Jacksonville junks Jaguaring

Like a real-life episode of South Park, in which the meme craze goes a little too crazy, folks in Jacksonville recently came up with Jaguaring.

And before I could personally get a look at what Jaguaring is, it is no more.  The video has been taken down from YouTube.  (By the looks of it, Jaguaring is/was a pose from the Thriller video.)

Calling it a “light-hearted intern project,” DowntownJacksonville.org removed the Jaguaring video from YouTube “[d]ue to negative feedback.”

Now if Tebowing could only die the same death.

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  1. So just to clarify: you’re unbearably irritated by someone expressing their faith in public, silently, but holding parades in major cities to celebrate is okay in your book, and worth promoting in several articles on a football site? One of these things totally incenses you, and the other does not? Both of them seem to be squarely in the “hey, I don’t want to hear about it/see it but if that’s what you want to do then more power to you” category.

    Just relax, think about it for a minute, and then come to peace with your hypocrisy.

  2. What you media-types call “Tebowing” is Tim praying to God. It won’t “die off”, it’s his religion and it’s his constitutional right to express it.

  3. Yes, because going to one knee is so obtrusive to the game of football when you score or win a game.

    I mean really.

  4. If the guy in this video posted a video of himself teaching others to Tebow I bet Tebowing would quickly become a thing of the past.

  5. One thing I learned from this video: Jacksonville actually has fans, although I’m not fully convinced those “fans” aren’t actors. Either way, that was the queerest fkn video I’ve ever seen.

  6. If the Jags wanted to gravy train on the Tebow craze why didn’t they just sign Tebow when they had the chance?

    The guy lives in St. Augustine, about a twenty minute drive to Jacksonville. You’d think he’d rather be at home than in the middle of that circus in New York.

  7. Alternate Alliterative Appellations:

    Jacksonville Jettisons Jaguaring .
    Jerky Jaguaring Jeopardized.
    Jaguaring Just Juvenile.

  8. Um wow! Wow that they thought that was a good idea and wow that you thought that was a story.

  9. But Florio, what would you talk about if there was no Tebowing during the season?

  10. Jaguaring:

    The act of continually defending your team, no matter how cheap and generally inept they are, day after day, until the cows come home.


    Forever denying the existence of tarps, used to mask empty seats.

  11. Wow….Florio managed to get a cheapshot in at Tebow in a post that had absolutely nothing to do with him. Shocking.

  12. joetorontoing = lying in wait for PFT to post something on the Jags so you can post some moronic, unoriginal dig which usually results in an overwhelming number of “thumbs down” responses.

    Don’t know what your hard on is for the Jags, but it is obvious you are trying to overcompensate for something. Loser.

  13. Um … since Tebowing has occurred in NFL end zones since the ’70s, I don’t think it’ll be disappearing anytime soon.

  14. Relax, Tebowmanicas and conservative evangelicals. I don’t think Florio was criticizing Tebow and/or the act of praying. Just the craze of Tebowing for the sake of posing.

  15. Tebowing is not praying. Tebowing is douche bags imitating Tim Tebow while he is praying. Tebowing is also stupid. If you’re gonna pray, the prey but to take pictures of yourself mimicking Tebow so that you can post them on Facebook, you’re a tool.

  16. Let’s remember one thing: this “idea” was apparently dreamed up by one or a few people who thought this was a cute concept. No one asked any of us (i.e., fans, season ticket holders, etc.) if we thought this was a good idea. You know, maybe send an email to the ST holders with a link to a video and a “what do you think of this?” poll, to which there would have been overwhelmingly negative responses. That would have put this in the crapper before the city was made to look like a bunch of a$$holes again.

    Hell, it seems we have at least one home game per year where some moron tries to get the “wave” going, and nothing short of a beatdown in the parking lot is going to stop him.

    Look, we Jaguar fans love our team, good or bad. We love the city, the stadium…it’s our home. But I would prefer that the team just play the game and let us be judged by that, not some stupid rejects from American’s Got Talent.

  17. Joetoronto,

    Um actually that’s the definition of a true fan, but I wouldn’t expect you to know that based on how much you concentrate on teams other than your own.

    And yes the video was stupid as hell and I plan on dumping my beer on this man(?) if I see him at a game.

  18. Jaguaring…hilariously awful!… However I have NO problem with it. Let the fans get behind the team so I don’t have to read anymore “39 cents in the dollar” articles.

    You wanna see/hear something awesome search YouTube for that song about Tom Brady called (appropriately enough) “Brady” to the tune of “Lady”. When the Brady fondling was at its height (his tip) this came out and I laughed til I cried.

  19. So glad to hear that was an intern’s project…

    We don’t need to start a dance craze. We need to win some football games.

    Anyways, we’ve got our own moves at home on first down.

    Pay MJD!

  20. Nope… I think everybody is perplexed!

    I hope we get a chance to see this pic attached to more Jags articles… Somebody above said the guy looks like Daniel Tosh. I think he looks like Michael Weston from Burn Notice. Lol.

    Let us all remember to not take this too seriously.

  21. The Jaguaring video was truly cringe worthy. I was waiting for the national media to get a hold of it for the purpose of ridicule….fortunately the good people Downtown took it down first.
    You are right about Tebowing, it does need to go away (please don’t extend into next season)..Praying is great, self promotion is not!

  22. Don’t worry. I’m sure fans of opposing teams will get hold of this, and you’ll see “Jaguaring” in the stands when J’ville is on the road, losing 24-7 in the fourth quarter.

  23. Jaguaring is something a few blue hairs who know nothing about football came up with. By no means did any person in this city think it was o.k. which is why the local news had thousands of people write to them about how absurd this is.

  24. yahmule says:
    Jun 13, 2012 9:22 AM
    Tebowing and praying are both equally useless
    Now thats something I can give an Amen to!

  25. Tebowing, Jaguaring, Planking, and the likes of, are for dumbed down idiots who think they’re being cool in their desperate plea for attention when doing so.

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