Rex Ryan views Tim Tebow as a new Brad Smith


As Jets coach Rex Ryan continues to face more questions about his second-string quarterback than about any other player on his roster, Ryan said today that he sees Tim Tebow’s presence in New York as less about competing with Mark Sanchez than about replacing Brad Smith.

According to Ryan, Tebow will do a lot of the same things as Smith, who played some receiver, some Wildcat quarterback and some special teams during his five years with the Jets before leaving for the Bills last year in free agency.

“We look at it as we’re adding a good football player, which we did,” Ryan said of Tebow. “Is he behind Sanchez on the depth chart? Yes. Just like every team has a guy behind their starting quarterback. But he brings so much more to the table. Obviously we talked about the Wildcat deal, we talked about the personal protector. In a lot of ways, he’s replacing a guy that I love, who was Brad Smith, and everybody knows that, and we were very effective running the Wildcat, and he’s basically replacing Brad in that role. He’s also your backup quarterback, No. 2 quarterback, and he’s also your personal protector, as was Brad Smith.”

It’s true that there are some similarities between Tebow and Smith, but there are also a whole lot of differences, ranging from the fact that Smith has never been a starting quarterback in the NFL to the fact that Tebow has never been a kickoff returner.

And the biggest difference is that Ryan didn’t have to try to convince the media that Smith wasn’t going to unseat Sanchez as the Jets’ starting quarterback. Which Ryan has been trying to do with Tebow just about every day since the Jets acquired him.

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  1. Unless cap/money was a factor, it’s hard to think of any two losses they’ve had that were as incomprehensible as letting Brad Smith and Jerrico Cotchery go.

  2. The media hype over who the starting QB is a bit sill. Neither are deserving of being a starting QB in the NFL. Both are horrible QBs.

    But Tebow adds something in that he is football player and can can add value in the wildcat.

    I would not be surprised to see McElroy eventually wins the starting the job and I would be shocked if Sackchez is still the starter in 2013. The problem for the Jets is they have no viable option to take the starting job away from Sackchez. If they had a viable backup QB like Henne, Moore, Garrard, or Orton then Sackchez would likely lose his starting job quite quickly this year if not in camp.

    The Jest failed miserably to bring in viable backup who can take over when Sackchez struggles again. Unless they believe McElroy can be the guy.

  3. This is going to end up being one big mistake! The Jets love the attention more then the game, and Tebow should just have known better.

    This is just going to end up one big mess, and leave Tebow or Sanchez looking for work with a big cloud over their heads.

  4. If Brad Smith had such a FAITHFUL following, he’d be trying more to be a starting QB. He’s currently trying to work on his QB skills more in Buffalo. I always felt that Brad should have been the third QB in NY.

  5. In order to qualify as a head coach, shouldn’t it be mandatory to pass some sort of intelligence examination??? Or if you have a history of “diarrhea mouth” shouldn’t you at least be a “conditional hire” like they do with troubled players?? Just curious…………………….

  6. And the biggest difference is that Ryan didn’t have to try to convince the media that Smith wasn’t going to unseat Sanchez as the Jets’ starting quarterback. Which Ryan has been trying to do with Tebow just about every day since the Jets acquired him.

    Come on, you can’t be that stupid/naive when you say its Rex that keeps trying to convince the media that Sanchez is the starter. It’s the media who keeps asking the same question over and over again, even though hes answered it numerous times, they just wont stop. He’s just answering their stupid questions so it seems like he keeps repeating himself. He’s not just going around New York/Jersey saying it every chance he gets just to convince the media. He also said that Tebow would be used in the B. Smith role the day they traded for him, I guess this is just another way to crowbar a Tebow story in today.

  7. As long as Sancheezy can be consistent this year, Tebow will remain an upgraded Brad Smith which is great in itself because I was tired of Brad Smith doing the wildcat, he’d never gain extra yards because he didn’t have the frame for it. At least now with Tebow, the wildcat is an actual threat.

  8. “Does Rex view Mark Sanchez as a Matt Leinart?

    He should.”

    That’s just a silly thing to say. Don’t allow your desire to hate to set you up to look like an idiot.

  9. It’s pretty simple. Sanchez is the starter, Tebow is the backup. Tebow will be used in situational packages based on down/distance and ongoing game adjustments.

    Rex, shut up already. Go win some football games.

  10. rr2000k says:
    Jun 13, 2012 6:58 PM
    Rex…please shut up!



    No one bothers to even see that these are responses to questions from the media, do they?

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