Saints lose Chase Daniel to broken thumb


It’s a good thing the Saints are almost finished with their on-field work until training camp, because they’re quickly running out of quarterbacks.

Saints coach Joe Vitt said Wednesday that backup Chase Daniel will be out until training camp, after suffering a sprained thumb and a hairline fracture, per Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Vitt said Daniel suffered the injury when he hit his thumb on a helmet.

The Saints have already had their minicamp, and have just one more scheduled day of OTAs, so there shouldn’t be a panic.

Still, the only healthy passers on the roster are the recently signed Luke McCown and Sean Canfield.

If nothing else, that should serve as a subliminal message to get going on signing a quarterback.

I remember hearing they were close on one last week. Wonder what happened to that Drew Brees guy?

12 responses to “Saints lose Chase Daniel to broken thumb

  1. Did Brees offer Daniel a cool million to bust his thumb on a lineman’s head? This is the saints we’re talking about.

  2. Wow just look at all the haters above me. Is that the cool thing to do now is hate the Saints? You are gonna be hating even more when we drop 50 on your weak pathetic team. Who Dat

  3. I’m not so sure it’s about hating the Saints, but the idea of the way certain people were running things even after being warned to knock it off (if accusations are indeed true). I’d imagine you could place alot of teams names in there, the Saints are just the ones who got caught so, yeah, their name gets dragged around. Deservedly so, if accusations are true. If not, pretty dang unfortunate for the org, the city, the fans of N.O.

    Without the head coach, offensive (Brees) and defensive (Vilma) leaders the going could be tough.

    “Who Dat”…is what Pierre Thomas was wondering when my weak pathetic knocked him and the Saints out of the playoffs last year.

  4. saintsfan26; I think we have some Saints fans out there that are wondering who they want to ride with this year. What they fail to realize is we all are human and we error in life, back in the years football were football you get hurt nothing said. Now it all about eye for an eye there are know more trust in people’s everybody out to make a name for themselves. The New Orleans Saints didn’t have know idea they was going to be lied on and call cheaters when they started winning in 2006 and was getting stronger as the years go by the Saints been underdogs for many of years. The other teams wasn’t complaining then as long as they were winning but when the Saints pickup a great coach and a great quarterback. Then came the problems from the other teams saying the Saints are trying to hurt them because the Saints were not more a push over. The league was not worrying about what a team were doing back then who when you got every team in the NFL going to the NFL commissioners telling lies. So we can’t take it out on Sean Payton nor the others because this been going on for years other teams looked at the New Orleans Saints as a nobody how did you guys think the Saints got all this names. Because they was a team that any team can beat so now the New Orleans Saints has a lot of teams haters not just fans so in order to slow a elite team down, first you must broke it down. So the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the other big money guys knew how to broke them down number one Sean Payton the mastermind, number two coach Vitt next best to Payton, number three Mickey Loomis the WIZ they hit all the Saints power plugs except Drew Brees but they knew when they hit the Saints with the $500.000 this will put the Saints in the money problems. Roger Goodell and the others knew when they want to hit the New Orleans Saints because they could have did this we they heard about it but they waited until the end of 2011. They knew New Orleans was hosting the Super Bowl for the past years the Saints were the team to watch if know one else make it in the Saints will the NFL and the other 31 teams was afriad of the Saints. Now they have the Saints fanbase confused between one another if you listen to all the other teams they are ready for the season to start. They think they got the Saints where they want them wondering like little lost sheep’s this the NFL and the others game to broke the Saints down. New Orleans Saints fanbase just don’t look at a half of the picture focus on the whole picture the bounty program was put on the Saints by the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the other big money guys it took Roger Goodell and the others 3yrs. to plan what they did to the Saints this offseason. Everybody was in the right places the Chess Board was loaded the New Orleans Saints had no move they been brought out and sold out by the NFL.

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