Jets sign Jordan White to finish up draft class

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The Jets don’t seem to be in a hurry to give Darrelle Revis a new contract, but Jordan White fared better than his more famous teammate.

Of course, White didn’t just sign an extension in 2010 after an acrimonious holdout and he wasn’t already under contract until after the 2013 season. There’s also the little matter of White being a rookie who needs a contract in order to get his NFL career off to a proper start. So, really, Revis’ contract has nothing to do with this outside of an bligation to drop a reference to him or Tim Tebow into every offseason post about the Jets.

It’s about White, a seventh-rounder whosigned his four-year deal with the Jets. White was the only member of the draft class without a contract, making the Jets the 10th team to get all of their rookie contracts signed before we are even done with minicamps. Unless you were the rare person who really loved the suspense of a training camp holdout, the new CBA has been a wonderful thing in regard to getting rookie deals done.

White now needs to focus on healing up. He broke a bone in his foot during OTAs and will not resume training until the Jets report to camp in July. White’s 140 catches at Western Michigan last season show his ability to produce, which will help in a thin Jets receiving corps, but he’ll have to prove he’s healthy enough to make an impact after the broken foot and two serious knee injuries while in college.

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  1. agcooney kind of says it all. It’s a little bit ridiculous to compare the signing of a guy just nine picks away from being Mr. Irrelevant to the signing of the best cornerback in the game. On the other hand, what is not being said enough about is how good Jordan White could turn out to be. This guy could easily be the next Wes Welker.

    It’s easily forgotten that he was the most productive receiver in the NCAA in 2011. It was only a lack of top gear speed that dropped him into the seventh round in a surreal draft where receivers’ top speed outweighed their college production, size, NFL potential, hands, and overall athleticism.

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