Inside look at the Night Ops golf tournament

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Routinely, people pitch to us various information and/or story ideas and/or videos and/or possible guests for PFT Live.  Routinely, we pass.

But not today.

Our good friend (I consider him a friend . . . he very well may consider me a name that ends with “hole”) Jared Allen of the Vikings recently conducted his annual Night Ops golf tournament, which benefits his Homes for Wounded Warriors foundation.

The folks at The NOC have produced a short video with highlights of the event, featuring Allen and Johnny Knoxville and “Weeman” (the real Weeman, not Jay Glazer) among other things competing for the longest ride on the Slip ‘N’ Slide.

It’s worth a watch and a listen, if only for getting the benefit of Jared’s perspective and personality.

“I try to have fun,” he says.  “Life’s short.  When I’m dead and in the ground, I hope that people will say, ‘You know what?  That guy lived life.'”

He definitely lived life at the Night Ops tourney.  Have a look.  And then, if so motivated break out the cashish that will help our wounded warriors live their own lives a little more easily.

6 responses to “Inside look at the Night Ops golf tournament

  1. What a great and entertaining player this guy is on and off the field. I wish he would bring back the mullet….that was hilarious!!

  2. He’s trying to get the mullet hairstyle back, but he still has the mullet lifestyle! His wife made him cut it for the wedding before the season last year. It’ll grow back eventually.

  3. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Jun 14, 2012 2:21 PM

    I just know Carl Gerbschmidt is desperately trying to get a comment in and he can’t get it past the intern. Carl, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all


    Jared Allen is the best. He deserves all the recognition he can get for his good work, both off and on the field. Of course it’s a shame he plays for a team that will never win a Super Bowl, maybe Minny will do the right thig and trade him to a team that can be a contender. Like the Timberwolves did with Kevin Garnett.

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