Westbrook talks T.O., Eagles, concussions, more

Getty Images

For nine years, Brian Westbrook played as well or better than most other NFL running backs.  Now a member of the media, Westbrook is well on his way to similar performances.

Westbrook, a regular contributor to NBC SportsTalk on the NBC Sports Network, appeared on Tuesday’s PFT Live from the studio in Stamford, Connecticut, and he was flat-out excellent.

Check out his takes on a variety of subjects, including why Terrell Owens doesn’t have a job, Westbrook’s views on the departure of Eagles president Joe Banner, the current state of the Eagles, and Mike Vick’s disagreement with his ranking on the Top 100 list.

The segment ends with some very insightful comments from Westbrook regarding his experiences with concussions, what he would have done differently knowing in his early 20s what he knows now, and what the league and players need to do going forward.

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