Redskins hoping new wideouts ease Robert Griffin III’s transition


When the Carolina Panthers knew they were in the market for a first-round quarterback a year ago, they were careful to give him plenty of weapons.

The same could be happening in Washington, where new face-of-the-franchise Robert Griffin III could benefit from a new-look receiving corps.

The early returns have been good for Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan in Redskins minicamp, with Garcon’s one-handed diving catch from Griffin the highlight of Tuesday’s minicamp.

“We’ve got a lot of young, good receivers. Everything is going good,” Morgan told the Washington Post. “We’re learning. We’re getting more comfortable. We’re getting better as an offense and Robert is improving every day. I’m excited about everything.”

Having a set of targets he can count on will be crucial in Griffin’s development.

The Panthers set the stage for Cam Newton’s off-the-charts rookie season by bringing in tight ends Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen to go with veteran wideout Steve Smith, giving the rookie plenty to work with.

The Redskins can only hope the first-day splash in free agency to bring in Garcon and Morgan, to go along with veteran Santana Moss) has a similar impact.

“I’m extremely impressed,” backup quarterback Rex Grossman said after a recent practice. “They’re definitely big-time free agents for a reason. They’ve got skills that show up on tape. Since we’ve been out here, it’s been the exact same thing.”

Of course, there’s still an element of the unknown. Neither Garcon nor Morgan has ever posted a 1,000-yard season (no Redskin did in 2011 either). Garcon’s numbers could easily be viewed as inflated by playing with some guy named Peyton Manning, while Morgan’s still carrying seven screws in his leg from last year’s broken ankle, and has been limited through OTAs.


23 responses to “Redskins hoping new wideouts ease Robert Griffin III’s transition

  1. I can’t believe the money they gave that bum Garcon. Hands of stone and got a $50 million contract. Now here comes the dilusional skin fans to tell us he’s the next Art Monk.

  2. Gaffney could have been a very nice security blanket for RGIII – as demonstrated by the eagerness with whch Tom Brady and the Patriots snapped him up.

  3. Garcon had his best year statistically in 2011 with Marty Domres throwing him the ball.

    He might flourish away from the Peyton.

  4. Garcon’s best season was last year (70 catches, 947 yards) with guys named Painter, Orlovsky, and Collins throwing to him. Seems to me like he did it without Manning.

  5. The fact that you said Garcon’s numbers were inflated from playing with Peyton Manning just seems off to me. His stats were actually better last year when he wasn’t playing with Peyton. So I think he has a chance to do well with RGIII, just like he did well with Painter last year.

  6. Enjoy those acrobatic one handed diving catches from Pierre, Redskins fans! Just remember how neat they are when his hands of stone drop 40% of what hits him in the numbers.

  7. Way to do your research garcon had his best season last year and im pretty sure a guy named peyton played zero snaps last year jus sayin

  8. John Beck is flabbergasted….

    Haha, I’m a skins fan, and even I just couldn’t resist that.

  9. “Of course, there’s still an element of the unknown. Neither Garcon nor Morgan has ever posted a 1,000-yard season (no Redskin did in 2011 either). Garcon’s numbers could easily be viewed as inflated by playing with some guy named Peyton Manning”.

    What I don’t understand is that know one addresses the fact that Peyton Manning did not have a single snap for the Colts last year and Garcon set career highs in receptions, yards, avg per catch, longest TD, and first downs. And his QBs were Kerry Collins, Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky on a 2 – 14 team. So lets not make it seem like Manning is responsible for Garcon being in the league or a good player.

  10. You didn’t even mention the stable of stud TE’s we have… Fred Davis, Cooley, Paulson… targets galore!! I’m still keeping it in perspective though. 8 and 8 at best, unless the defense *really* shows up this year.

  11. cylondetector says: Jun 13, 2012 9:15 AM

    Gaffney could have been a very nice security blanket for RGIII – as demonstrated by the eagerness with whch Tom Brady and the Patriots snapped him up.
    Totally agree about Gaffney, he has a very solid season for the Skins last year. I was very surprised they let him go.

  12. paintan8 says: Jun 13, 2012 9:24 AM

    Don’t sleep on Leonard Hankerson. He is going to be the star of the group.
    You stole my thunder… couldn’t agree more. Hankerson was really coming on last year before he got hurt. He’s gonna be a really good wr.

  13. Haha redskins fans are drugged up, only reason garcon had those numbers last year eas cause wayne was double teamed and the colts were always behind playing catchup, so had to throw more and collie was hurt and Clark, but 59the mill for Gar-drop hahaha!!! And IRG3 …the next akili Smith!!!!

  14. people just say some insanely stupid things, why people come on here and bash the skins without even stating who their team is beyond me, a lot of people don’t even state facts…Garcon’s contract is not for 50 mil or 60, it’s 42 mil.

    and the skins aren’t asking him to put up 1600 yards, if he does that’s a plus, but these signings are about a collection of parts not one person.

    “Reggie Wayne got double teams” SO WILL FRED DAVIS

    the multiple parts of the redskins wideouts will surprise a lot of people, they will be very hard to defend with Garcon, Hakerson, Moss, Davis, Cooley, and Niles Paul at tight end.

    and a qb as talented as RG3 will make the game easier on the whole offense, he will open up passing lanes and running lanes for other players, just like Vick and Newton

  15. I love the overestimation of what Garcon will be away from Indy. The Colts were behind almost immediately every game last year due to being horrible on defense, thus having to throw the ball almost every down since they also couldn’t run the ball.

