Terrelle Pryor: People don’t know that I’m a pocket passer


Terrelle Pryor is at the Raiders’ minicamp this week trying to demonstrate that he’s a quarterback first and an athlete second.

Pryor talked to reporters in Oakland today and said that while it’s true that he’s a good athlete who ran for more than 2,000 yards at Ohio State and could have played Division I college basketball, he’s primarily a pocket passer. Pryor said he’s often wrongly lumped in with college quarterbacks who thrived in a spread offense.

“A lot of people don’t know that at Ohio State I didn’t really run a spread offense, where you’re running around and stuff,” Pryor said. “I was in the pocket going through progressions. Maybe not four or five like I’m doing here, but I did a good bit, and I completed a lot of balls under center. Obviously I’m an athlete so I always think I can out-run anybody or whatever the case may be — I believe in my ability — but sometimes you’ve got to get the ball into other guys’ hands and just be the point guard. That’s all I’m trying to do, stay in the pocket and get it to the right guys.”

Raiders quarterbacks coach John DeFillippo has singled out Pryor for praise this offseason, and Pryor says that he’s trying to become just the kind of quarterback DeFillippo wants him to be.

“If something breaks down I can get out and make a play, but I just try to stay in the pocket, go through my progressions and do exactly what the coaches want,” Pryor said.

Pryor has no chance of unseating Carson Palmer as the Raiders’ starting quarterback, and he’s an underdog to beat out Matt Leinart as the No. 2 quarterback as well. But Pryor has the right attitude: He wants to prove that he can be a pocket passer in an NFL offense, and if he keeps working he’ll get that opportunity somewhere.

52 responses to “Terrelle Pryor: People don’t know that I’m a pocket passer

  1. Terrelle Pryor also stated that people don’t know that he’s also: The President of the United States, the star of Mad Men, Batman, and a triple crown winning jockey.

  2. Terrelle Pryor will be a good starter in a year or 2 once Carson flames out… I’m sure of that

  3. nope, no one knows that you are that and they wont know until you prove it, though, you do have potential.

  4. Every time i read about pryor he sounds positive and it also sounds like he is putting the work and 100% effort.

  5. Pryor youre a joke and so is your current QB. Al might be rolling over in his grave. The mystic is dead just like Alice

  6. Pryor is an average player on a below average roster.

    Looks like another season w.o a winning record for the Raiders, their tenth in a row.

  7. More importantly, what your missing from that interview, is that he will be working with Rich Gannon sometime after camp ends tomorrow and before training camp.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!

  8. boltsup says:Jun 13, 2012 9:15 PM

    Terrelle Pryor will be a good starter in a year or 2 once Carson flames out… I’m sure of that

    I think you meant he’ll be a good starter in a year or two when Rivers flames out. Hate to see him go to a division rival, but the kid has to go where he has a shot. Ya know?

  9. paleandpasty says: Jun 13, 2012 9:25 PM

    Every time i read about pryor he sounds positive and it also sounds like he is putting the work and 100% effort.

    These days that’s really the most you can expect from the millionaire athletes. Wish Jabustas had the same work ethic.

  10. its amazing the thumbs up that pryor gets on pft. the guy has been garbage thus far, hes shown nothing, and we have people praising how positive he is, and his work ethic, the same people who question dontari poe and the kc media for saying the same positives.

    why the love for pryor? as of now hes a complete bust. the team took him then felt he was such a good option for the future that they should send a 1 and a 2 for carson palmer

  11. Dear Terrelle,
    I watched you in college. You sir are not a Pocket Passer. If you watch Andrew Luck you will actually see one.

  12. @ boltsup

    In 5 career games vs the Chargers Carson Palmer has completed 116 of 166 passes for 1,739 13 tds three ints including two 400 yard games. He disected your awful defense last year in your stadium with very minimal time with the team. Can’t wait to see what he does to the Dolts this year.

  13. i find the lack of witty comments on this site disturbing. looking at you, top two comments.

    T.P. – like many freakishly athletic QBs – has potential. I want to see him get some experience in the preseason.

  14. He is more than a little rough around the edges, but he has the advantage of not being forced in and developed the old fashion way… Project players are called that for a reason, and I am pretty excited to see what he can do in 2 or 3 years. He has all the potential in the world, and looks to have a good work ethic.

  15. All ima say is at least wait til he plays a full series before y’all start talking down on this kid and criticizing him and his skills… Personally his attitude of work my ass off to get where I need to get should be praised and commended…

    Its funny how Tebow said the same thing, about working hard to be the best and everyone loves him, Pryor says it and it’s all kinds of hate and disrespect, can’t wait til he makes y’all eat your words

    Raider Nation For Life!!!

  16. Just like the fact your own agent can’t properly pronounce your own name, the football world can’t see your pocket passing skills….

    Buckeye fan

  17. Leinart has “Tony Romo” syndrome: he’s more interested in being an NFL quarterback than playing quarterback in the NFL – and he’s soft. When given a golden opportunity to start in Seattle for his former college coach, Leinart chose the comfort and safety of a clipboard in Houston.

