Kevin Kolb booed at Cardinals Fan Fest


As the saying goes, the backup quarterback is the most popular guy in town.  While John Skelton may not have earned that title in Glendale, Arizona, they’ve found their pariah.

During a Fan Fest held Wednesday night at University of Phoenix Stadium, starting quarterback Kevin Kolb was booed.

Darren Urban of the team’s official website acknowledged the reaction on Twitter, pointing out that Skelton received no noticeable audio feedback from the 15,000 or so fans who attended.

It’s never a good sign for the starting quarterback to be booed.  It’s even worse when it happens while the team is 0-0, and hasn’t even opened training camp yet.

The organization did Kolb no favors by pursuing/flirting with/evaluating Peyton Manning.  It represents a vote of no-confidence in the quarterback about whom the Cardinals, in hindsight, had too much.

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  1. “The organization did Kolb no favors by pursuing/flirting with/evaluating Peyton Manning.”

    The Cards weren’t pursing/flirting with Manning, they were only evaluating him.

  2. And Ill tell you what. I would love to have him back in Philadelphia.

    We will give you a 6th rounder for him.

    Vick going down is inevitable. I would love to have Kolb there for those 3-4 games every season.

    Kevin Kolb is a great guy, no reason to be booing someone who wants to be on your team and loves the game.

  3. Please send him back to Philly. Vick will never play 16 games and Andy Reid will get the most out of him.

  4. The best part is the gave him that unnecessary and ridiculous contract. Not only did the overpay in the trade they followed that up by literally overpaying the guy and are now stuck with him.

  5. I think it’s tad early to call him a bust. Give him a few weeks into the season after a full offseason to prepare. If he sucks then go with Skelton

  6. This is the same guy who couldn’t beat out Donovan McNabb and you’re wondering why he might have difficulty as a starting QB?

  7. Matt Cassel, Kevin Kolb, now Matt Flynn. When will these teams understand just because a backup looks good on an already good team when they fill in once and a while it does not mean they are a franchise QB?

  8. It is a good thing that we swindled the Cardinals, and got him out of here. Say what you want about Vick, Kolb we always be a career back up.

  9. snowpea84 says:
    Jun 14, 2012 2:12 PM
    Luckily, fan reaction at training camp does not actually determine QB performance.


    But it’s hard to build up any confidence when the home crowd is booing you. Very few QBs do well without confidence.

    It would probably help if the fans cheered.

  10. As an Eagles fan… I don’t want him back unless he’s cut. Why would they want him as a backup at that price?

  11. At least the Cardinals got a player that wanted to play his position.

    The Eagles received DRC in that trade and he couldnt look more lost and child like when he was asked to play Nickle Corner.

  12. As an Arizona resident and a somewhat Cardinals fan this is embarrassing to us fans. Dude is the QB, stop pretending like there’s someone better on the roster. Arizona football fans are the worst now that the team has been moved to Glendale. A bunch of vato’s more interested in fighting and Raiders games then supporting their team. And not surprising this happened at fan fest. It was open to everyone, free entry, free parking, and $1 dogs and soda’s. Every homeless person and west sider that could hobble their 400 pound ass out there came. I would bet 99% of the people there aren’t going to games.

  13. Give the man a full off season with the team. Who knows he may lead them to the playoffs this season

  14. Can someone please review Kolb’s passing statistics (in Philadelphia) and tell me what he did to warrant a long-term deal as a starting quarterback?

    I’ve been looking with a fine-toothed comb and I can’t find a trace of it.

  15. If he didn’t make so much money i would love to have him back in Philly,he is not mobile and needs a good line playing in front of him…

  16. I do not condone booing in that kind of manner, but I understand where the fans come from. However, people have to realize that if Carson Palmer can be well-regarded when he’s not as mobile, possibly more turnover prone, and a QB with a worse winning percentage in 2011 than John Skelton while Skelton has less weaponry than Palmer Skelton deserves the job!!!!

    Kevin Cobb has proven to be injury prone, concussion prone, and way too dependent on a full array of weaponry!!! It’s time to say goodbye to that second round draft pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and win with what you have!!!

    Kenny wizen hunt did a good coaching job last year as he took the Cardinals from the fifth worst team in 2010 two and eight wind team in 2011!! This team is not considered that talented, but if you have upgraded your team in certain areas win by using your best players!!!!

  17. Notice that there is NO COMMENTARY in this piece about fans booing a player at a non-game “feel good” event. Strange, because if this same story happened in Philadelphia, we’d get to hear all the stories about “those terrible fans in Philly”. Why don’t you mention anything about that angle here, Florio?

  18. I imagine Kolb is a professional. He knows he didn’t have a great year last year. And hopefully he’ll use this as fuel to his fire to work harder for this season.

    However, I wouldn’t expect any of that “Arizona has the best fans!” B.S. from Kolb’s mouth any time soon.

    You stay classy, Arizona.

  19. Sad thing is, Darren Urban later described that the fans booed Kolb because on one play, he dropped back and had no one open so he ran for the TD in the red zone. The fans booed because he didn’t make a throw but Darren observed that all targets were covered and Kolb made the correct decision.

    This unfortunately is the majority of Cardinal fans. No clue about the game but love to be boo birds.

  20. Kolb wins the lottery every time he gets a check. He is a complete fraud making more money starting or sitting than any one of us will ever see. He sucks!

