Rams will “lean heavily on” Brian Quick this season

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If Rams running back Steven Jackson has his way, the team’s second-round pick from Appalachian State will live up to his last name when it comes to making the transition to the NFL.

That’s because wide receiver Brian Quick is going to have a lot on his plate this season. Quick just signed his contract on Tuesday, but Jackson wasted no time making sure that the rookie understood there would be no time for passing out cigars at the good news. Jackson wants him working and working hard before reporting to training camp.

“I’m sure (receivers coach Ray) Sherman will get him right,” Jackson said to Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But over the next six weeks, he’s going to have to work real hard to be prepared for a long season, because we’re going to lean on him, lean heavily on him. He’s a high draft pick and we’re going to need someone on the outside to make plays and I’m challenging him right now because we’re going to need him to prepare himself over the next six weeks to be a standout on this team.”

Jackson and the Rams have seen Quick’s physical gifts in his short time with the team, but they’ve also seen him struggle to get the playbook down. Jackson also acknowledged worry about the leap from Appalachian State to the NFL for the player drafted with the second pick of the second round in April. Even with those struggles, it is clear that Quick offers the most upside of any Rams receiver this season.

Quick said that he understood what was expected of him this. His ability to meet the challenge will go a long way toward determining the quality of the Rams’ passing attack this season.

16 responses to “Rams will “lean heavily on” Brian Quick this season

  1. you know he’ll be a playmaker! just look at how well Armanti Edwards and Dexter Jackson have done in the NFL! oh wait…

  2. Quick has potential. Combine him with Chris Givens who can be a great deep threat and Amendola in the slot the Rams’s can have a decent blend

  3. Had a tendency to disappear against better competition; I wouldn’t lean on him too heavily.

  4. @wlubake actually youre wrong the rams had the first pick of the second round and the colts had the second.they swaped spots each round brian quick went first and coby fleener went second.ANYWAYS i cant wait to see quick in action hes gunna dominate

  5. that is alot to ask any rookie wr not named fitzgerald or megatron, much less somebody from APp state.. not to say he cant or wont be good but that is alot to ask of somebody who doesnt have much lined up on the other side.. too bad because i think highly of Bradford so they need to get him some weapons…

  6. “Jackson also acknowledged worry about the leap from Appalachian State to the NFL for the player drafted with the second pick of the second round in April.”

    FYI – he was the first pick of the second round.

  7. hahaha they shouldve drafted Fleener, but my colts LUCKed out and got him, the rams will be kicking themselves for years not picking Fleener, didnt the rams have another high pick in the 2nd round also??, they couldve gotten Quick later on

  8. iced107 says:Jun 13, 2012 5:40 PM

    Could be nasty in the red zone..

    Danario Alexander – 6’4
    Brian Quick – 6’4

    As as a Ram’s fan I can see that in a perfect world. In a realistic world I would say they have to get to the redzone first

  9. coming from the guy who can’t spell Appalachian.. love it when people talk about schools they no nothing about.

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