligence and they did their research to make sure they wanted to do and they chose me and I’m appreciative of that,” Wright said.  “I’m going to go out there and make sure I work as hard as possible to make them right.”

It’s more important that he get his health right.  And it looks like he’s moving toward making that happen.

7 responses to “Eric Wright recovering from undisclosed illness

  1. I laugh when I read this and think about how differently it would have been spun had Wright still been with the Lions.

  2. BUST! …..As a Lions fan i watched him all year last year and he sucked , seemed like his man was always catching the ball. Good luck with him Tampa you way over paid. ….

  3. This is a curiously sympathetic article. So a player skips a bunch of workouts (not just been limited, simply not there), citing ‘personal issues’ and undisclosed health problems which he was evasive when questioned about. Aren’t there any alarm bells ringing here? No conjecture on alternative explanations, health or otherwise? Not that I *don’t* believe him, but it certainly whiffs a little bit and I’m surprised it doesn’t set your alarm bells ringing too.

  4. What cracks me up is seeing Eric Wright referred to as a “Big Name Free Agent”.

    The only way his name is big is if they put it on a billboard.

  5. Hmmmm… Ex-Lion that “required medication that diminished his energy”. I think he was “rehabing” with the same doc that Fairley and Leshoure was…

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