Vick vows to get himself back into the top 20


On Monday, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick complained about his placement at No. 70 on NFL Network’s Top 100 list, calling it “a joke” and touting his at times “uncanny” skills.

On Tuesday, he made it even more clear that he’ll use the slight from his peers as motivation in 2012.

“It’s all good. I’m going to prove myself and get myself back in the top 20 next year,” Vick said, via comments distributed by the team.

“Obviously I pay attention to it, but I’m a competitor,” Vick said.  “I feel like I’m one of the best at what I do.  It’s somebody else’s opinion, and I have to prove them wrong and make them say otherwise.”

Though any source of motivation can be a good source of motivation, Vick’s primary motivation should be to win a Super Bowl, even if others do more than he does to achieve that goal.  Most players would rather be off the list altogether if the alternative is to have a brand-new Super Bowl ring.

Then again, any quarterback who takes his team to a Super Bowl title has a pretty good shot at cracking the Top 100.

54 responses to “Vick vows to get himself back into the top 20

  1. This just proves Vick’s priorities are out of whack. Quit whining about where your peers rated you and concentrate on earning the 100 mil contract, playing a FULL season for once and helping your team make the playoffs

  2. Vick didn’t vow to work harder to get his team into the playoffs so that they will have a chance at a championship. He vowed to get himself more recognition from his peers. ENOUGH SAID!! Time for Philly to start putting together a plan B.

  3. How about Mike Vick vows to win a playoff game as the Eagles quarterback before worrying and whining about the individual ranking he gets on these lists.

  4. kingcarlbanks says:Jun 12, 2012 11:27 PM

    The only way he gets into the top 20 is if 31 teams get Raptured.


    You are probably right because there will be 31 other teams not getting the Lombardi this season.

  5. Great! I get to watch another year of Michael Vick trying to do too much and hurt his team in the process. Glad to know as a Giant’s fan that he is more concerned with his ranking by his peers than he is with winning the division and advancing to the Superbowl.

  6. He could maybe take the rankings with a grain of salt if it was done by the media or by the fans, but the to 100 ranking were done by his peers.

    No wonder is stings him so much.

  7. The problem I have with Michael Vick is that I don’t see him as a quarterback. In Atlanta he was run first, and even admitted in an interview that he never listed to his coaches. When a quarterback drops back to pass, it shouldn’t be to see if his favorite tight end is open and if not, then run.

    He did appear to make some headway two seasons ago, but this past year appeared to revert to form – not a quarterback, not an elite quarterback, and I wouldn’t even list him in the top 100.

    It’s nice to have a quarterback that can make a play when protection breaks down, but best to extend the play, let the coverage break down, get 15+ yards, and don’t take a hit. Then you and your coach have nothing to whine about.

  8. He was top 20 and 2010 and you people think he can’t do it again this year?

    Let’s face it, If Vick had actual receivers, an actual running back, and an actual defense in ATL, he would have won multiple Super Bowls. He was a win away from going to the Super Bowl with his best weapon being an out of shape tight end (who no one wants now). He has weapons in Philly and now will have his first proper off season since 06. Vick is going to win a Super Bowl this year! He will also start every game he is in.

  9. Vick has an amazing group of weapons at his disposal and the fate of the team lies solely upon his shoulders. If he can operate the offense more efficiently, utilizing these great players and playing to their strengths, this can be the top scoring offense in the NFL. Last season, Vick relied too much upon the “homerun” play, instead of leading long, methodical drives down the field.

    Get the ball into Desean’s hands quickly on the outside and unleash the YAC-attack.
    Throw a screen to Lesean McCoy and then throw another screen to Lesean Mccoy.
    Move the chains with Avant and Celek over the middle.

    Stick to your guns.

  10. tell me why Vick always have so many haters.?? Vick is in the top 20 he came a long way as a QB.. imo he’s in the top 10 Qb’s in the NFL as we speak!

  11. Vick is a good quarterback but I have to agree. Let your motivation be winning. Play hard cause it’s your job. We all enjoy the respect of our peers, not just athletes.

