Tom Brady prepares for first year without mentor Tom Martinez

Getty Images

When Tom Martinez died in February, Tom Brady lost more than just a man who taught him about playing football.

He lost a set of eyes that would watch him play every week and offer thoughts about things Brady could do better the next time out there. It was a tool Brady took full advantage of and it is one that he no longer has at his disposal. During a press conference after Patriots practice Wednesday, Brady talked about how he is adjusting to life without Martinez.

“I’ve got to rely on what he’s taught me over the years. I’ve got a lot of stuff written down, of things that we talked about and things that I’ve learned. I have a great understanding mechanically of what I need to be able to do, it’s just a matter of seeing it and being able to correct it,” Brady said. “Hopefully you can correct it between series sometimes because you don’t always have the fortune to wait until Monday to figure things out – sometimes you have to figure them out in the middle of the third quarter. That’s something where I’ll have to rely on everything he’s taught me over the years.”

Brady’s dealt with change before and come through the other side looking just as good, so there’s no reason to think Martinez’s death will greatly impact Brady on the field this season. Some of those changes have been on the personnel side and this season was no different. Brady didn’t say much beyond the boilerplate about the departure of Chad Ochocinco — “he’s a good friend and a great competitor” — and joined the bandwagon of Brandon Lloyd touts in New England.

It’s a new year with new challenges and new receivers for Brady. As long as he’s the same old quarterback, things should work out okay.