Keith Rivers thinks Giants got a steal in Keith Rivers

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Giants General Manager Jerry Reese may be fielding some anger about the loss of Jake Ballard, but if things work out with linebacker Keith Rivers he might find himself in prison.

That’s Rivers’ opinion, anyway. The Giants traded a fifth-round pick in this year’s draft to the Bengals for the linebacker, who was the ninth overall pick in 2008. Rivers said that the deal will turn out to be “armed robbery” if he can play like the player Cincinnati took at such a high position.

“It’s a situation where when you’ve been hurt, you always want to show people what they’ve been missing,” Rivers said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “I’m excited to get out there and prove a lot of things to myself. Whenever you get hurt, there’s always a little bit of ‘Will I come back the same way?’ And you work hard to make sure that you do.”

Rivers is right about the Giants getting a steal if he recaptures his form after missing all of 2011 with a wrist injury, and not just because of the mid-round pick it took to acquire him. The Giants also voided the final year of Rivers’ deal and cut almost $1 million from his 2011 salary when they made the trade. A good year could land Rivers more money in 2013 and beyond, giving him plenty of motivation beyond getting Reese accused of armed robbery.

He’ll need to find a spot to do that, though, Right now, Rivers is running at outside linebacker behind Michael Boley. There’s been talk about Boley moving to the middle, where the Giants currently have Chase Blackburn and Mark Herzlich. There’s also been talk about Rivers playing in the middle so there’s plenty about Rivers’ chances to make good on his prediction that remains up in the air.

21 responses to “Keith Rivers thinks Giants got a steal in Keith Rivers

  1. “Armed robbery”? When I read that I thought he was explaining how he conned the Giants into thinking he deserved a roster spot. Rivers was overrated at USC, and overrated in the NFL.

  2. I don’t know how they got a steal considering you’re always hurt Keith. I’d say thanks for the memories in Cincy but you didn’t give us any after Hines busted your jaw into a billion pieces. Good luck in NY but you aren’t the talent you were supposed to be

  3. When Hines Ward broke his jaw, it was a cheap, yet at the time legal (illegal since the season following the incident), where Rivers was about 20 yards from the ball and Ward caught him with a blindside helmet spear to chinstrap. Rivers plays hard, it’s just that took him out of 9 games from his rookie season. He was already behind because he was a camp hold out for a couple weeks. Further injury led to missing the 3 games the next season and in 2010 while he played 15 games he was injured half the season and had limited snaps. Missed all of 2011 with a non-football injury. Probably could’ve came back about week 10 or 12 but due to roster restrictions they had to IR him when he came off PUP. Therefore, he’s a 5th year player who’s had a total of 64 possible games, yet has only played 35 total games. His active streaks are chronologically 7, 9, 4 & 15 games. With matching inactive streaks of 9, 3, 1 & 16 games. Then consider in 4 off seasons, he’s missed most or all of 3 of them. So I don’t think it’s fair to close the book on him yet. I think he just hasn’t been able to develop to what you’d expect out of a 5th year player. He’s more like a 2nd year player, he still needs coached up a lot. But he could end up being a starter in NY. But he has to stay healthy! The AFC North is the most physical division in the NFL, so it’s good he’s leaving it. Bad news is the NFC East is the 2nd most physical division in the NFL.

  4. I do think this is a steal, especially since the Giants have shown a long time penchant for developing defensive players. Rivers isn’t going to blow up too many people and make big highlight plays, but he can be a solid starter. Certainly a steal for a 5th round pick.

    Fight On, #55!

  5. You know who really lucked out in this deal? Keith Rivers. I can’t believe how much this guy is hurt and he’s a LINEBACKER.

    A Bengals fan

  6. Keith Rivers might just get his chance to show the Bengals what they’re missing when they host the Giants on November 11th.

  7. It’s only a steal if he actually winds up performing higher than a 5th round grade. Otherwise, it was a wash. No hard feelings either way as a Bengal fan. He had promise, then the Ward hit kinda spirals everything off the ideal path and this fresh start is what he needed and at the same time Cincy needed to move on. We don’t know the intricacies of why he missed 2011 but regardless of reason it became time to cut bait. I was a little perplexed by the intitial 1st round, and top 10 investment in him, but pulled for him nevertheless and he seems like a good guy. Good luck Keith, but getting a pick for a guy who wasn’t going to male this team anyway seems like a win-win opposed to a robbery.

  8. mwindle1973 :
    When Hines Ward broke his jaw, it was a cheap, yet at the time legal (illegal since the season following the incident), where Rivers was about 20 yards from the ball.

    Just watched the Ward hit again on YouTube. The hit took place on the 39 yard line as the ball carrier was on the 40.

    Kinda shoots your 20 yards from the ball nonsense.

    Facts suck when they don’t support your rambling nonsense.

  9. Jerry Reece has been a pretty good GM and he has the Super Bowls to prove it…….and who cares about Ballard. The Giants always find good tight ends.

  10. It seems that people are under the misconception that it was just the broken jaw from Hines Ward that people (specifically Bengals fans) are referring to. The next year he missed a string of games with a calf injury, and then he miss ALL of last year with a wrist injury that took place before training camp even started. So, I guess what I’m saying is, good luck with this guy Giants fans. But you’re going into this with eyes wide open, don’t say nobody ever told ya.

  11. Let see if he can stay healthy enough to handle the NFC East. I know giants fans wish they could have traded for Demeco Ryans over this over the hill lb.

  12. Every year, we add one guy, a veteran on defense.

    ’05 Antonio Pierce, ’06 Sam Madison, ’07 K. Mitchell, ’09 Rocky Bernard, ’09 Michael Boley, and (resigned) ’10 Antrell Rolle, ’10 Keith Bullock, ’11 Chase Blackburn.

    This seems to be a key part of the Giants formula for team building. All of these players made a very positive impact so I expect this new pickup and LB to be another gem.

  13. jakek2 says: Jun 13, 2012 7:46 PM

    Comeback player of the year. book it.


    You have to have been good at some point to make a comeback.. His best year… 2010… 51 solo tackles.. 1 sack..

  14. harlemdom says:
    Jun 14, 2012 2:47 PM
    Let see if he can stay healthy enough to handle the NFC East. I know giants fans wish they could have traded for Demeco Ryans over this over the hill lb.


    We do?

    Our “journeyman” linebacker beat the #1 tight end in the NFL in the Superbowl, picking off the “best” QB in the NFL.

    Please explain your logic, as you stand in front of your empty trophy case.

  15. I wanted Demeco Ryans. This guy would have replaced Antonio Pierce. But with that said I am supremely confident in JPP, Tuck, a healthy happy Osi, and our Draft Picks. Keith Rivers is a low risk pickup and since the GMen filled all the offensive needs this draft, next draft will focus on replacing Osi, and Keith Rivers if the situation calls for it. The Giants are in very good shape for next 3 for yrs.

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