  21. After all the concussions, he won’t remember in a few minutes that they even booed him.

  22. If he ever gets cut, the Eagles would be happy to have him back as their backup, but Kolb is still under the illusion that he’s a starting caliber QB. That notion has no doubt been elevated by the fact that he’s gotten two teams (Eagles and Cardinals) to give him ridiculously generous contracts for the amount of actual playing time he’s accrued.

  23. “There are 15,000 Cardinals fans? What is this witchcraft?”

    No, there’s 15,000 people wanting almost free food and beverage as well as air conditioning.

  24. Every fanbase has these sorts of morons “rooting” for them. For the life of me, I will never get booing one’s own team, but at least if you buy a ticket to a game I GET it. Going into a FREE offseason practice and booing a guy for scoring a td??? SMH.

    This kind of stuff as well as the omnipresent death threats, trashing of their property, etc that players get puts me squarely on their sides when it comes to “caring” about most fans. Why should they? IF you want them to care, TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT and COMMON DECENCY. IF they act like fools after that, have at ’em.

  25. “Matt Cassel, Kevin Kolb, now Matt Flynn. When will these teams understand just because a backup looks good on an already good team when they fill in once and a while it does not mean they are a franchise QB?”

    I gave this comment a thumbs down because Kolb never even looked good filling in. The hype surrounding him has always baffled me.

  26. cardinals fanfest 15,000 the eagles get 45,000 for theirs and 7-10,000 at a traning camp practice. The cardinal fans should be booing their fans .

  27. Was big believer in Kolb out of college and still am – throughout his career – if you look at situations you can see where he has been successful and been a dud more times than not.

    In his second season, thrown in off the bench v. Baltimore – better than McNabb, still poor.

    In his third season, plays well v. New Orleans and KC following a week of practice and preparation time.

    In his fourth season, poor v. Green Bay (nerves, I imagine) – Good v. San Francisco, Atlanta – Average v. Tennessee

    In his fifth season – poor, with a shortened offseason in a new system.

    More often than not when given time to prepare, learn the system he has performed (with exception being Green Bay – which I think was moreso nerves than anything else).

    I actually like Kolb as a sleeper in fantasy football and to put up some nice numbers this year, although the Cards did him no favors by not upgrading the OL. Still think his career path and style as a QB compare favorably to Matt Hasselbeck.

    Know I am in the minority – but we’ll see when the season starts.

  28. don’t knock the kid because he was able to rob your organization blind, blame the man who allowed him to rob the organization blind.

  29. it may appear to be 15,ooo AZ football fans, but in reality it’s 3,000 AZ football fans and a mixture of retirees that are fans from SEA, SF, MIN, & CHI who thought it would be cool to have some air-conditioned time away from the suffle board… and $1 hot dogs!

  30. illbillgiantz4lif says:

    Can someone please review Kolb’s passing statistics (in Philadelphia) and tell me what he did to warrant a long-term deal as a starting quarterback?

    I’ve been looking with a fine-toothed comb and I can’t find a trace of it.
    The fact that he threw for 300+yds in his first 2 starts of his career, one being against the Saints who would eventually become Super Bowl Champs that year.

    Kolb was the heir apparent to McNabb until Matthews knocked him out of the first game of the season.


  32. There was no OTA’s or real training camp last season. Yet these idiot fans dont’ take that into account.

    Let Kolb have a real off-season where he can get on the same page with the entire offense before you make judgements.

  33. I keep hearing that the Saint’s game was Kolb’s coming out game, but the reality indicates that the Saint’s sat nunerious starters. Fact is that Fat Andy snookered the Cards, much the like he did too the Redskins with McNabb.

  34. Sounds like the Cardinals Fans are last years old Dolphins Fans! Boo’ing your own QB will get you nowhere. Funny how ” what’s old is new” and how everyone trashed the Fins for “losing out on the Flynn sweepstakes”. You overpaid for another overhyped FA. The Bills will discover this with Mario Williams and so will many other Teams. Long Term Champions are built through the Draft: see Giants, Packers, Patriots and Steelers.

  35. Kolb is a decent QB. He is a below average to average starter, but he would be a great backup on most teams.

    The Cardinals made a huge mistake trading what they did for him and then signing him to a monster contract without actually doing anything to earn it. I realize that it was to appease Fitzgerald and convince him that the organization was willing to do what it took to be competitive, but to me it just shows me that the organization has no clue what it takes to be competitive.

    And I am so tired of the players, fans and media crying about teams exploring their options. We are talking Peyton fricking Manning. A QB that will go straight to the Hall of Fame the very first year he is eligible. A QB that will be remembered as one of the greatest QBs of all time. As a fan, I would be upset if the Cardinals DIDN’T see if Manning could improve the team and, if so, see what it would take to get him to play here. That is why the team has an FO to begin with. Now, if the Cardinals were fielding Rogers, Stafford, Newton or the like, I would wonder why they would stunt their development for a couple of years with post-surgery Manning. But, Kolb is not any of those guys. And, even if he were, I would still be ok with the team exploring whether that move would make them better.

  36. sasquash20 says:
    Jun 14, 2012 8:55 PM
    Get this kid a O-Line and he will put up solid numbers. He is by far your best QB Arizona, not really saying much but he is.

    Guess what he had a O-line and a full offseason in Philly but guess what, he was knocked out in the first game after playing on two quarter, and not of of that. He’s a bum make all the excuses you want, it won’t change the fact that he’s a bum.

  37. Last year was a mulligan. No offseason and a new offense didnt do kolb any favors. Let’s see how he plays this year before he is judged.

    Was Matt Schaub criticized as much? Schaub first year with the texans wasn’t much better and he was always getting hurt as well.

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