Van Halen emerges as first source of Super Bowl halftime speculation

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The NFL could be poised to continue its recent habit of hiring aging rock/pop stars to provide the entertainment during the extended intermission at the Super Bowl.

Other than the glorified karaoke entourage known as the Black Eyed Peas in early 2011, the post-wardrobe malfunction halftime shows have featured acts who have been alive for all of the past Super Bowls, and then some.

Thanks to a reader who actually read all of a new article regarding an upcoming Van Halen reunion tour, band founder Eddie Van Halen has dropped what could be a hint that the group will be in New Orleans in early February for something other than the Jambalaya.

“[I]n November, we’ll hit Japan, and in the new year, we’ll possibly do something special, but I can’t talk about it,” Van Halen tells Marco R. della Cava of USA Today.

I’ve yet to come up with all the “special” things a rock group can do that would require extreme discretion (although in some states that list could be longer than in others), but playing at the Super Bowl would be at or near the top.

The good news is that the hiring of Van Halen’s 21-year-old son, Wolfgang, as the bass player drives the average age of the band down, a bit.  The bad news is that David Lee Roth is still the lead singer.

And in honor of certain current events in the NFL, perhaps they can debut a modified version of one of their former lead singer’s hits:  I Can’t Drive 55 . . . Sober.

95 responses to “Van Halen emerges as first source of Super Bowl halftime speculation

  1. While the rest of the band still kicks ass, Roth hasn’t been able to sing in years.

    Still, watching Eddie play would be worth it.

  2. I live van halen, I for one would much rather hear one band that I can actually enjoy rather than forcing like 6 terrible pop artists into the show in an effort to make it “better”. See LMFAO, Usher, Nicki Mina etc etc

  3. First of all, VH has had to basically give away tickets on their current tour, so I doubt there’s a hankering for them at halftime.

    Secondly, either go back to college bands at halftime or cancel the entire thing. Seriously, only people who don’t care about the actual football game care about halftime, and as a football fan I could care less about those people. I use halftime to make food and take a piss, not to watch untalented current hacks or over the hill bands whose hayday was before most fans were born.

  4. Why not Guns-n-Roses or Foreigner or Poison or Motley Crue or Tesla or Styxx? Why not all of them? It can be an I live in the basement ass-rock free for all.

  5. I saw Van Halen back in April of this year and they rocked! I don’t care what anyone says, this would be a great halftime show. Also, Roth has never really been able to sing, even back in his prime. Even if you aren’t excited about this, they’re still better than the Black Eyed Peas or Madonna.

  6. Just saw them a few months ago and Roth wasn’t the same. Eddie thrashed it though and saved the concert. Best guitarist alive at this point.

    Saw them a few years ago and Roth was good but the last show he wasn’t. So I’m not sure what Roth we would be getting.

  7. Foo Fighters? Muse? Linkin Park? The Black Keys?

    I mean, Valen Halen was awesome…in their prime. Why does the NFL have an aversion to modern rock acts?

  8. Im at the point where id rather just see a marching band – but like a really really good one. Also throw in some of the NFLs hottest cheerleaders dancing around – plus a fire walker or something.

    You could also shorted half time so its the same as the regular season. Not that crazy extended one they usually have at the superbowl.

  9. mjbulls45 says:Jun 13, 2012 9:37 AM



    That’s the only way the Eagles appear at the Super Bowl this year, and I’m a lifelong fan.

  10. I’m sick of the girlie pop garbage as well as the 65 year old men from bands who’s best years are waaaaaaay in the past. just cancel the theatrics all together. no gaga madonna special effects crapola…..Just talk about football at halftime!!!! I have never enjoyed a halftime show in my entire life and I am 37……..its always crap………..always.

  11. The NFL is run by a bunch of middle aged to old men. Who else do you think they could come up with. Metric? Mumford & Sons? No, they’ll stick with what they heard back in their college days. It doesn’t matter much to me anyways. We always tune to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet during halftime.

