Mike Sullivan says Bucs won’t try to copy Giants offense


It’s reasonable to suspect the Tampa Bay offense will have a New York Giants lean.

But new offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan said (via JoeBucsFan.com) that such expectations would be premature.

The former Giants quarterbacks coach emphasized the wide-ranging experience of the rest of the offensive staff, but the reality is Tampa Bay has some of the parts to copy the Giants template (which, if you’ve noticed, isn’t a bad idea).

By drafting Doug Martin to go with LeGarrette Blount in the backfield, and adding a vertical threat in wide receiver Vincent Jackson, the pieces are there for Sullivan to do familiar things.

“And so it’s really been a very dynamic process, and we’re still trying to finalize and really hang our hat on the things we’re going to be good at, that we’re going to feature,” Sullivan said. “So I would just say that while there are some components to a New York system, I think what it boils down from a fan standpoint. I think they just need to anticipate and expect that the product that is out there is a unit that is tough, that is smart, and that is explosive.

“That’s going to be our marching orders to what we want out there on the field.”

The style can be as similar as they want, or not. But until quarterback Josh Freeman plays a little more like Eli Manning — or at least the 2010 Freeman — it only makes sense to streamline things and play the kind of physical style that makes it easier on a quarterback.

10 responses to “Mike Sullivan says Bucs won’t try to copy Giants offense

  1. Last year, the Giants had 3 very good-great WRs, an elite QB, and an offensive line that was good enough to produce with any RB who played. Not to mention an intact, consistent coaching staff for years, and most offensive players had multiple years in that system.

    Tampa has 1 wr (maybe 2), an average to below average qb, a solid o-line, and ok rbs. And a brand new coaching staff.

    How is that more similar to the giants’ and their personnel than most teams in the league? I don’t see it.

  2. Bucs with these new key additions can do things they could not last year. By upgrading run blocking and a getting a true fire vertical threat; defenses around the league will have to change schemes to the new Bucs look. Last year with inconsistent blocking and unproductive wide receiving weapons, defenses could zone in on how to handle that mediocre offense. Not this year! Not all the way there yet, but hands down a wild card threat.

  3. Changeup39

    I love what your saying about my team but your completely wrong. The giants had 2 great wrs. Mario did nothing all season til the super bowl. We had an above average tight end. A terrible o line that produced the worst rushing game in the NFL and an elite qb who mainly shined when the chips were down. He had 30 tds. 15 came in the forth quarter. So he had 15 tds in 48 quarters and 15 in 16 forth quarters.

    The bucs have a pretty decent qb who had a down year, a great veteran wr, a good young wr in Williams who
    have any help last year, two good backs(blount is pretty much what Jacobs used to be) and a decent o line.

    The bucs do not have the personal the giants had as they are a bigger slower team then ny was. But they do have talent

  4. If Freeman is only aspiring to be Eli-te, he might as well go play golf.

  5. Tom Coughlin’s first order of business when he arrived here was to toughen the entire organiztion up.

    Rest assured, if nothing else, Greg Schiano will do that. It has to start somewhere, and that is a great place to start.

  6. @changeup39

    an “average to below average qb” has thrown better numbers in 1 year (25-6 td:int) than ur Eli ever has. Having 1 poor year mainly due to the incompetent coaching staff does not make him below average. Free doesnt have the rings yet but neither did Eli in his 3rd full year.

    V Jax and Mike Will are pretty good receivers – the stats speak for themselves. And did u refer to manningham as great? 500 yrds in a season and 1 nice catch in the SB doesnt make u great.

    Lastly but not least…doug martin hasnt played a down yet. But getting over a 1000 yrds (bradshaw + jacobs total) between him and blount should be extremely easy…i smell success.

    BAM!!! GO BUCS!

  7. Honestly, Freeman has all the physical ability to be a good QB but that talent doesn’t matter much when you’re overweight and throwing picks.

  8. @farty5

    Freeman has lost weight in the offseason already(15 lbs) and doesn’t have an overrated TE hounding him for the ball constantly any longer resulting in the majority of said picks. He also has an extremely competent coaching staff and discipline in the organization. That pretty much debunks your argument. Try to stay up to date with us please.

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