Peyton Manning says he still has work to do


On the list of things Denver coach John Fox is worried about, Twitter pictures of playbooks are low on the list.

Maybe the notably conservative coach is relaxed because his quarterback continues to make good progress.

Peyton Manning told USA Today’s Jim Corbett he feels good after a Monday check-up with Broncos doctors, but stressed he was not yet 100 percent.

“I still have a lot of work to do,” Manning said. “I continue to rehab. I have work to do and progress that I still need to make.”

Corbett’s report said Manning showed good velocity, completing a 30-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas during practice. But Manning pumped the brakes, probably hesitant to get anyone’s hopes too high after a year off.

“I can’t emphasize enough that I still have rehab to do,” Manning said. “That’s still part of the process.”

The Broncos are doing everything they can to make Manning comfortable, even inviting his old offensive coordinator Tom Moore to practice (Moore and Fox worked together in Pittsburgh in 1989).

And if Manning can continue to make progress, Fox might be so happy he’ll start Tweeting himself.

17 responses to “Peyton Manning says he still has work to do

  1. I still can’t believe Manning is a Bronco. He may not be in his prime but that jersey is going to look good on my back. Awesome to have such a class act on the Broncos. I hope he helps get Champ a ring.

  2. He knows his body better than anyone. If he says he has work to do, then he’s probably not all that close to being ready yet… Hope he gets there

  3. ocean’s 18 how manning scammed millions from broncos and colts with a injury.

  4. I can’t believe he’s a Donkey either. But the ugliest jersey in the NFL doesn’t look good on anyone cnote. Well, except maybe you.

    Enjoy that 8-8 record MegaHead will lead you to…Chump ain’t getting a ring anytime soon.

  5. I just hope he’s healthy enough for life after football. Still rehabbing this far out… very best of luck Peyton.

  6. th laws of science are against peyton…..the massive gravitational pull created by such a large head can only be supported by an average sized neck for so many years…warranty is up and it sounds to me like its never gonna be the same again.

  7. Love all the hate. It lets us Bronco fans know just how scared you are. Raiders fans you haven’t been relevant for about 30 years except when you embarrassed yourselves against TB.

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