  12. This tour is selling out at all stops….whoever the clown was that said they are having to give away tickets is clueless….they are selling for the usual overpriced amounts and they are selling out… for the band itself, they sound ALOT better than other retread, burned out acts out there and actually have a critically and commercially successful (went to #2 on the charts) new CD to support. They would be a great choice to play the Superbowl and, while Dave’s voice has been a little strained in concert of late, it would certainly hold up just fine for 3-4 songs at halftime.

  13. I saw them in April in Nashville and they were great so I went again in May in St. Paul and they were even better. Eddie is amazing and both shows were packed! They don’t give any tickets away. Just shy of $200 a ticket. If you don’t really know then don’t comment.

  14. Saw them in 04 with Sammy and they were great. Luckily it was early in the tour well before everything (including Eddie’s sobriety and the show qualities) fell apart. Saw them earlier this year with Dave and they were still surprisingly great. Eddie’s healthy and Dave exceeded my low expectations. I’m glad I saw them in their current outfit but I don’t think I need to again. I’d love to see them again with Sammy but it seems like that ship has sailed.

  15. The big news Eddie is referring to is that in addition to going to Japan, VH will be touring in Australia for surprisingly their first time ever there. For some reason the band has never played there in their close to 40 year existence (wow saying that makes me feel old)…..either way, I’d be surprised if they break up their schedule to play the super bowl though it would be great to see.

  16. Every year the organizers of the sb come up with a really good reason for me to skip the halftime show.

    They’ve done it again.

    Thanks, guys

    (Not to mention just getting up to go to the little boys’ room but that’s too obvious)

  17. I heard Old Aid is willing to do the halftime show. Axel Bundy from Shoes n Sox on the Pastrami would be Epic

  18. savocabol1 says: Jun 13, 2012 10:06 AM

    I would rather turn off the TV then watch another crappy halftime show.
    Sooo, let me get this straight, you are going to turn off the TV, and then watch another half time show? Where? Like on youtube? Why would anyone do this?

  19. Best guitarist alive at this point

    No. As long as Robert Fripp is still drawing a breath, no.

    As for Van Halen, ewwwww.

    its always crap………..always

    Prince was awesome.

  20. I knew it wouldn’t last. 2 great super bowl halftime shows in a row now I’m gonna be back to reheating the taco dip and cleaning up the empty beer bottles during halftime.

  21. VH has already cancelled a major part of their tour. Who knows if they’ll even be together by the time the Super Bowl comes around?

  22. Really wish they’d consider the Foo Fighters. I’m sure they will eventually, but instead of Super Bowl XLVII (47), it will be Super Bowl LXVII (67).

  23. The only original band still out there it TOOL. I would love nothing more than to see Maynard James Keenan rocking out some TOOL songs to all the football fans. That would be awesome!!

  24. Some of you are nuts. This would be one half time show I might actually watch. I was a kid during Van Halens glory days, I’d love to see them once.

  25. saw the show….old stuff was the bomb, new album is average & Roth kinda sleep walked his way through, but to see them playing the old stuff live and Eddie’s solo is complete rocknroll immortality…….probably would be best halftime show since Prince in Miami in the rain.

    whoever says concerts are not sold out has no idea bout what they talkin bout

  26. U2 should just play every year.

    This would never happen, but have Hagar sing a couple of his songs and then Davie Lee sing a couple of his…

    Foo Fighters?

  27. Makes too much sense. The Super Bowl is running out of other classic rock bands that could pull it off (The Police? Roger Waters?) and what else is remotely special about concerts in January?

  28. Kind of funny about the halftime shows… I never liked the Black Eyed Peas. Then my Packers played the Steelers in the Super Bowl a couple years ago. It may have had a few too many drinks, but now every time I hear that song “it’s goona be a good good night” or whatever its called, I get all nostalgic and happy.

