Brian Urlacher still “good to go,” just not going


The original prognosis was that Chicago linebacker Brian Urlacher would need 10 weeks to recover from his Week 17 knee sprain. It’s stretched out much longer than that, but there doesn’t seem to be much concern coming from Bears camp.

There’s not a lot to explain,” coach Lovie Smith said, per the Chicago Tribune. “He’s not ready to go yet. He’s on pace. Our plan was to take it slow with him. We know what Brian can do. It’s not like he’s going to tell us an awful lot out here. He’s right on pace.

“He should be able to get a good rest of his offseason in – I am talking about this break that we have. He should be good to go for training camp.”

Of course, on draft weekend, Smith also declared Urlacher “good to go,” saying the ACL and MCL sprain from last season wasn’t a problem.

Urlacher worked on the sidelines Tuesday, as he did during the three OTAs the Chicago media was allowed to attend. He wore a small black brace on his left knee, replacing it later with a bag of ice.

It’s not as if Urlacher’s missing much, as he could probably teach the Bears Cover-2 system as well as Smith can at this point. But the condition of the 34-year-old linebacker’s worth monitoring come training camp, to see if he’s taking more than the occasional day off most veterans enjoy.

13 responses to “Brian Urlacher still “good to go,” just not going

  1. 8 pro bowls. Overrated by whom, his peers?

    lolb23, I think they may be better judges of talent than you are.

  2. Overrated? Wish my Vikes had a couple overrated Urlachers on it.

    Some teams always seem to have pro bowl players at certain positions. With the Bears it is LBs.

    Overrated. Uh huh. Okay.

  3. Actually, robrose68, I would imagine most Packer fans know a lot about football, unlike our friend lolb23.

  4. overrated? we talking about clay mathews?

    Old man urlacher had 2 great seasons last year and 10-11. Here’s to hoping he gets healthy soon and keeps it going.

  5. as a true packer fan and serious football fan i respect Urlacher and consider him the best mlb in the nfl (alongside Lewis). the only thing he lachs is that Lombardi trophy but i expect the bears to be hungry and healthy after the long offseason hibernation.

    also if Clay Matthews doesnt pick it up this season i think you could consider him overrated

  6. I am a Packer fan, also. And I’m glad we get to see Urlacher play at least twice a season! This guy is a beast! He leaves it all on the field. How could anyone who claims to love football NOT be amazed at some of the plays he makes?

    Hope he has a full recovery (and that he doesn’t intercept any of Rodger’s passes:-)

  7. First off I’m a Packer Fan and you can stick a fork into lolb23. He doesn’t know what he is talking about and that does not make him a Packer Fan because he made a negative post on the Bears. (robrose68) Pacific NW Mark, Pro Bowls are know way to rate a player. 8 probowls. Who cares. There is a reason why they were thinking about discontinuing this game. The way I look at Brian Urlacher is as a playmaker more than the position he plays. He has sense of being in a position to make alot of plays. He has played at a high level for many years now. He has been injured alot in the last few years. Generally injuries lead to a drop off of production or ends careers. It will be interesting to see how Urlacher performs this season…

  8. yeeeeeep says: Jun 13, 2012 11:30 AM

    may be the most overrated player in NFL history. can’t think of anyone more overrated…maybe favre or adrian peterson


    Right….. 3 players I would never want on my team.

    You know who is really underrated? Every member of the Lions 0-16 team. If not for bad refs, they’d have been undefeated.

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