Ravens second-round pick Kelechi Osemele out with quad injury


Bobbie Williams’ chances at the starting left guard spot in Baltimore are looking better.

Second-round pick Kelechi Osemele will be out until training camp because of a quadriceps injury. Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times reports that he’s expected to be fine once camp rolls around, but his absence means he’s missing a chance to impress Ravens coaches now. That could seriously hinder his chances of winning a competition with Williams and Jah Reid.

Williams ran with the first team during Tuesday’s practice and his experience would seem to give him an edge in the ultimate battle for the spot. The Ravens have never minded playing with older linemen, including Willie Anderson who also made a late-career jump from Cincinnati to the Ravens. The aspirations that the Ravens have for this season also point in the direction of going with age over two players with no experience as a starting guard in the NFL.

With veteran Tony Wragge also on board as an interior line option, Reid might wind up back at tackle once the season rolls around.

7 responses to “Ravens second-round pick Kelechi Osemele out with quad injury

  1. Yeah, but you still have the unibrow guy. And the relic that had the street named after him. And the torn pec guy. And the guy that has his head broken, but is now fixed. Not to mention the bestest GM in the world.

    Things are still good in the hood…

    Super Bowl!!!

  2. Well they needed to give their running back (ha ha ha ha WHO diea that any more?) a fat contract extension and lost their best OL and half their defense in the process.

  3. This team is imploding…steelers are gonna run up the score this year. 45-10 Final. Nest is a blaze!!!!

  4. Let’s add this to all the good news coming out of sludgimore….

    In other news, offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie didn’t practice for conditioning reasons. Harbaugh said, “We’re probably going to continue to do that to get him into good shape.”

    Center Matt Birk was absent while recovering from surgery on varicose veins in his leg.

    Wait a minute, that’s not news. It should just read, “Bryant McKinnie is still fat and Matt Birk is still older than dirt.

    We still haven’t signed 80% of our offense….

    We have no contract extension with Joe Flaccid…

    Our ball-hawking, tackle-avoiding safety just can’t see scraping by on $7.2M….

    Ray Ray is using a walker to patrol the defensive side of the line of scrimmage….

    And the team owner is demanding that his ratbirds get the schedule they so richly deserve having won their last Super Bowl “just yesterday” in 2000…


    As the Nest Burns…


  5. God these Steeler fans are idiots. Did one of you inbred hicks seriously say that Kelechi Osemele is our best offensive lineman? LOL that would be Marshall Yanda, you know the guy who is either the best or second best right guard in football, the guy who played too rough against the steelers last year and had all their DL and LBs whinning about how he plays too hard for their liking. LOL. Worry about your own problems, and boy do you guys have some.

  6. Love you Steeler trolls coming in to our board to talk trash. Talk about whistling past the graveyard.

    Meanwhile what a great football name O-smelly.

  7. Look at all the Steeler trolls! Don’t you people have something else better to do than to troll stories about your arch-enemy team and post the same boring stuff over and over again? So what if you are correct about the impending implosion of my Ravens. We DO have many critical problems this year that will force us to be 7-9 at best, with T-Sizzle on the shelf, Rice and Reed unhappy about their contracts, Joe Flacco trying to convince himself he is a top-slight NFL QB, Lewis another step slower and more prone to injury, and so forth and so on. Please have some respect and stay on your own boards and leave us Raven fans alone in our upcoming misery!

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