Schiano expresses “hope” that Wright has overcome health issue


Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright’s health condition, whatever it was, apparently has cleared up, and it’s not expected to return.

Coach Greg Schiano confirmed on Wednesday that Wright was suffering from, well, something.

“Without getting into real particulars, it was a non-football related health thing,” Schiano said via, “and he was very good at communicating where he was and how he was dealing with and the thing that excites me is he did quite a bit yesterday and again today, he’s getting better.  He did well.  He made some plays out there today.  I’m excited, that’s encouraging.”

Asked whether Wright’s condition is now a thing of the past, Schiano said, “I hope so.”

This implies that, whatever it was, it could return.  But don’t count on anyone saying what it was.

Whatever it was.