Archie Manning talks Peyton, Eli, and Manning Passing Academy


The first father of NFL football joined PFT Live in the days preceding Father’s Day.

Archie Manning, who played for the Saints, Oilers, and Vikings, touched on a variety of topics, including whether he had any hesitation about letting his boys play a game that he played during a much rougher time, with a Saints team that was rough in a much different way.

Archie is promoting the NFL Sunday Ticket package on DirecTV, which has dropped the base price to $199, lowest in nearly a decade.

Also on the Manning radar is the annual Manning Passing Academy, which nearly 1,200 youths will attend from July 12 to 15 in Louisiana.

How is Peyton doing?  How has a second Super Bowl win changed Eli?  Would Archie like to see either of his boys follow in his footsteps with the Saints?

Do you want me to keep listing questions that were posed or do you plan to just watch the thing?

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