Ochocinco deal worth $925,000, up to $2 million in incentives


Chad Ochocinco will only make $75,000 less in Miami than he would have made in New England — and he could make a lot more.

Due to earn a base salary of $1 million from the Patriots after renegotiating his contract earlier this year, Ochocinco is due to receive a non-guaranteed base salary of $925,000, the one-year minimum for a 10-plus-year veteran.

Per a league source, Ochocinco also can earn up to $2 million in incentives based on receptions in 2012.  The formula for earning any, some, or all of it isn’t currently known.

Another source tells PFT that Ochocinco wasn’t eligible for the “minimum salary benefit,” which would have capped his compensation from Miami at $990,000 at a salary-cap charge of only $540,000, because he already earned a $75,000 workout bonus in 2012 from the Patriots.

UPDATE 8:30 a.m. ET, 6/14/12:  Peter King of SI.com first reported the specifics of the Ochocinco deal.  And, as King explained it, the total package is worth up to $2 million, including the $925,000 salary.

36 responses to “Ochocinco deal worth $925,000, up to $2 million in incentives

  1. so wouldn’t then 75k workout bonuse counteract the delta b/w what he would have made with Patriots pre salary cut and what he can make if he hits all the escalators?

  2. This was a great move for the Dolphins. IMO if Ocho can play at 70% of what he once was that is still better than 100% of whomever the number 6 receiver will be. Isn’t the goal of a team is to improve the roster and get the best players you can?

    No one talked trash about the Pats when they gave away draft picks to get Ocho but the Dolphins get him for free with a very low payout and they are stupid? Some people just make no sense!

  3. I still think Ocho just wanted to live in Florida to practice wrestling alligators.

  4. The roster bonus making him ineligible for the vet cap discount device (& thus capping any potential earnings) now seems like a veritable wise move by his agent to insure he can still get an incentive-based contract as a FA vs NE being able to control his fate via a trade?

    In retrospect, perhaps the false starts & presumed lack of playbook knowledge in the Pat camps was ‘feigned’ by 85 to facilitate such an unencumbered exit to FA?

  5. What a bargin for the Dolphins. They are implementing a West Coast offense in which I really feel Chad could excel in. The fact that the entire offense is learning the new system and him getting a full offseason to prepare with the team instead of 1 week with the pats to prepare for the season, I think he will thrive. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but Miami is different. In NE, if you don’t catch on, they throw you to the side and move on as they have a bunch of talent already. Chad will be a number 1 regardless in Miami and will eventually produce.. He rarely say the field in Foxboro.

  6. Cant wait until ochostinkco is out of the nfl!
    Im so sick of hearing about him a T.O. ALREADY!

    WHO cares about two over aged, over-hyped has been’s! Goodbye to the pre madonnas!

    aj green, julio jones, miles austin, dez bryant, megatron, fitzpatrick, = new breed of class and classier players!

    Hear that dcrack jackson!!!!! Act like you belong PUNK!

  7. Well, $2 million worth of incentives is technically a “multi-million-dollar incentive package” because of easy ass math!!!!

    Let’s face it this is all for show and no one else wanted him!!!! If he really had a multiple teams interested in him his guaranteed salary would have duplicated the current one given by the Dolphins!!!

    Ocho will have no comeback story and everyone else is making excuses for him!!! Structure, my ass!!!!!!

    If you flat out suck then you are untouchable!!!

    That’s why Miami was truly the only bidder!!!

  8. I’d take T.O over Chad any day! They must have known that T.O would have earned those incentives just like he did in Cincinnati, will Chad earn them? Naaa prolly not

  9. I really enjoy the way that ESPN finally put Skip Bayless and Steven A Smith together.

    It’s kind of like the 2 retarded kids in high school who finally start dating during their senior year. Just seems right.

  10. great move for the fins; they receive a solid WR at a cheap rate. If it doesn’t work out they can cut him with minimal loss. also, ocho should fit well into philbin’s offense and it’s not as complex as the pats.

