Kubiak under contract through 2014, Smith through 2016


Everything is bigger in Texas, except for the length of the new contract given to the coach of the Houston Texans.

Owner Bob McNair said Thursday that Gary Kubiak’s extension covers only two years, putting him under contract through 2014.

McNair said that Kubiak preferred three years instead of four.   “[I]t’s really a new contract, but it’s three years and that was his choice,” McNair said, in quotes distributed by the team.  “It could have been four years but Gary has assured me that with the level of success he’s going to have that he’s going to be worth a lot more money if at three years instead of four and so I had to agree with him.”

Kubiak offered no specific reason for preferring the shorter-term deal.  “I don’t know,” Kubiak said.  “I’ve always done my own stuff from a contract standpoint, so that’s just something I felt comfortable with, and when Bob and I sat down, it didn’t take any time at all.  I enjoy working for him; he’s a great man, he’s got a great family and he wants to win and win the right way, so it’s easy for me.”

In contrast, G.M. Rick Smith had four new years added to his current contract, tying him to the team for five more seasons.

“Rick’s is a four-year extension, so he’ll be with us over that period of time,” McNair said.  “They’ve both done outstanding jobs.  I think the coaching performance last year of Gary [Kubiak] was outstanding with the injuries that we had.  I don’t know how he could have done a better job.

“In terms of personnel, you’ve seen our personnel get better each year and Rick and the scouts have really worked hard to be in the position to find talent and to bring them in and bring in free agents.  I want to point out that the way we operate, that even though Rick’s responsible for personnel and draft, he works with Gary and Gary has his input into that.  And likewise, Gary is the one who decides who’s going to be on the field but he works with Rick in terms of the personnel we have and what players we need to bring in and who should be on the roster.  So it’s really a cooperative effort and I think that that brings about the success that we’ve enjoyed.”

It all sounds good, but there’s still something odd about Kubiak’s decision to take less, not more, years.  Coaches typically prefer the security that comes with a longer-term deal.

If, for example, the Texans implode this season and McNair feels compelled to surrender to the inevitable calls for change from the paying customers, he’d have to buy out only two years of salary, not three.

Perhaps Kubiak simply has supreme confidence that the rise of the Texans will continue, and that they’ll be back at the table sooner rather than later working out a truly Texas-sized deal.

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  1. Makes sense to do a short deal, that way you can get the REAL coach of the Texans in their sooner. Note that when Phillips was out for surgery they got routed by the Panthers at home and lost to the Manning-less Colts in Indy.

  2. Kubiak in good conscience knows he went all in last year and destroyed the Texans salary cap for 2012 & 2013. That along with the 2012 draft likely being the worst in Kubiak/Smith history. While the Colts, Titans & Jags are now getting better the Texans are getting worse.

  3. Without Wade Phillips, Kubiak is Eric Mangini. Love the knee jerk signing. They should have waited to see how he does this year first. He wasn’t going anywhere.

  4. I’m sure he’s using it as a motivational tool. So he doesn’t get complacent or take everything for granted. Always he knows he could get more money eventually after he wins the superbowl this year or next. It’s just one less year to wait.

  5. The Texans were averaging 27 points a game before Matt Schaub got hurt last year.

    Yes, Wade did a fantastic job and deserves a lot of credit for the rise of the defense, but why does it seem everyone wants to give Kubiak all of the blame when they lose and none of the credit when they win?

  6. butch815 says: Jun 14, 2012 6:50 PM
    Kubiak in good conscience knows he went all in last year and destroyed the Texans salary cap for 2012 & 2013.

    You may have meant to say Smith but you said Kubiak and Kubiak has little to nothing to do with the condition of their salary cap, other than making his needs known for the players he would like to have. Another point is do you really honestly believe that a GM or coach would intentionally do things to destroy their future work environment, i.e., destroy the Texans salary cap as you state. That would be so counter productive to their employment plus I doubt seriously, especially after the Casserly/Capers years, that Bob McNair would allow that type of activity to repeat itself.
    Also you said, “That along with the 2012 draft likely being the worst in Kubiak/Smith history.” Really? You know this how? The season hasn’t even reached ‘pre’season yet and you and some others already know this as an absolute. I remember last year when everyone was condemning the Texans for their J.J. Watt selection and well I guess we all saw how those fortune tellers made out, like people who had absolutely NO CLUE. Please pardon me but I’ll put my vote with the Texans management who actually do this for a living instead of someone that more than likely bases their opinion on little more than just seeing them play on Sunday afternoons.

  7. @rick630

    Lol@ your argument. Last years turn around was due to Wade Phillips. Maybe Kubiak and Co. Have had a slow learning curve, but Rick Smith can’t manage a salary cap

  8. @texansfan81
    I’m not understanding what you are replying to from my post because I never brought up Wade Phillips at all, good or bad. If you wish to state Wade Phillips turned the defense around then I completely agree with you. If you mean the entire team then I think you are only partially correct, Wade does nothing with the offense. If the offense doesn’t show up, Texans lose. The post I was replying to stated in his first sentence that Kubiak was the one that destroyed the Texans salary cap and that is just not true, whether he mistakenly put Kubiak instead of Smith or just wasn’t aware that the salary cap is not in Kubiak’s job description. I believe it is premature to state unequivocally that Smith can’t manage a salary cap because this is really the first year he has had to play with the numbers in order to get the team together. I’ll wait and see what kind of team they put on the field when the season starts before I start making “absolute” statements like that.

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