Gary Kubiak unhappy at Texans’ minicamp

Getty Images

When a coach talks about his team’s performance at a June practice, there’s a good chance his comments are designed more to motivate his team than to offer a candid assessment of his team.

At least, that’s what Texans fans will have to hope after hearing the way Gary Kubiak assessed his team at today’s minicamp practice: Asked how the Texans looked, Kubiak answered, “Not very good.”

“I’m trying to push them a little bit and they look like they are saving a little bit for the last day, tomorrow, and you can’t have that,” Kubiak said, in comments distributed by the Texans’ PR staff. “We didn’t have a very good day. We’ve got to come back tomorrow. That’s football, but we wouldn’t have won today, that’s for sure.”

Asked another question about today’s practice, Kubiak offered a similar answer.

“Not good today,” Kubiak said. “We would’ve got beat today. We went a little longer today. We just weren’t very sharp on both sides of the ball and I tried to let them know what is going to be expected of them a month from now. We have to send a message and get it sent here quick. Today wasn’t good enough.”

A bad practice in June is easily forgotten. Kubiak wants to let the players fighting to make his roster know that if they don’t practice hard, he won’t be quick to forget.