    If Pryor continues to work, he’ll easily replace Leinart as the Raiders #2.

  18. boltsup says: Jun 13, 2012 9:15 PM

    the chargers have 0 superbowl wins

    randallflagg52 says:

    for the love of god please get new material

    thegonz13 says: Jun 13, 2012 9:04 PM

    your handle says it all, self-check

  19. His college passing success is close to Tom Brady… but can he translate that in NFL?

    Brady hit the ground running as a starter in Year 2 with equal or greater success and never looked back.

    Too bad TP is stuck behind Palmer. With a full year of true offseason work, maybe that will change quickly.

    Nothings been proven, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

  20. Apparently the Raiders don’t know either, otherwise they wouldn’t have traded an arm and a leg for Palmer…

  21. Is “pocket passer” code for “guy who holds clipboard on sideline during games”?

  22. as of now hes a complete bust
    i dont like calling someone a bust when they havent even played often at all. i mean, he played one snap in the nfl in live game action. if he’s a bust right now, then so is Ryan Mallett, but i think none are busts yet.

  23. Why can’t he unseat Palmer. He’s washed up and a large part of the reason the Raiders didn’t make the playoffs last year (along with their historically awful defense).

    He’s probably better than Leinart because that would only require a QB to have a pulse, so he’s almost there. Too bad Greg Knapp is the OC again out there.

    However, I am amused at how Pryor is automatically overlooked when he was a highly recruited player coming out of high school who only produced at a high level when at Ohio State in some big spots.

    By week 8, the Raiders should be getting a good look at him to determine if they need to draft another QB next spring when they cut Palmer and Leinart.

  24. leinhart has proven hes awful. TP has way mire natural ability, running and throwing! yet hes the bust???? id love to have that much potential busting his ass as a number 2/3 on my roster!

  25. pantherpro says:
    Jun 13, 2012 9:44 PM
    Pryor youre a joke and so is your current QB. Al might be rolling over in his grave. The mystic is dead just like Alice

     ———————————————————————————-Hey PantherHo
    WTF are you talking about? Speak English dumb ass.

  26. Not favored to beat out Matty Hot Tub for the #2 spot behind Palmer. What has Hot Tub accomplished for you to make that proclamation?

    Pryor wants it more and from all reports is working hard. Tell me what Hot Tub is doing.

    Pryor is in a great spot learning behind a pro like Palmer. Pryor will be the starter sooner rather than later for the Raiders.

  27. realfootballfan says:
    Jun 14, 2012 12:29 AM


    Obviously, you are NOT a real football fan. Palmer was a huge reason why the Raiders were in CONTENTION for a play-off spot. McFadden’s injury was a killer as was the terrible defense.

    Palmer is primed for a big year with a full offeseason and all the offensive weapons ready to go. I expect season ending stat line of about 4,100 yards passing, 28 TD’s and 14 picks with a top 8 offense. Mark it down, hater.

  28. villa41,

    Sure he was great, with his 16 turnovers or whatever it was in half a season. Bengal fans can tell you about the downward trajectory of his career.

    Maybe you can’t read, or you missed where I blamed their historically awful defense as well.

    However, you keep drinking the Palmer Koo-Aid hoping that he gets back to that 2006 form. News flash, that was 6 years ago now, so I doubt it’s going to happen. Desperate move by a desperate team last fall that got your old coach fired.

    Hue Jackson to Gregg Knapp as the offensive play caller is a downgrade anyway you slice it, and the defense should be improved (hard to be worse), but there’s not enough talent there at the end of the day to compensate for Gregg Knapp’s incompetence when he gets his hands into the offense (ask Falcon fans about that).

    I see another 5-11 to 6-10 season in your future.

  29. realfootballfan says:
    Jun 14, 2012 3:03 PM

    Yeah, I saw your comment about the defense. That’s the only part you got right. 6 of Palmer’s picks came in the first two games he played last year. Those are games he should not have even been in but was forced to play because Kyle Boller was so awful.

    We really don’t need the 2006 version of Palmer, because the 2011 version was plenty good enough. His arm is fine, he knows how to read a defense and lead a team. You think it’s a piece of cake trying to pick up an offense in midseason and not have worked with your receivers EVER before? You ever heard of timing patterns?

    Palmer has plenty of gas left in the tank and he have a lot of talent to work with. The offense will be fine with Knapp. It’s a run first scheme, as it should be with McFadden. You remember 2009 don’t you? Oh yeah, that’s the year the Bengals ran a run first scheme with Benson and it worked out pretty well. They made the play-offs that year. Who was the QB?

    Yeah, we’ll be just fine with Palmer and our underrated roster that you have no clue about. Palmer’s looking forward to that November date in Cincy just like I am.

