Holmgren clears up Browns QB situation, or not


There’s a reason when football coaches and front office types start talking, it’s good to have some salt nearby.

Browns president Mike Holmgren tried to put the cat back in the bag Thursday, during a somewhat rare appearance with the local media.

Quarterback Seneca Wallace opened a can of worms earlier this week, saying he couldn’t imagine a situation where both he and Colt McCoy remained on the roster (with the assumption Brandon Weeden is the starter).

Holmgren tried to clean that up, and began by saying “right now the plan is not to” move either McCoy or Wallace via trade or release.

He then went onto say “that’s not to say we might not change something.”

So, in a nutshell, no matter what the Browns do at quarterback, Holmgren is covered. Hey, at least he didn’t try to tell us they were never really interested in Peyton Manning.

16 responses to “Holmgren clears up Browns QB situation, or not

  1. It doesn’t matter; they’re planning on bucking the trend and winning the the Super Bowl with a beastly running attack. Poor Trent; no NFL tail-back should have to run smack into a ten man box 35 times a game.

  2. It just goes to show how this really is a players league. Holmgren looke smart in gb bc of favre and white… Looked great in seattle cuz of hasselback kennedy jones and the rb…. In cleveland it looks like keystone cops… In about 3 yrs cle will be good cuz the other teams stars got old and their young talent develops

  3. The Browns wouldn’t of wasted a good draft pick to sit the 28 year old Weeden on the bench. The kid is gonna play, he will be the week 1 starter. Cleveland can’t afford to take 3 steps back after taking such a big step forward in the draft. This is the first time in a long while that the Browns seemed to make some hits in the draft. Now they need to get Weeden and Richardson on the field together and get the future started.
    McCoy will be released. Seneca Wallace will be staying put as Weeden’s back-up QB.
    Browns fans should be excited, Weeden and Richardson look like sure picks.

  4. The jury is still out on Brandon Weeden, if he were age 22 he would have been drafted much higher near the where Luck & RG III were drafted. As for McCoy and Wallace they have both proven to be below average Quarterbacks on the NFL level at this point in their careers, so if the Browns decide either of them were expendable it probably would be a major loss for the franchise, they are both stop gap quarterback until the prove otherwise. I like Weeden’s very strong arm and poise in the pocket after all he was a minor league pitcher who could throw a pretty good fastball at one point in his career, he is boom or bust. Everyone will have a better idea of how Weeden is as an NFL quarterback after the 2012 season is over. I tell everyone to watch Weeden’s baseball and football highlights on YouTube, if you haven’t seen him play yet to get an idea of what kind of player he can be.

  5. Most likely, Weeden will be the starter, McCoy will be the backup (at least for a year) and Wallace will be gone. Why? Because (a) McCoy is a better player than Wallace, (b) McCoy has a better attitude about being the backup than Wallace does, (c) McCoy is cheaper, (d) McCoy is younger and would thus have more upside as a stopgap starter if Weeden gets hurts or proves to be unable to hack it as an NFL starter.

  6. If it comes down to Wallace or McCoy, who would you keep? They are both 6&15 as starters? Wallace makes double they money, has shown in the last 2 years he is selfish and not a team player (refused to mentor McCoy and now won’t be 3rd string), he has been in the league 10 years and still can’t be a viable starter. With McCoy you have a weak arm, but only 1 year in the system with no true receivers. They had 42 drops last season, if you give McCoy back half of them his completion % jumps to over 60% which is right next to a guy named Eli. But, his yards per catch is way below everyone else. I personally would keep McCoy, after all after 9 years in the system with Wallace what you see is what you get, but at least McCoy can maybe still develop into a quality back up, and you save cap space with his 3rd round paycheck.

  7. The Browns irk me. Clearly this team needs WR help like no other in the NFL. They have nobody who scares opposing defenses and stretches the field. I hate to say it but they need to at least give TO or Plax a look. Trent is going to see a lot of 8 man fronts and Weeden is going to be blitzed into a coma.

  8. As a lifelong browns fan, at this point I really don’t care who stays or who goes as long as the best guy for the job is under center on gameday. As for the 2nd stringer, Wallace has been outspoken in the past and comes of as a me first guy while Mccoy has handled this as a true professional always putting the team ahead of himself. That being said if Mccoy is cool with being a backup, ship Wallace out, I think he actually makes more than Mccoy anyways.

  9. Only the media seems to believe their is a QB controversy in Cleveland. They traded up to draft a running back at #3 to go with the other 75 they have on the roster. At this point Holmgrens wife could probably be added to the “QB controversy” as long as she can complete a hand off without fumbling.

  10. Are you kidding me! Listen, Im fully willing to give this regime a chance here in Cleveland. As a Browns fan, Im certainly tired of the change every two years, but the more Holmgren talks the more I realize, this turd doesnt have a freaking clue. What happen to honesty and straight forwardness. This guy talks out both sides of his ass! Like we are all complete idiots and dont know that Weeden will be our starter. Honestly you have to question his decisions from the very start. Schurmur managed one of the worst offenses in St Louis. I might add he had a decent qb and a not so bad RB in Steven Jackson. Yet Holmgren pulls the lets give this guy a shot even though he has proven Zero! Rebuilding! NO if you truly were rebuilding you would have chosen a coach with a proven track record. Im just sayin. I will give him a year with training camp and Richardson!

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