    I suppose any band could play and say the Bills for example, make it and end up winning it. I promise you they (the true lifelong Bills fans, not the new ones they earn from making the Super Bowl) will be very happy to hear whichever band sings at the halftime show from then on out.

    For my two cents worth, I say bring back the Black Eyed Peas. I may not remember much from their performance, but I do remember joyously singing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS” by Queen after the game. And that, my friends, is all that really matters.

  29. Not a chance the NFL would take a chance on an act like Van Halen that would have about a 75% chance of bailing at the last minute due to friction within.

    Why not go with something safe like Rush? They’re back in the spotlight these days and even appealing to the younger crowd.

  30. hey all, I saw them in concert in April and they can still rock. sure, Dave is very annoying dancing around, but Eddie and the boys can still rock so it would be an entertaining half time show for sure!

  31. The halftime show has become the worst thing about the SB – unwatchable garbage.

  32. Sammy = melodramatic, cliche driven, sappy, overdone lyrics….”only time will tell if we stand the test of time”????? brutal!!!! he gives jon bon jovi a run for his money for the sappiest lyrics of all time.

  33. The biggest problem facing the NFL in finding Super Bowl halftime acts is finding…

    A) An artist or band that the majority of people watching have at least heard of (this eliminates most bands that 25 year olds or less listen to)

    B) An artist or band with at least one song most people have heard of (This eliminates most bands that 25 year olds or less listen to)

    C) An artist or band that won’t say or do something really stupid (Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Slipknot to name a few, but this is truly a long list.)

    Those are 3 big hurdles, but there are others. I’d hate to be the guy that has to book this act. His options really are to book an aging rock band that everybody knows, but aren’t quite what they used to be, or book someone younger that will make a portion of the demographic happy, while everyone else is wondering who the hell they are.

    Let’s get real. We all love a lot of different bands, but they’re not all Super Bowl worthy. So here’s my short list.

    A) Pearl Jam
    B) Foo Fighters
    C) White Stripes (reunited)
    D) Combo Platter: Jack White, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Dave Grohl

    Just make it a rock hall of fame type gathering & just JAM

  34. guns n roses. aerosmith or black crowes. or really im thinking tesla lol really they should bring in silver sun pickups to open for muse. im older but some of this new rock is pretty good. i like cage the elephant.

  35. they should bring in silver sun pickups to open for muse. im older but some of this new rock is pretty good. i like cage the elephant.

  36. Generally not real big on the O.G. served up as Super Bowl bands, but VH really would be awesome – especially with Roth handling the pipes instead of Sammy!

    Also, another strong option would be Korn – epic group.

    Either one of them beats the crap out of Janet Jackson and her meticulously calculated accidents (or malfunctions).

  37. Anything is better than the diva pop and crappy hip-hop garbage of the past two years as well as the MTV run halftime shows. Just keep it Rock n Roll and add a little Funk. My vote?

    Rush or George Clinton.

  38. As they play, we can have the Power Rangers dropping from the sky with parachutes

  39. Matt Dolloff says:
    Jun 13, 2012 11:10 AM
    Makes too much sense. The Super Bowl is running out of other classic rock bands that could pull it off (The Police? Roger Waters?) and what else is remotely special about concerts in January?
    Roger Waters, really?

    Waters could never play a lick, not when he was young, and certainly not now.

    On top of that, he lost whatever little voice he had decades ago.

    If it wasn’t for David Gilmour, that band was done when Sid left.

  40. jb4820 says:Jun 13, 2012 10:28 AM
    This tour is selling out at all stops….whoever the clown was that said they are having to give away tickets is clueless….they are selling for the usual overpriced amounts and they are selling out

    Is it now? Then how can I get tickets to any of their available dates left, some even in the lower bowl? They also were advertising several shows with 4 tickets for $100 deals. They also just rescueduled a bunch of shows and rumours are its due to low ticket sales.

    I actually like Van Roth era VH, but lets call a spade a spade, they are not an in demand band. Would they be better than the top of the pops crap they could trot out there? Sure, but lets not act like getting VH is some big coup.

