Wayne says he’d “lay out” for Andrew Luck

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No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck is participating in full-squad practice as an Indianapolis Colt for the first time this week. He’s gotten off to an up-and-down start typical for a rookie quarterback, but Luck is already garnering the admiration of teammates.

For instance, 12th-year veteran and five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Reggie Wayne has put himself squarely in Luck’s corner.

“We have some work to do, but I like him,” Wayne said after Wednesday’s minicamp practice. “He’s got a great ball, nice spin on it. He’s confident. He’s having fun out there. He’s not totally serious and whenever you have your leading quarterback out there having fun, you have no choice but to lay out for him.

“So far so good. We have a long ways to go, but I like where we are heading.”

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, Luck completed 26 of his 37 pass attempts in Wednesday’s workout, including three spikes in a two-minute drill.

The Colts will wrap up minicamp on Thursday.

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  1. “Wayne says he’d “lay out” for Andrew Luck”

    Couldn’t resist.

    Seriously, Wayne is a team player and a class act, not to mention one of the best at his position. We’re about to find out just how much impact a solid QB can have on a struggling team. We’ve seen the Colts under Peyton, and then under a plethora of journeymen. Now perhaps Luck will bring them back to respectability at least.

  2. thats what im talking about!!!! future face of great QB’s name is andrew luck, not IRG3 he will be in hospital in 2 years!!!

  3. For the amount of money these guys make they’re supposed to “lay out” to catch passes when they need to, not just when they decide to want to.

  4. The comments that follow are not from a Colts fan.

    Most FF wise guys say RG3 is the better fantasy value, largely because of the perceived superiority of his supporting cast – coupled with the ability to lean on RG3’s wheels for touchdowns/yards on the ground.

    However, Luck impresses the absolute crap out of me for basically every reason an evaluator of pigskin talent would appreciate – plus some weird reasons that would not seem important to most.

    Ever see his tattoo job on USC defender Shareece Wright. Textbook kiss – boy brought the lumber.

    Anyone here see Luck truck the Cal defense last year? Whoa!

    Luck has hands too – ever see his effortless sideline one-handed snare versus the Bruins???

    That guy, to me, is sort of an off-the-charts player who happens to play at the position that is clearly the most valuable chess piece on the NFL or EFS gridiron.

    Great character guy too — just love the kid and hope he kicks major tail (and firmly believe he will). Luck is what is right about the game.

    One Member of Steeler Nation

  5. tommybrady says:
    Jun 13, 2012 9:27 PM
    Dude he had 3 spikes???????

    It was a two-minute drill. You spike the ball to stop the clock.

  6. That’s cute that the Star writer was keeping track of completed passes, and felt the need to mention the number of spikes. Because it all totally matters at this time of year.

  7. Funny how Colts fans are quick to say Luck is going to be great and that RGIII is going to fail when we have yet to see either of them play a regular season game…let’s cut them both some slack people and let them play first people!

  8. Luck will be great and IRG3 will Dissapoint u sorry no life redskins fan!!! All hail to the COLTS! !!

  9. Point of Wayne very well taken – classy of him to say that. Very well intended, and I get that.

    But when the name of the game is football, you “lay out” for any quarterback, whomever your QB is.

    Eat the rib shot. Take the hit. I recall Ricky Watters going alligator arms some years ago – and angrily responded to a call-out about it with, “For who, for what?”

    For your teammates. For your employers. For your fans. For your coaches. For your own self-respect.

    This isn’t soccer. Ball hard. Ball legit.

    Again, big time credit to Wayne who clearly meant his comments to be a pat on the back for the rook. Wayne is a wonderful talent. But his comments taken literally seem kind of like there’s some discretion involved in making that call to lay out or not on the field – and there shouldn’t be. No short arms in football – go get the ball, regardless of who is gunning.

    Different sport, but Larry Bird had it right — all out, all the time, even practice and pick-up games. Give it up or go home.

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