John Fox isn’t concerned about D.J. Williams’ tweet


Revealing how the Broncos shift before the snap on a handful of their plays isn’t going to sink Denver’s defense.

That was the word from Broncos coach John Fox on Tuesday after the end of the first day of minicamp. Fox met with the media after practice and said that he didn’t think the information linebacker D.J. Williams revealed when he tweeted a picture of the team’s playbook would have much impact on the defense this season. Fox didn’t seem the least bit interested in making Williams’ gaffe a big deal.

“Yeah, we’ve addressed that,” Fox said. “You know, I think our players do a terrific job with the social media. You know, you’re not going to get through a whole season, I think, unscathed, but the world has gotten smaller. But I think, all in all, our guys do a great job.”

The “no use crying over spilled milk” approach is probably the wisest one for this particular incident. The picture is out there and it is hard to imagine anyone getting any kind of advantage from the information on display. The Broncos will surely remind their players that publicly sharing pages from their playbook is a no-no, but there’s not much sense going beyond that with Williams.

After all, his six-game suspension and DUI trial are bigger hurdles to his helping the team this season than his over-sharing on Twitter.

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  1. I don’t understand why Denver continues to put up with him. This is what, his third straight year with a suspension? And he’ll face another one after his DUI case. Just cut the chord and get his replacement

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