Adam Sandler impressed with Rex Ryan’s acting ability


Jets coach Rex Ryan clearly doesn’t mind the camera.

But getting ready for his latest role took a little extra work getting used to.

Ryan refers to New England coach Bill Belichick as a “genius,” in his role as a Patriots-crazed lawyer in the new Adam Sandler movie That’s My Boy.

“We thought it’d be funny because we wanted a lawyer who could handle degenerates well,” Sandler said in a conference call. “And we thought Rex could handle anybody.”

More impressive is his willingness to get into character so deeply, complimenting Tom Brady’s jawline and  filling his office with New England-area sports gear.

“Bill talked to [brother and coach Rob Ryan] and said, ‘I can’t believe Rex is involved with this with my bobble head on his desk,’” Ryan said. “He is looking forward to watching it.”

Ryan’s character’s on screen for about five minutes, but he impressed Sandler with his preparation. The Jets coach has also appeared in an episode of CSI: New York in addition to his leading role in HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Ryan hasn’t delivered on any of his Super Bowl guarantees, but he consistently provides a few laughs, which puts him ahead of some of Sandler’s recent efforts.

24 responses to “Adam Sandler impressed with Rex Ryan’s acting ability

  1. There is no such thing as a “bad actor”, only bad movies they play in. All acting is, is memorizing lines and repeating them in front of a camera.

  2. Most Sandler movies have been decidedly un-funny as of late, but perhaps Andy Samberg can rescue this one.

    As a Patriots fan seeing Rex in some of the clips, you have to give them credit for the comedic choice of actor – and in spite of my dislike for Ryan he does a better job acting than most “real” actors

    (That being said, he’s not very convincing in his current role as a head coach)

  3. It doesn’t take much skill to act in an Adam Sandler movie!!!!!

    I love the “Sandman”; but there’s a reason why his buddies like Rob Schneider, the guy who played the QB in “Waterboy”, one of the gay friends Tommy in “Big Daddy” (Please!!! I don’t know his damn name!!!!), the other gay friend in “Big Daddy” Phil and Marisa Tomei’s college friend in “Anger Management” (Please!!! I don’t know his damn name either!!!!) can’t get different than what the Happy Madison production company can offer!!!

    Sandler hasn’t made me laugh since “I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry”, but in the other movies he did others were worthier of laughs than him.

  4. Coming from someone with absolutely zero talent, that is truly a meaningless compliment.

    Hey Sandler, nice timing releasing your latest ‘comedy’ about child rape right during the Sandusky trial!

  5. Recent studies indicate if you’re been obese for your entire life then decide to go out and drop 80-100 lbs., your friends, family and acquaintances will continue to view you as a fat guy.
    Note to Rex and Jonah Hill.

  6. Apparently you can build an entire movie franchise around dressing a man in old lady drag. Sandler just wanted a piece of the action.

  7. This should come naturally to Rex. After all he’s been foolong the Jets for years that he’s an NFL coach.

  8. Adam Sandler’s movies have gone downhill faster than Eddie George’s production when he went to the Cowboys.

  9. fordmandalay says:
    Jun 14, 2012 9:56 AM
    Coming from someone with absolutely zero talent, that is truly a meaningless compliment.

    Hey Sandler, nice timing releasing your latest ‘comedy’ about child rape right during the Sandusky trial!


    Absolutely agree, I’ve had to point out to numerous people that the entire movie is based on the fact that a young boy is molested by his teacher. Wow, that sure is funny, isn’t it?

    The double-standard in this country over which rape is a bad rape is abhorrent. Wonder how easily it’d slide if the raped student was a female. I’m guessing about as funny as the rest of Sandler’s movies of late.

  10. The Jets for the past 3 seasons are impressed with his acting ability too. They all believed they could win the Superbowl, especially after Rex guaranteed a ring every year.

    Let’s try coaching instead, Rex.

  11. The fact that Sandler is worth 300 million dollars, and that his 23 movies raked in 1.8 BILLION dollars, disagree with most of the posters here.

    Think comedy is easy? Try reading back some of the posts here. Clearly it is not.

  12. Adam Sandler movies target the sub-moronics of society. He seems like a good guy, but he should be considered an ‘actor’ as much as Snooki should be considered a quarterback.

  13. You named all of Rex’s mainstream work, but he really got his foot in the door acting in indie work with his wife.

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