Procedure on ailing back affecting Patriots’ Sebastian Vollmer


Back problems have bothered Patriots right tackle Sebastian Vollmer for much of his football career, and those problems are continuing.

Vollmer isn’t expected to participate in the Patriots’ minicamp that starts today because of his ailing back. He had a “small procedure” on his back after the Super Bowl, a source tells Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe.

It’s not clear exactly what the current problem with Vollmer’s back is, but any type of surgical procedure has to be a concern for Vollmer, who missed the entire 2006 season at the University of Houston because of a back injury. Vollmer also dealt with back issues for all of 2011.

The 6-foot-8, 315-pound Vollmer has also been affected by ankle injuries, and his inability to stay healthy has to be a concern for the Patriots. The retirement of Matt Light gives New England less depth at offensive tackle, and Vollmer is a player they’re counting on to be a consistent, healthy starter. Vollmer hasn’t been consistently healthy so far in his career, and he’s not healthy now, either.

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  1. When it comes to your back there’s no such thing as a small procedure. If he is having disc problems then only a major procedure is going to fix that.

  2. Big deal…a small procedure could be as simple as an epidural. As long as the doc is good and there are no complications, he can be “back at work” the next day. Whether or not the epidural works or helps his pain at all is another story…

  3. Back – the arch nemesis of modern medicine. Like the neck, I’m not sure there really is a ‘small’ procedure when the back is concerned.

  4. In 2010 Vollmer started every game and was 2nd team all-pro, so I have no idea what MDS means by “consistently healthy.”

  5. I wouldn’t characterize the Patriots as “counting” on Vollmer to be a “consistent, healthy starter” when he clearly hasn’t been any of those things. I’m sure they recognize that he can’t be a part of their short term plans, and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn they had always expected him to start the year on PUP. It’s my hope that Brian Waters shows for minicamp today, and I bet that Mankins will be ready week 1. Even if one of those two guards aren’t on the field, between Connolly and Koppen you have a guard spot covered. That means we can have Gallery backing up the tackle spots with Marcus Cannon at RT. Anyway with Scar, you always know he’s got a small army of practice squaders and end-of-the-roster type guys waiting to be plugged in as the next no-name OL. The flexibility that Dante gives the team allows them not to panic when one guard tears his ACL (Mankins), the other contemplates retirement (Waters), the left tackle does in fact retire (Light), and the right tackle is on the shelf (Vollmer).

  6. What??? He was healthy all of 2009, his rookie campaign and he made an impact vs very good DE’s. The his 2010 season was outstanding, culminating in a 2010 All-Pro selection. 2011 was awash but the lockout year did that to a lot of players.

    Bottom line, the reasoning in this post has very flawed logic and is easily disproven.

  7. Good thing they drafted Cannon last year.

    It’s a bit disingenuous to say that Vollmer hasn’t stayed healthy for the Patriots. He played 14 games in 09, and every game in 2010. One major injury in the NFL doesn’t constitute an inability to stay healthy. Not to mention he’s been their best tackle when he does play.

    Hopefully his back is something he can deal with this year. You have to wonder why he waited until now to get surgery. I’d rather not have to count on two second year players at right and left tackle.

  8. Where does it say he is going in for surgery now?

    “He had a “small procedure” on his back after the Super Bowl,”

    Hopefully he can get himself back on track. Cannot wait for football to start back up.

    GO PATS!

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