    That he only had 70 catches and didn’t crack a grand (with Wayne getting jammed up on double teams along with being in and out of the lineup) should give you pause not encouragement, especially since that was his career high after playing for Peyton Manning at the tail end of his prime for the first few years of his career.

    My bold prediction, Redskin fans will be disappointed in another overpaid free agent, again. Just like some of us tried to warn you warped fans that Shanahan wasn’t leading you anywhere but where you’ve been under him, the basement of the NFC East since he’s no longer outwitting the likes of Norv Turner (who actually got the better of him at the end there) and Lane Kiffin/Tom Cable/whoever the Raiders could put on the sidelines any given year.

    He’s not as good as Andy Reid or Tom Coughlin, never will be, and the Cowboys have more talent, which leaves you with the train wreck that is the Redskins who will be breaking in a new coach in 2013 with no first round draft picks to work with in the forseeable future. Good luck with all that, suckers.

  16. Gaffney could have been a very nice security blanket for RGIII – as demonstrated by the eagerness with whch Tom Brady and the Patriots snapped him up.
    The Redskins have plenty of proven security blankets between Cooley, Davis, Moss, and Helu. The focus of the fee agency additions and the release of Gaffney was to focus the receiving corps on yards after the catch. Despite Gaffney’s nearly 1000 yards receiving, it would be very surprising if more than 60 of those yards came after the catch. The guy has great hands, but his MO is catch, one step, get tackled.

    You can give Garcon all the flak you want, and Washington may have overpayed for him, but the point of bringing in Garcon (and Morgan as well) was not to bring in a superstar No. 1 receiver. The idea was to bring in a young guy who has shown flashes of talent who can grow up with Robert Griffin, but has enough NFL experience under his belt to help Griff learn and adjust quickly. Shanahan was looking for a guy who was as close to a developmental prospect as possible without actually being a rookie.

    The Redskins receiving corps has yet to prove anything, but in terms of filling required roles with the team it makes more sense than anything Washington has done in years.
    Moss- veteran presence, leadership, closest thing to a No. 1 receiver on the roster.
    Hankerson- young stud in the making.
    Morgan/Garcon- (see above) young, talented receiver who can develop alongside Griffin.
    Armstrong- deep threat suffered under noodle-armed Grossman. Could do big things with Griffin, but if he struggles again, he’s out of there.

  17. He’s not as good as Andy Reid or Tom Coughlin, never will be, and the Cowboys have more talent
    He will never be as good as Andy Reid? Really? Because three Super Bowl rings say otherwise.

    Though the record books don’t have anything good to say about Shanahan’s term in DC, it is a rebuilding process. Four players remain on the roster from when Shanahan took over the team in 2010, all pro bowlers. While one could make the contention that the Cowboys have more talent, it’s inarguable fact that Washington has the youngest team in the division. They are clearly not ready for a Super Bowl push in 2012, but the fact that DC clearly has the most talent under age 30 of any team in the division bodes well for the future. It also shoots down any argument that “Shanahan [isn’t] leading [the Redskins] [anywhere]”

  18. Hey, God bless you and the other suckers giving you thumbs up.

    However, just because you’re parroting that hog wash doesn’t mean it’s going to come true. The Giants just won the Super Bowl with their QB still in his prime, the Eagles are still a very good team, and the Cowboys have more talent than you with a QB at the tail end of his prime. The only thing you have on the Cowboys is that Rob Ryan is their DC, and he’s the dumb twin.

    Ask Bronco fans what did Shanahan in after Elway stopped carrying him (btw, looks like Elways outshone him again as he’s rebuilt the Broncos in short order after he came back to the franchise once they canned the coach he can’t stand).

    He’s a horrible talent evaluator (Trent Williams at no. 4, trade 3 picks for Griffin, etc.) who’s offense is pretty ordinary without Terrell Davis and John Elway.

    I know you suckers have bought into Griffin being the black John Elway, but the rest of us are laughing at you as you careen toward another 4-12 to 6-10 season. You keep believing in the “rebuilding” dream in a league where you should be able to make significant strides pretty quickly because the league is so watered down.

    My prediction, you and your 8 thumbs up buddies will be switching over to Raven or Panther games to see some real teams play by game 6, lol.

  19. The redskins have a bunch of number 2’s and 3’s at wideout, and a shaky o-line. I don’t see rg3 staying on the field for a 16 game season. He should have went to the colts where he would have found some success. If luck would have be drafted by the redskins he would be up for a terrible season.

  20. Superbowls Andy Reid – 0
    Tom coughlin-2
    Mike shannahan-3 one as
    off. Cord for 49ers
    So you where saying… As far as talent I could say skins r on the rise without questions… Garcon had 4 teams that wanted him at the same price that skins offered… He chose to come to dc suckers.

    Now for the b.Carr signing I think was a bad signing when guys like rodgers and cortland Finn.. where out there. I was happy to see as a skins fan and I’m not sold on morris either so to me your secondary has question marks… So how do you like them apples boys.. anything else I can help with today just let me know thanks. Haha.. oh by the way peytonsneck18 is a douche bag… He represents your team well and normally I don’t fall to his standards but enough was enough. You have no clue what you r talking about that’s all I’m saying.

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