  12. The man gets selected in front of a Guy that played all year and through 5 or 6 games with a broken rib that put up better numbers than he did and finished 8 and 8 just like he did in his same division.

    I’m done caring what Vick wants thinks he needs or promises.

  13. Eagles fan here. Vicks an idiot, why wouldnt you say you wanted to be number one or at least top 5. Top 20 dont won’t superbowls(I’ll admit Eli should have been much higher on the list)

  14. You guys are idiots. he was asked a direct question. “What do you think about your top 100 ranking?”. What was he supposed to say? Every player has an ego. If he plays good enough to make the people wrong then obviously he is doing every thing he can to get the Eagles to a SB. I actually think the Eagles got a good shot at a SB this year. Just as good as the Packers. So enough already people… Jees…

  15. These comments will just motivate him like people laughing at Eli motivated him lol! Btw the first comment, you’re exaggerating. ‘Half a season’ isnt accurate. He’s only missed 3 games each year he got hurt. 2003 was the only season he was out longer. Overrated? Please defend that statement. Haters gonna hate

  16. He said himself it was a joke, if it was a joke then why should he have to prove hes a top 20 player. He obviously has come to realize he isn’t the player he once was

  17. All of you people need to get a life, if he plays better, the team will be better. I’m happy he wants to be higher. No one had a problem when Eli said the same thing last year

  18. This is crap in the bed for all the Philly fans that have defending this A-hole all this time.

    There’s no defending him anymore, he doesn’t care about the Eagles and he doesn’t care about you.

    Mike Vick cares only about himself.

  19. Once again, despite his life experiences, Vick shows that he is very much still a ME player/person. Certainly a Superbowl ring would do him wonders. It would be as an individual.

  20. i would be more interested to hear if Kevin Kolb vows to break the top 100 quarterbacks.

    Vick is washed up. I predict he will get injured again this year and the Eagles will miss out on the playoffs and Andy Reid on next season.

  21. that’s the difference between vick and the other top qb’s. Vick’s worrying about his ranking instead of his team and winning a championship. Vick is a me player. not a team player

  22. “It’s all good. I’m going to prove myself and get myself back in the top 20 next year,” Vick said, via comments distributed by the team.

    “Obviously I pay attention to it, but I’m a competitor,” Vick said. ”I feel like I’m one of the best at what I do. It’s somebody else’s opinion, and I have to prove them wrong and make them say otherwise.”

    He said “I”, “myself”, and “I’m” eight times. Self centered convicted felon.

  23. If conVick is more concerned about where he ranks among his peers than he is with winning games, then he’s even less relevant than before. My guess is most of his teammates took notice, too.

    You knew the inherent risks, coach Reid. Nice knowing ya.

  24. #70 is about right for Vick, he is a great athlete, not a great quarterback. He needs to be much better in the 4 th quarter of games to be considered great. 111 wins, and 111 losses for his career tells me he has been more hype than substance. 2 wins and 3 losses in career playoff games speaks louder than the foolish Eagle fans who think he is a great quarterback!

  25. As stupid as that list is, if Vick wants to use it as motivation, I’m all for it…… When healthy, his skill set is unmatched, whether you like him as a person or not. There are some players that are close, but this cat is like a video game. Even as he’s getting older, he’s still faster than everyone else.

  26. This is exactly what I wanted vick to experience , so he can go out and prove evreyone wrong. Eli proved he is elite now it is your turn vick, and dump it off to mccoy sometimes so you don’t get hit as much. We don’t need the big play every time you step on the field.

  27. Here we go again about some dogs! people get over it! they are just dogs. i wish the people in america worried about the poor and sick as much as they do there dogs! As for vick he is the best qb and thats just it! What other player can do what he can ? who can stay hurt most of the season and still make pro bowl? too many weapons. who brings more ticket sales? Vick has change The QB position and now it take more to be one. sorry brady and eli oh yeah yo brother too your time is running the eagles coach is going to help vick use his skills the way he needs to win the bowl! .LOL GVAB (give vick a break!) Philly did why can’t you

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