Bradford will watch film during pre-camp downtime

Getty Images

When the St. Louis Rams break mandatory minicamp on Thursday, their offseason program will be complete. The Rams won’t get back together on a practice field until training camp in late July.

Quarterback Sam Bradford is going to take some of the downtime off, but plans to make the next six weeks productive. He’ll be watching film and throwing the football quite a bit.

“I actually sat down with Schotty [offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer] the other day and we put together a schedule which I think is for five or six weeks. Just watching film,” Bradford explained. “I’m going to take about a week off, probably go play some golf. Just get my mind off it. But … when I get back into it, just watching film, watching our installs, making sure that when we come back here in late July that I’m ready for everything that we’re going to see at the beginning of camp.”

Bradford is learning a new offense for the third time, going into his third NFL season. The mental part is a challenge, but the film work will help. Bradford won’t disregard the physical part, either, during the six-week gap before camp.

“I think our throwing schedule right now is probably three times a week,” Bradford said. “So several throwing sessions.”