  41. @jb4820 VH actually played Australia in 1998, albeit with Cherone.

    For a band that has been around as long as VH, their new album is GREAT and the tour has been really enjoyable. I’m not pretending it’s 1982 so I’m not disappointed in Roth’s loss of range. It’s happened to every singer not named Ronnie James Dio.

    So, VH would be a fun halftime, but if the NFL wants to modernize with bands like the Foos or Muse I would totally understand that.

  42. I wish the NFL would stop with the crappy and/or washed up bands (and their hired rah-rah groupies) for half-time. These stadiums have jombo-trons – why don’t they just show memorable NFL Films stuff (not the cheesy Top 10 series, but the good stuff). Everyone’s going to get/get rid of food and/or beer at that time anyway. It would eliminate all the problems with the prima donna performers and the league wouldn’t have to worry about trying to “please everyone”…

  43. Florio doesn’t like Diamond Dave? WTF?

    I hope this ends up as true, the real Van Halen is back and their show is awesome. Their concerts have been packed with their songs and they didn’t waste too much time with banter or bells and whistles, just music.

  44. perhaps a dancing with the stars celebrity dance off?????? or some hott American idol action…. perhaps styxx….they’re cool right??? no we’re in negotiations with the peter frampton people.. .. I watch football to see football…..that is all

  45. As I’ve said for several years now, why in the heck the NFL doesn’t get the one artist that has continually SOLD OUT NFL stadiums all over the country every year, is crazy. Not only has Kenny Chesney sold out NFL stadiums all over every summer for the past 8 summers, but he has done 2 football documentaries for ESPN. He gives more advertisement to the NFL than anyone else with all this – he could at least be shown some appreciation by invited to sing a couple of songs at half-time. He draws people of all ages & knows how to play to a crowd that large. For heaven’s sake – just do it & you’ll see what you’ve been missing all these years of getting the geriatric rockers!

  46. I’d love to see VH at the SB. Roth can’t sing, but come on…it’s Diamond Dave!!! Who cares… As long as EVH can play the guit-fiddle, Van Halen will be just fine.

    The new album is really really strong…worth a listen. I’d love to see these guys give it a whirl during half time show at the SB.

    One band I can’t believe haven’t been asked to play at any point was Bon Jovi. I mean, the JBJ is a huge football guy…grew up with Parcells’ Giants and is bff with Bill Belichick….and at one point, being part owner of an AFL team. They’re tame enough that the NFL would be comfortable….and I’ll admit it without shame…they’ve got a lot of great songs to choose from.

  47. In honor of Ms. Jackson’s malfunction, why not have Barenaked Ladies play. They’re past their prime so the NFL decision makers are probably just hearing about them now.

    OK, sarcasm off now. For all I care, they can travel back to the ’70’s and reunite Up With People. Half time at the Super Bowl is time to hit the terlet, grab more sub and a couple more beers.

  48. I don’t see why anyone has an issue with Van Halen. I’d personally rather hear them play a few of their rock classics, than a skanky pop princess doing vocal gymnastics to a cheezy pop song.

    One artist that NFL should ask to do halftime is Billy Joel. I think he’s only sung the national anthem at a Super Bowl.

  49. Van Halen is ok, but the world is still waiting for a Kiss halftime show.

    Also, the reason people are calling for “washed up” bands to play is because younger bands just plain suck, or pull all sorts of shenanigans to get attention while just pissing people off.

  50. @sigma1932, kiss is a terrible band who has like one origional member left, and the music of the early to mid 90s pearl jam nirvana foo fighters smashing pumpkins etc. is far more enjoyable to listen to than 70 year old guys who wasted all their money on make up and tights who are suddenly lookin for a payday to help with the costs of medicare… sit at home and listen to the so called greatest hits from kiss.