  11. I think its funny that people were patting the Patriots on the back when they picked up OchoCinco and now the Dolphins are being told that signing him was a mistake… Seems either nobody will admit that Belichick made a mistake or they won’t admit the Dolphins did something right. IMO signing Chad helped make up for some of the loss of Brandon Marshall and at the price they paid for him I think they got a steal. If OchoCinco does 60% of what he did in Cincinnati, the Dolphins will have scored on this one.

  12. Well if he can’t read a playbook.

    What makes anyone think he can even understand his contract.

    He did everything he was supposed to in NE. He just couldn’t grasp the system. He was not a distraction at all.

    I wish him well in Miami, but it certainly leaves a lot of questions.

  13. And to think just a couple of years ago he was forfeiting $250,000 a year by skipping voluntary camps in Cincinnati.. His excuse “Football is 2nd nature, living my life will always be first”… Indicating he had very high football IQ and seen no need for voluntary camps.. I think the whole Patriots fiasco proved that he was full of crap as far “Football is 2nd nature”… Even then in his prime he could of used the work and it’s very evident this was the beginning of his downfall and lack of production..

  14. I’m more interested in Hard Knocks this year now that Chad’s on the Dolphins. Should be entertaining.

  15. Really, how complex is the pats offense, short slant to welker and middle seam seem passes to the TE with an occasional quick screen. C’mon man

  16. Incentives were written into the contract that will give Och up to $2 million provided he discovers a cure for cancer and develops a chap, limitless, and clean source of energy while a member of the Dolphins.

  17. wonder how much his HOF sideline jacket would fetch on ebay now? hard to imagine the fins are desparate enough to pay this self-promoting jackass, looks like 4-12 in miami this year

  18. Chads been making a whole lot-a-cabbage for a guy without enough brains to learn an offense. The Pats figured it out and dumped him after one year of pitiful production. Cat’s out of the bag now with Nocho Brainzo. Apparently the Dolphins are more interested in getting media attention than getting a productive receiver. Then again, maybe they plan on running a sandlot style offense….. just go long Chad…..

  19. Wish I could get an overpaying job based on the past! Dear Ocho Stinco…ur done dude!!!

  20. Dolphins are very smart on getting ochocinco hopefully numero ochocinco can produce for a superbowl season for the amazing dolphins because they deff have the talent to make it and the coaching staff. The DOLPHINS are proly the best in the league this year hopefully they play like it but you never know

  21. What does it matter? With Moore and Henne at the helm, Chad isnt going to see many deep throws.

    His inaccurate route running will hardly get noticed when you have noodle arms throwing bad passes.

  22. insanelomein2 says:
    Jun 13, 2012 7:17 PM
    What does it matter? With Moore and Henne at the helm, Chad isnt going to see many deep throws.

    His inaccurate route running will hardly get noticed when you have noodle arms throwing bad passes.

    Uninformed people that criticize others sharply always make me cringe…Henne plays for the Jaguars ….

  23. It is good the ‘phins gave him his number. At his base salary, he couldn’t afford to buy it from another player.

  24. Go deep, I’ll fake it to you. Ex Miami Dolphin Quarterback/Reciever Jim Jensen told me to run the route at a pick up game. I asked him if he learned that from Dan Marino.

  25. Bottom Line: League Veteran Minimum= Nothing to Lose and everything to gain, good move by the Fins!

    Haters will hate and Fins are an easy target. Remember all you know-nothings ( see @insanelomein2 comments). This is the same Team that went 1-15 to 11-5 and won the AFCEast a few years ago. Yeah, sure Brady got hurt, but anything can happen and we seem to be able to consistently beat the Jets and Bills. So, why not see how the season actual plays out?

  26. Face it, with Bess, Hartline, and the tight ends not being that productive, having Ochocinco as a possible distraction would open up routes for the other receivers. And if they look off Ochocinco and he gets the ball, he still has the ability to stretch the defense and outrun many DBs in the league.

    I see him being used like Randy Moss where if you give him too much room, he can take a pass the distance. And if they cover him tighter after he does this a few times, look for Brian Hartline to get some serious numbers and Davon Bess opening up some routes underneath.

    Right now, I see nothing wrong with the deal!

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