Littering fine gets Emmanuel Sanders dumped from anti-littering campaign

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Well, it seems like every member of the Steelers receiving corps is making news this week.

From the Steelers possibly dropping Mike Wallace’s restricted free agency tender by more than $2 million on Friday to Antonio Brown contending on NBC SportsTalk that he won’t handle his business next year the way Wallace has handled his business this year to, now, Emmanuel Sanders losing his spot in an anti-littering campaign after pleading guilty to, yes, littering.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Pennsylvania Resources Council has pulled a television ad featuring Sanders telling people not to litter in the wake of Sanders and Brown pleading guilty to leaving boxes beside a private dumpster.

“I think littering is more throwing trash on the ground and knowing that you’re wrong for it,” Sanders said.  “I actually put the trash in the trash can.  That’s the big difference.”

But the biggest difference is that someone was paying for the privilege of using that trash can, and that someone wasn’t Sanders or Brown.

So it’s more like trespassing.  With garbage.

Ultimately, Sanders and Brown did pay for the privilege of using the private trash can:  $300 each plus court costs.

18 responses to “Littering fine gets Emmanuel Sanders dumped from anti-littering campaign

  1. Haha thats hilarious. Not surprised a city like Pittaburgh needs an anti littering campaign, place is full of trash.

  2. I hate people that litter. However, I don’t consider Sanders case littering. He was just using a dumpster that he wasn’t supposed to be using.

  3. Sanders shouldn’t of thrown his garbage in somebody else’s trash container, but it shouldn’t have been called littering. It should have been called illegal placement, because technically, he didn’t really litter. Littering is when you put garbage where there is no collection, in the Forrest, on the street. What a bunch of crap.

  4. So he got busted for littering by trying to use somebody elses garbage can? Whaaaaat? He is SUCH a menace to society! Please tell me that he is NOT walking the streets! He is! Lock your doors folks!

  5. I live in a city where litter is a huge problem and I fully support punishing people who are caught littering. That said, putting trash in someone else’s trash can is not littering and should not be punished as such.

  6. Come on, Seriously littering for putting garbage by a dumpster. Unbelievable that they get charged for this.

  7. Cigarette butts all over the sidewalks in just about every major American city… You’d think at $300 a pop, the police would stop writing parking tickets and just follow around people that smoked!

    Naw, we got a professional athlete using the wrong trash can, this is news!


  8. I’m a little bit of an environmentalist (a little), so I was mad when I read the headline saying that Sanders was littering.

    Then I find out that he actually wasn’t littering, but was prosecuted because of a technicality.

    I mean, I understand the “private dumpster” is kept private so that people don’t just come and fill it up with their garbage, but that’s not exactly what Sanders and Brown were doing.

    It’s whatever, I guess.

  9. So what will the league impossed penalty be … considering this is a first offense I think a 4 game suspension is appropriate.

  10. People will drive out to construction sites and dump a pickup’s worth of trash into the dumpster that the construction company then must pay to haul away. That, I’d say, is worth a $300 fine. But one box?

    And instead of removing him from the anti-littering campaign, they should have him make a public-service message warning people that using, say, McDonald’s dumpster could get them fined. That’s not the way to solve the litter problem.

  11. This is a huge NFL news story! Who will catch the ball for the Steelers while Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders serve their season long suspensions for putting garbage by a dumpster?

  12. You’ve got to love the irony of an anti-anything spokesman getting pinched for the very thing they’re supposed to be against, but seriously, WHO gets charged with “Littering” these days????

    This would be a much better story if he got caught tossing a McDonald’s bag full of crap out his car window at 80 miles per, rather than for actually trying to use a dumpster that was “private”…… that alone sort of supports his anti-littering theme, doesn’t it? Not like the dude left the box laying in the middle of a parking lot like many Wal Mart low-lifes do.

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