  30. sourdough says: Jun 13, 2012 9:45 PM

    Pryor is an average player on a below average roster.
    Looks like another season w.o a winning record for the Raiders, their tenth in a row.

    This is the only way Charger fans can keep score. “Umm, well, we never win anything that doesn’t have “regular season” attached to it, but the Raiders, the last AFC West team to even see a Championship game, have been pretty bad for almost a decade. And while that’s been happening, we still haven’t done anything.” Loser.

  31. All you idiots talking smack about Pryor couldnt throw a 60 yard bomb to save your life. Pryor will develop, and be a starting NFL QB someday. Why does QB and athlete have to be separate. NFL QB are athletes.

  32. All you punks dissin Pryor need to get B slapped. The kid made a big mistake and now he is getting his life right and working hard. He didnt kill anyone (except his coaches career) and he isnt a drug addict or a prima dona. Give the kid a break.

  33. Actually, I know plenty about your roster as I watch nearly every game via NFL Rewind every week. I’m just a football fan and love watching it.

    Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, Darius Heyward-Bey, Darren Mcfadden, Mike Goodson to replace the dearly departed Michael Bush, Taiwan Jones, Branch, Rolando McClain and the rest of your garbage LBs, soft Michael Huff, Matt Shaughnessy (along with Branch, your best player), Lamar Houston, Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, should I go on to your completely horrible CB’s that have mostly been replaced with more garbage like Spencer and Ronald Bartell?

    Just telling you to face reality because it was Hue Jackson’s downfall, trading for Palmer. Also, you bring up 2009 to endorse Palmer. Please don’t. He held that team back from possibly playing in a Super Bowl because he’s so limited these days. The fact that the Bengals continued to go toe to toe physically with the Steelers who’ve won and played in recent Super Bowls and the Ravens who were in the AFC championship game last year, with the rookie that replaced Palmer should tell you that the Bengals actually have a pretty good team. Btw, they swept those teams in mentioned 2009 season I’m pretty sure a couple of games with little or no offensive scoring besides field goals on a few occasions.

    I thought it was something physical, but he simply has Drew Bledsoe disease where his skills have quickly eroded from Pro Bowl caliber to him being a statuesque turnover machine who chokes the bigger the moment is. Just like Buffalo realized shortly, you’ll realize that you got the old broken down version of a once great player and will be happy when he’s cut next spring.

    He had 3 great games last year, against Detroit (where he nonetheless blew a throw that would have ended the game) and both SD games (where he’s always played well). Otherwise he was average in wins or a large part of the reason you lost the division after being 7-4 and in the driver seat over a Tim freaking Tebow led team.

    And Gregg Knapp you’re defending as an upgrade over Jackson? Don’t you recall Knapp in Atlanta, actually don’t you recall how horrible he was the first time in Oakland (I know all Raider fans blame that on Jamarcus Russell). However, you do remember how bad McFadden was back then in his “scheme?”

    Surely, you’re giving the Redskin fans a run for blind faith these days if you really believe Knapp is going to take your offense to the next level, lol.

  34. realfootballfan says:Jun 15, 2012 1:11 PM

    You must not know what you’re watching on NFL Rewind. Hopefully, you can interpret the Coaches’ Tape correctly this season. I know I’ll be looking at every play Palmer makes. Will he throw picks? Sure he will. Will he make the wrong reads? Sure, he’ll do that too–sometimes. All QB’s do these things, even the good ones.

    Fact is, Palmer is hardly a turnover machine. He was thrust into a tough situation and came through it pretty well. Chokes in the big moments? Hardly, he made a beautiful deep throw late in the Chicago game on 3rd and 5 with under 4 minutes to play to ice that game. Overall he was 21 for 37 in the Chicago game for 301 yards. Now, let’s turn to the week before in Minnesota. Palmer was 17 of 23 for 164 yards with a TD. Sorry, he had more than a few good games. Again, all this from a guy with no offseason whatsoever to learn the offense and work with his teammates.

    Palmer held Cincy back in 2009? Please, you’re just in fantasy land now. Cincy had a decent season that year, but the roster overall was hardly Super Bowl caliber (much like this coming season). The Bengals wouldn’t have been even close to the play-offs in 2009 without Palmer.

    I advise you to do a little Bay Area sports reading. By all accounts (coaches & media), Palmer is looking very, very good. He is motivated to prove his doubters wrong and is carrying a large chip on his shoulder.

    Knapp’s offense will make him even better. Yes, Knapp has produced results at most of his stops. Atlanta’s run game was at the top of the league when he was there, and he coordinated some pretty good San Fran offenses. His first stop in Oakland was an abberation. The cupboard was largely bare then. It isn’t now and don’t worry. Al Saunders is still on staff from last year. Knapp will still run plays McFadden likes. McFadden is simply a much better player than four years ago as well.

    Yeah, I can’t wait for this season to start. By the time that Oakland/Cincy game rolls around on November 25th we’ll know who’s got what left. The smart money says a still physically gifted and motivated Palmer will have gotten over on his old team.

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