Cowboys, Mike Jenkins don’t see eye to eye on shoulder injury

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Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins showed up to this week’s mandatory minicamp, but that doesn’t mean everything is hunky-dory between player and team.

Jenkins is currently dealing with a shoulder injury, but a Cowboys source told Ian Rapoport of that Jenkins has not communicated with the team regarding his injury. Jenkins went to Dr. James Andrews for his shoulder ailment, and according to the Cowboys, Jenkins hasn’t given the team’s medical staff the records from his shoulder surgery.

The Cowboys also say they want Jenkins to do his rehab in Dallas, but Jenkins has chosen to do it in Florida instead.

Cowboys Executive V.P. Stephen Jones said he expects Jenkins to open training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list. And with the Cowboys continuing to say they won’t trade Jenkins, Jones suggested that his injury is part of the reason.

“It’s hard, last I checked,” Jones said of trading an injured player. “It’s difficult.”

Everything about Jenkins’ dealings with the Cowboys this year has been difficult.

8 responses to “Cowboys, Mike Jenkins don’t see eye to eye on shoulder injury

  1. I predict that Mike Jenkins will be traded between week 4 and 8 of the regular season for a 2nd rd pick to a team that has suffered significant injury at the CB position (assuming his shoulder heals and he demonstrates full health early in the season).

    Jenkins is a very tough, physically talented CB, his issue is he is not very tough mentally (he doesn’t deal with criticism and/or getting beat very well at all. His confidence is razor thin and he does not appear to be able to be able to ‘forget’ a bad play like great CBs need to) and is not one of Garrett’s ‘right kind of player’.

  2. @dccowboy I’d take a second and run! I say they don’t get that kind of offer and they should sit on his rights. If he wants to mope injured during training camp and have a poor year, we can release him next year, grab compensatory pick, and laugh at the small contract he receives due to the immaturity this year.

  3. I like Mike Jenkins but his new attitude is rubbing the powers at be the wrong way. If he wants to see the money, from any organization, he needs to get back from energy and produce results on the field.

  4. Mike demand a trade they are already saying you are expendable. They don’t value your average talent. They want to make you the nickel back, so you can fetch rob ryan hotdogs during the game.

  5. @Harlemdom

    >Implying Mike hasn’t already asked for a trade
    >Implying nickle back is not important in Rob Ryan’s scheme
    >Implying the Cowboys will trade him for next to nothing.

    You are just plain dumb

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