  51. All you guys complaining about all this can thank Ms Jackson, for all the “safe” bands of the last good while. Van Halen has probably forgotten more good music than any of you have ever downloaded on an iPod though.

    I’d be afraid one of them would bust a hip though, seriously. Why not get any number of popular, play their own music bands that are out and about now.

    Hell, I’d take 3 Doors Down singing Loser to what ever team was losing at half time.

  52. oh god no… kenney chesney!!!!! i would have to order some nfl licensed ear plugs to tolerate that show.
    How about some stand up comedy or some kind of evil kenevil stunt…

  53. I recently saw Van Halen in Tampa, Fl. they were awesome! Were they the same as they were when I saw them in 1984, no, but what band is. They can still rock and Eddie is still the man! I would love to see them on the halftime show. I bet you they wouldn’t be lip-syncing. With all the crap music and artists out today they would be a welcome performer.

  54. The Jacksons/The Jackson 5
    Lenny Kravitz
    Beyonce(if they can have Madonna..)
    George Clinton/Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Will Smith
    Mariah Carey
    The Roots

  55. I don’t care who plays the dog gone half time show as long as I don’t have to see Madonnas rear end dragging across the stage again…..

  56. VH is definitely worthy of doing SB show. While not the wide-appealing/all things to all people Eagles type band, with Diamond Dave at the mic, Van Halen is a legitimate legendary mega-star group. Not only that, they have the musical chops to carry that big of a stage. They are also very relevant in 2012 with their top grossing tour and new album. Come on NFL, let’s do it!

  57. One more comment about so-called movements to “modernize” or appeal to “youth”. The NFL is a grown-up sport, with a median age in the 40’s. Putting Justin Bieber or some young unproven pop star would be ridiculous unless that star had major crossover appear to older people. The Super Bowl is targeted to older adults, not childrent. It also isn’t targeted to country fans so keep Kenny Chesney at hom.

  58. rush is Canadian so they are out as far as I’m concerned ….maybe they can play at the grey cup or something, at this point they are as irrelevant as kiss and van halen (though far more talented).

  59. I could riff off bands like The Gaslight Anthem or The Menzingers who would play an amazing Super Bowl show, but people have never heard of them, so there’s no point.

    I vote Neil Diamond.

  60. If you think Chesney draws only country fans to concerts that sell out NFL Stadiums, then you’ve not listened to his music. Also, you don’t think country music fans watch the Super Bowl? That’s just stupid. I am not a fan of the rap artist that Madonna had with her last year – but the genre should be beside the point. They should get someone that appeals to a mass audience & for the 2 or 3 songs they do during halftime – knows how to perform to a crowd that large. And by the way, not all Country fans are rednecks. Chesney sells out multiple nights in Boston every year – tell me that is a town full of rednecks? Probably not.

  61. Given the age range of the SB audience it makes more sense to go with older bands. I’m in my 50s. If I ask a 20 year old what his favorite band is it’ll be someone I’ve never heard of, but he’ll know who Eddie Van Halen is. In the end you go to a VH show to hear Eddie and Eddie is still cranking it out.

  62. My favorite bands include, Van Halen, not Van Hagar… Joe Dirt

    But seriously Van Halen would hold my attention as a 23 year old. A better option would to me be The Black Crowes (maybe not big enough) Pearl Jam would be good they are in their 40s, Foo Fighters obviously as the biggest thing going in rock. The combo platter of Plant, Page, Grohl, and Jack White would be perfect or a combo along the same lines, great idea by that poster.

  63. perhaps the majority of you will get your vh Budweiser rock show I’ll perhaps take a crap which will be far more ebjoyable than listening to crap

  64. Van Halen will be the best Half time show ever!!!

    They Use there music the most then any other band! The only ones close is AC/DC thunderstruck & Queen We are the Champions. You always here Jump, aint talkin bout love, right now, top of the world panama, unchained and Running with the Devil at stadiums and arenas everywhere in the world!!! It is about time They were the Half time act!!!!!

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